We price match all quotes and provide speedy delivery on all our services *

We price match all quotes

and provide speedy delivery on all our services


Refund Policy

We abide by the rules

Refund Policy

1. Refund requests should be made within 15 days after receipt of your files.

2. If you are requesting for a refund after 15 days because of quality issues, we will charge 30% for the proofreading of your files and 50% for the rework process. Bear in mind that the percentage will be based on the original project cost and the file length.

3. Refund requests are only applicable for audios which are A (Excellent) and B (Good).

4. If there is a quality issue with your project, another round of proofreading will be implemented before any refund request is raised.

5. Refund requests are raised if the file does not conform with the quality standards after proofreading. We will provide customers with a revised copy.

6. For difficult audio quality and rush turnarounds, refund request is not applicable.

7. We cannot vouch accuracy for projects with difficult audio quality and rush delivery. Rework is also not applicable.

8. The turnaround time starts only upon the completion of the payment, and not from the time of file upload.

9. A customer is eligible for only one offer per order.

Online translation services demand for coronavirus pandemic
The Corona virus pandemic became the subject of news in many countries around the globe. Various documents, audios and videos have to be available in various languages at disposal for audiences. Hence, it is only wise to approach a translation agency that is equipped with highly professional COVID-19 online translation services. We offer and deliver novel corona virus related document translations for Healthcare, Advertisement, Marketing, News, Government, Media, Finance & Economic impact and Market Research or core Medical industries.

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