It goes without saying that Language plays a significant part in various sectors of work and life. From considering something official (like USCIS) to an unofficial one (like a Personal Documentation), you are primarily required to have a translator beside you, for a change of language.  But with effective contemporary resources, one can even change the language of a transcript which is actually the end-product of a transcription process.

Apparently, the procedure of translating a transcript is like that of a general file translation. Still, it is highly required to translate your transcript with the right provider, depending solely upon your purpose.


Transcript translation services involves a mosaic of class which one belongs to. Also, with the involvement of localization (converting an input into a locality’s language, according to that culture) there comes greater variations in the language of the transcript.

The most common services among them include:

  • Audio Transcript Translations
  • Video Transcript Translations
  • Academic Transcript Translations
  • Certified Transcript Translations
  • Podcast Transcript Translations
  • Medical Transcript Translations
  • Business Transcript Translations
  • Legal Transcript Translations

The provider of a company executes their functions, depending upon whether you require an official transcript translation service or an unofficial one.

As an individual, you are even granted the opportunity to choose among the modes of translation, to be done for your transcript.


Everything is available with a simple touch of a button from your mobile. In the same way, you can even take advantage of technology for transcript translation services. If in case, you use an online software or some digital platform for translating your transcript, then it is termed ‘Automated Transcript Translation.’

If You search for ‘college transcript translation services’ in some search engine, then you are landed with thousands of results, for translating your college transcript on your own. you can translate it through some digital medium according to the language that you require.

If suppose, you opt for a service provider or an experienced translator near your locality, then it becomes a ‘Manual Transcript Translation’. Manual, as the name says, relies completely on the labour-power of a human. One has to understand that a person’s ability and skills to change a transcript’s language is quite effective and precise.

If you are living in New York and you eagerly browsing for a provider by searching, ‘transcript translation services nyc’, then you are resulted with good number of transcriptsionsits/translators, who are ready to convert your transcript to the lingual which you require.

Both modes have their own pros and cons for translation. Know that:

If you want a quick and free translation, then go for automated service and if you want an accurate and an experienced person for your works, then choose manual service. (Manual transcript translation service is relatively more effective and powerful than an automated one.)


There are few pointers by which you can effectively give your order to a service provider. Having the variables like knowledge and experience of the person, accuracy of the works, the confidentiality of your procedures, the turnaround time of the work becomes your primary checklist. The affordability for your order, standardization of the company, and availability of interpreter for that respective lingual, will fall secondary. 

Pro Tip: Go search online as ‘transcript translation services near me’ and you will be given the results of providers, within your range of locality, thus minimizing on time and price of the delivery.

Happy Translation!

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