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Diploma Translation Services

Click For Translation offers accurate, professional, cost-effective notarized & certified diploma translation services in over 100 languages by native experts with guaranteed security and confidentiality.
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Diploma Translation Services
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Top-Notch Diploma Translation Services

Click For Translation is a leading provider of diploma translation services in the translation industry. We have a handpicked team of expert translators with years of experience in academic translations. Every certified diploma translator in our team is trained to provide you a secure and hassle-free experience in diploma translations.

Our company provides services in various cities across the United States, including Evanston, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia, Dallas, and more. We are committed to maintaining a high level of quality and excellence across all of our locations, and we also offer translation services in New York.

Click For Translation offers top-notch professional diploma translation services at unmatched prices. We can provide diploma translations in over 100 languages within short timelines. In fact, we also offer same-day translations for an added cost as per our clients' needs. If you are looking for a certified diploma translation, then you need not worry either. Click For Translation provides certificates of translation verifying accuracy and completeness of the translation at no extra cost!

Diploma translation services are required for students, especially if they are planning to apply for higher studies in a different country than the one they graduated from. Students who have completed their studies and are applying for work abroad also need diploma translation services so that they can complete their immigration process. Diploma translations are some of the most demanded services in the academic field.

Why Choose Us?

Education and work experience are important factors that can open up new opportunities for students, job seekers, or just about anyone searching for better prospects in a foreign country. The regulations that govern the local educational, legal, immigration, or recruitment processes, however, differ from one country to another. No matter where you reside and where you wish to relocate, the certificates, degrees, diplomas that you may have acquired back home must match the entry criteria of educational institutions, immigration authorities, and corporate offices that that are open to foreigners.

We, at Click For Translation, via our accurate and reliable diploma translation services, can help you present your documents in the native language and formats in over 100 languages. Get certified translations of your diploma certificates that are accepted all international agencies, institutes and organizations.


Notarized & Certified Diploma Translation Services – What We Cover?

Be it high school transcript translation, secondary school certificates translation, translation of grades, or college transcript translation; getting a certified translation of academic records is mandatory. Many a times, you will be required to provide a notarization certificate as well. We provide quick notarization services at a reasonable cost.

A certificate of translation, signed and stamped by the professional translator, must accompany the translated documents. It assures the concerned authorities that the educational documents have been completely and accurately translated into the target language, word-for-word without any changes or omissions.

We're an ISO-certified diploma translation agency specializing in educational document translation and can assist you with:

✓ High school transcript translation

✓ High school diploma translation

✓ Secondary school certificates translation

✓ College transcript translation

✓ University diploma translation

✓ Bachelor’s degree translation

✓ Master’s degree translation

✓ Certificate of special achievements translation

✓ Reference letter translation

✓ Research paper translation

✓ Higher education diploma translation

The list is a long one. Whether your requirement figures in this list or otherwise, if you need professional academic document translation services, we can help you.

Our translators are certified, qualified, and experienced to ensure accurate reproductions that meet local standards and requirements.

Let us assist you with your translation needs if you plan on settling in the USA. We can translate all documents, including your:

  • Birth certificate
  • Academic records
  • Employment records
  • Applications (for employment / higher education)
  • Covering letters
  • Purpose statements
  • Immigration documents and more.

Why do you need accurate diploma translation?

As we saw earlier, academic records serve as valuable entry criteria for a new job or an educational course. Let's suppose you plan to travel overseas to pursue your career. In that case, it is a must to have your certificates, diplomas, and degrees translated into the country's local language where you wish to relocate.

For example, if you have completed your schooling and an undergraduate degree or diploma course in Madrid, your academic records will most likely be in Spanish. You may wish to pursue a post-graduate program at an American college. However, you may not be able to use your original academic documents for the admission process.

Your high school certificate, degree, or diploma must be translated in English. Only then can the university verify your academic records and ensure that you have the right academic qualifications and marks to apply for a specific post-graduate program.

Let's say you are fluent in both Spanish and English and can translate your certificates by yourself; you may still not be able to use them for admissions. You will need a certified translation of college and university diplomas, as well as high school records to clear USCIS immigration requirements and for pursuing higher education.

How can we guarantee accurate educational document translation?

We are a highly-experienced, ISO-certified agency offering diploma translation services worldwide. Reach out to us at 1-800-230-7918. Our expert native linguists are adept at translating academic documents that fully conform to the local requirements. Our translators have been addressing diploma translation requirements for over 10 years now. They are knowledgeable about the processes of admissions, recruitment, and immigration in their respective countries.

We assure you that the translated diplomas, certificates, and degrees accurately reflect your academic accolades and accomplishments. They are comparable to the original in all aspects, including the format. Our translation services are 100% manual and are thoroughly proofread before we dispatch it to you for a review. Once we receive your approval, we certify the translation, get it notarized (if needed), and send you a digital copy via email and a hard copy as well.

Experience, expertise, and commitment to quality help us ensure 99% accuracy in our translation services.

Why are we among the best-rated certified diploma translation agencies?

These are a few features that make us a top-notch diploma translation services provider.

✓ Native & experienced translators

✓ Precise and accurate translations

✓ USCIS acceptance guaranteed

✓ On-time delivery

✓ Rush and super rush translation services on demand (additional charges apply)

✓ Notarized translations (extra charges)

✓ Free certificate of translation

✓ Highly affordable prices

✓ NDA for confidentiality and security

✓ 24X7 multilingual support

Languages we support

Our growing network of native translators makes it possible for us to support over 100 languages and many language pairs. We work with

and a number of other languages as well.

It is essential to hire the services of a reputed and experienced diploma translation agency to ensure that all your academic achievements are accurately reproduced in the target language. Job seekers equally benefit from working with professional translation service providers as their careers are at stake. Feel free to contact our 24X7 support team at Click For Translation for queries, assistance, order placements, or a no obligation quote any time.

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