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Professional Patent Translation Services in Over 100 Languages

Click For Translation is a leading provider of professional & reliable patent translation service in over 100 languages. The team of highly-trained native patent translators provides top-notch translations using the precise terminology that the field demands. Our international patent translation company also offers a highly-responsive 24/7 customer service to answer any questions our clients may have. Moreover, we provide certified patent translation services since many legal and official organizations mandate certification.

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We offer technical patent translation at the most reasonable prices in the industry. With a strong team of experienced native translators - each being a certified patent translator - we are able to offer quick turnarounds without compromising on the quality of the content. We also provide certificates of accurate translation at no extra price! For certified patent translations, we are the best in the translation industry.

Translations Exactly as Expected by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

The USPTO expects patents to be accurately translated into English when originally filed in a different language. The translation should be precise and technically correct, capturing all the intricate details of the creation and its uniqueness. Both the written description and the claims must be clearly and completely translated, maintaining the intent and substance of the original text.

Moreover, legal and patent-specific terminology should be correctly interpreted to avoid any miscommunication. To ensure all these elements, it is generally recommended to engage professional translators experienced in patent law and the specific technical field of the invention. Remember, a poor translation could risk your patent protection.

What is Patent Translation?

Patent translation involves converting documents related to patents from one language into a different language. This could include patent drawings, registrations, specs, conversations with lawyers and businesses regarding patents, filings, etc. As this is a highly specialized field, it is important to choose skilled services for your documents. The terminology used in this field should be precise, and exact, and must be done in compliance with the Patent Cooperation Treaty and other applicable laws.

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Get Technical Patent Translation Services from Specialists

Do you have a product or a process you want to sell in different countries?

What language is your original patent in?

How do you plan to beat the language barriers in different countries?

To ensure IP protection in foreign markets, separate patents in the corresponding languages must be filed with the designated foreign regulatory authorities of multiple countries in compliance with applicable laws. We are the world's premium provider of technical patent translation for businesses across various industries. We have exceptional expertise and experience in translating patents, understanding country-specific regulations, & well-trained translators who are experts at technical translation. Our specialist translators completely understand the language and terminology used in patent or litigation materials. Get IP translations in over 100 languages at affordable prices right away!!!

Patent translations are needed when filing for patents or litigation disputes. The services of a professional patent translator will guarantee that translated documents remain of high quality. We have translated thousands of patent papers for clients from manufacturing, technical, IT, medical, pharmaceutical, & more.

According to the WIPO (the World Intellectual Property Organization), almost 300,000 patents were submitted to the international patent system ( PCT ) in 2021. Get your IP documents translated into English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Mandarin, Japanese, Arabic, or any other language & dialect. We also translate court documents in patent litigation cases.

Use of Technology and Human Expertise to Translating Patents

Harnessing technology in the translation of patents revolutionizes the way we protect intellectual property globally. Advanced AI-driven translation tools or machine translation enhance speed and efficiency, processing large volumes of patent records in less time. These tools offer impressive accuracy, but they also continuously learn and improve with use, increasing precision. Moreover, they can handle multiple languages simultaneously, easing the process of international patent filing.

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Nevertheless, human native language translators still play a crucial role in refining machine outputs and understanding nuanced technical and legal language. Combining technology with human expertise, we ensure accuracy, protecting your innovations across borders. Sometimes a patent attorney does not need to translate patents or the technical paper fully; we can translate just a part of it. Trust us for comprehensive, swift, and reliable services.

Certified Intellectual Property Translation Services

We are the go-to solution for certified intellectual property translation services in any foreign language. We have over ten years' worth of experience translating IP papers, with our translators carefully picked from across the globe, with proficiency in over 100 languages to ensure quality output every time! They are selected based on their educational background, translation expertise, language fluency, and ability in the technical field you require.

When Do You Need to Translate Patents?

Translation of Patents is generally required in the following cases:

✓ When a company wishes to get international patents or apply for patents in a foreign country.

✓ When a company has been issued patents in a foreign country and needs to have the patents filed with the USPTO . The reason for this is that the contents of the application must be written in English, even if the application is being filed in a non-English speaking country.

Legal professionals offer patent translations for a patent infringement lawsuit.

✓ If a company is involved in a lawsuit over infringement.

There are many different types of IP translation, and it's important to work with a translator who has the required experience as it involves not only translating the text of the document but also understanding the complex legal terminology and structure.

What is the Process for Obtaining a Patent in the US?

✓ Disclosure: Document your invention with all specifics and how it's unique.

✓ Patent Search: Conduct a patent search to ensure your discovery is novel.

✓ Patent Application: Prepare your patent application, including a written description and drawings. The application could be either provisional (offers protection for one year, allowing time to develop the idea) or non-provisional (starts the official examination process).

✓ File Application: Apply to the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

✓ USPTO Examination: The USPTO reviews your application and may request amendments.

✓ Patent Granted: If approved, you'll need to pay issue and maintenance fees. You can then enforce your patent against others infringing on your rights.

Whether in the United States or the European patent office, hire us for flawless service.

The Importance of Patent Translation Services

Translating patents and trademarks enables IP rights enforcement across different jurisdictions and facilitates international patent filing processes. Translating a patent is important for the following reasons:

✓ When you want potential investors or distributors to understand your patent, the process of translating documents from one language to another might make it easier for them to invest in and distribute your product.

Professional multilingual translators working together with patent documents, showcasing expertise.

✓ Patent law is so diverse that you will need to translate a wide range of patent-related documents at the domestic and international levels. Litigation documentation, patent applications, abstracts, and publications are just a few examples. We can help you streamline this process by providing a one-stop solution for all your legal patent translation needs.

✓ If you want to register your patent in multiple jurisdictions, translating it is essential. Every jurisdiction has specific requirements regarding domestic languages. Hiring our professional services with technical expertise can make this process smoother for you.

Legal Patent Translation Services By Native Translators

Whether it is US patents, EU patents, PCT patents, Japanese patents, or Chinese patents, we have the experts to give you the best legal translation service in the industry. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified to meet your needs, emphasizing quality and professionalism! Whether a company, legal professionals, patent attorneys, or patent law firms, for certified translations, work with experienced translators with a good understanding and appropriate knowledge of the technical jargon and international markets.

Pairing our extensive subject matter knowledge with excellent language proficiency by native speakers, we provide error free IP translations as you may need them, all backed up by checks at every step! Our quality assurance process is in place with a team of experienced proofreaders.

Confidential and Secure Patent Translations

We understand the need for confidential and secure patent translations. We maintain strict confidentiality with every legal document translation you bring to us, especially with sensitive legal records. We value the security of your proprietary information and have in place tough mechanisms to protect it. We hold all of our staff to strict non-disclosure agreements.

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