What Should You Know about Book Translation Companies and Agencies?

How are Book Translation Services carried out from a global perspective?

First and foremost, book translation services entail reproducing books in their entirety from default languages to other languages, with the prime motive of reaching out to a vast audience without readability issues with regards to language. Moreover, book translation services massively require a lot of technicalities, talents and professionalism. This is simply to be able to successfully transform books from one language to the other, without possibly uttering the initial subject matter or the author’s original expressions. Thus, the text authenticity must always be maintained.

In the recent past, translation of book publications from language to language have seen remarkable success, notably from English to all global languages and vice versa, and with English, French, Chinese (Mandarin), Dutch and Spanish among the most target translation languages for books globally. Some authors who turn to seek global outreach for their books, for marketing, educational and other purposes, usually consider the importance of these books being translated to other languages.

Examples of such books include; novels, magazines, textbooks, autobiographies, thesis, poetry, presentations, literary pieces, cookery books, guidebooks, children’s book, art catalogs, travel books, eBooks, periodicals, etc.

What processes are involved in book translation services?

Globally, professional book translation services are carried out using the routine planned processes involved in the translation from language to language. These professionals, equipped with technical knowledge, often carry out the following procedures required for the book translation agency;

  • Necessary authorization processes including the expression of the need for a book to be translated into other languages, either by the original author or second parties who’ve obtained the required permissions or rights.
  • Upon reaching agreements (payment rates, translation duration), the book to be translated gets a green light for work to commence. Thus, the translation proper begins, with major features including;
    • Reviewing/Copy-editing
    • Typesetting (DTP)
    • Proofreading for translation errors
    • Print-ready PDF/EPS/MS Word etc., or Outlined text
    • Final checks
  • Delivery of translated book to the client.

In most cases, before book translations are done, the agencies or companies tasked with the responsibility, often carry out research to make sure that the book is well translated (phonetics and word transcription respected), to fit the language needs of the target audience. Book translation service providers are generally obliged to adhere to professional writing ethics. This is aimed at curbing the unscrupulous violations of authors, editors and even book publisher rights. With piracy being the most common setback.

Reliable Book Translation Companies and Agencies

It is worth noting that, book translation agencies or companies are businesses that have the main objective, to provide book translation language services demanded by firms with both limited and global outreach and individuals who’re interested. Some of these agency types include the SLV (single language vendors) who’re limited to a particular language such as Spanish, English, French, Japanese, etc., and the MLV (multi-language vendors), who can work on an unlimited number of languages.

At ClickForTranslation, our clients always remain the boss. We accept book files to be professionally translated into a variety of preferred file formats including (video, PDF, word doc or even hard copy, etc.). Our professional and expert native book translators absorb cultural nuances in book translations to completely transform the content to be applicable to local and other intended audiences without distorting the originality, meaning and style.

With subject and linguistic expertise, our team of book translators is equipped to tackle all forms of complications in every book translation process, and to deliver outstandingly superb quality output. More so, we assign book translation tasks to our experts who have an in-depth understanding of different language requirements with writing and publishing as major boosting abilities.

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