Things to Consider in Your Academic Transcript

Things to Consider in Your Academic Transcript

Planning for higher education is a dream for many students. Be it, taking common subjects and succeeding, or taking unique courses and giving new insights to the world, every student must complete his or her primary educational qualification like schooling, or Under Graduation (UG) or first Post Graduation (PG).

Irrespective of the course, a student must mandatorily submit documents and a recent education transcript to prove his/her completion. This official transcript is given by the institute where the student pursued his education. The transcript is received in an envelope, stamped and sealed from the issuing authority. Further, the student can also get multiple copies if needed for other requirements.


For the purpose of proving your candidature to an academic organization, one must have the following transcripts. It is not mandated to have all of them but possessing the major ones will make your documentation procedure easier.

  • Transcript of Records (ToR)
  • Diploma Supplement
  • Statement of Learning
  • Academic Record
  • Report Card
  • Cumulative Record File (CRF)
  • Mark-sheet / Mark list
  • Permanent Record
  • Record of Achievement

These are a few common transcripts that have compliance with many institutes. However, it is also essential for you to know what exactly will be present in a transcript.

Common Items Covered in Every Transcript

No matter what type of educational transcript you have, the pointers given below are commonly present in any official proof:

  1. Student’s Full Name
  2. Institute’s Full Name and its location
  3. Board of Education
  4. Name of Course/Qualification
  5. Subject-wise Score in the form of Marks/Grades for every semester

For instance, in India, the format of a transcript is called a Marksheet. This has the complete listing of all the annual subject modules and the practical works, which a student studied and experimented, for a particular academic year.

Also, these marksheets may have the credit marks and subject-wise values, respective to the institute’s grading system. In order to regard the transcript as an official letter-headed paper, it is a must to get it stamped by the institute’s registry.

Limitations to an Academic Transcript

From granting the degree to bestowing the student with recognitions, he/she will get the permanent record for their education. It is important to note here that, sometimes you may not get every information in the transcript. For instance, the received transcript may or may not have:

  • Total count of students in the class (overall strength)
  • The overall grade of the student (annual course)
  • Student’s position among the class average (class rank)

Typically, you can contact your education board to get specific details, that are requested by your institute for documenting. For foreign education, you must undergo one more critical step finally.

After Getting Your Transcript

For the ones planning for studying in the US, if you have received your transcript in your native language (excluding English), then it is compulsory to translate it, as per the USCIS. Even though you are profound in English, one should not translate official documents like your recent education transcript by yourself.

Go online and search for reputed diploma and transcript translation services and service providers for auto typing (synonym for transcription) who can professionally and accurately translate your diploma or transcript.

There are stringent guidelines for translation from the USCIS. Hence, getting your mark-sheet or high school diploma from certified translation services is a wise choice. They follow USCIS norms and can translate your file with quality and also, provide you with a translation certificate to prove the accuracy and correctness of the concerned person. 

By changing the language of your transcript, the checklist can make your dreams come true. All the best for your studies!

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