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Highly-Accurate Patent Translation Services

ClickForTranslation is your premium provider of patent translation for legal departments and many IP law firms around the world. We boast unparalleled expertise in country-specific legal regulations and well-versed, highly qualified patent translators; going further to ensure accurate and high-quality patent translations by having each patent translation undergo an attorney review process.

Patent translations are needed when filing for patents or during litigation disputes. In a rare case, you are legally obligated to have your patents translated. At times like this, it is extremely important that you employ the services of a professional patent translator in order to guarantee that translated documents remain of high quality. You need specialist patent translators with a full understanding of the language and terminology used in patent or litigation materials.

Intellectual Property Translation Services

ClickForTranslation boasts at least 5 years of translation of technical patent and litigation documents. Our patent translators are carefully picked from across the globe, with only persons who are subject matter experts in a number of technical fields that fit our bill. Patent translators are selected based on their educational background, translation expertise, language fluency and proficiency in the technical field of the documents.

We are ISO 9001:2015 Standards company that provide translations in over 100 languages, marrying our extensive subject matter knowledge with excellent language proficiency. We boast an in-depth knowledge of the nitty-gritty of patent translation and hold our translations against quality checks to ensure high-quality translations. As a result, we confidently provide Legal Patent translation services – including patent claims, specifications, applications, abstracts, as well as Intellectual Property (IP) translation services.

Confidential and Secured IP Translation Services

We understand the need to maintain strict confidentiality with every document brought to us, but even more so with sensitive legal documents. We value the security of your proprietary information and have in place strict mechanisms to protect it. We hold all of our staff to strict non-disclosure agreements and welcome it if you hold us to be same unlike other patent translation companies.


Quality and Reliable Legal Patent Translation Services

At ClickForTranslation, we are proud to provide excellent IP translation services at highly competitive rates in one of the industry’s best turnaround times. We provide our translators with a number of tools to ensure that our hallmarks of speed, consistency and accuracy are thoroughly maintained; thus, reducing the occurrence of repetitive texts and, as a result, translation costs. We are ATA Certified Translators and are USCIS accepted, so you can be sure of the quality of service you will be receiving.

Whatever your language, volume, or turnaround requirements, we are ready to accommodate you. We are accountable to deliver quality patent translations in a timely fashion, as agreed when compared to other patent translation companies. We have scaled the rigorous testing requirements of many international organizations and we are sure to scale any of your technical requirements as well. Simply enter your project details now and get an instant quote for our service.

Why Do You Need An Intellectual Property Translation Services?
Online translation services demand for coronavirus pandemic
The Corona virus pandemic became the subject of news in many countries around the globe. Various documents, audios and videos have to be available in various languages at disposal for audiences. Hence, it is only wise to approach a translation agency that is equipped with highly professional COVID-19 online translation services. We offer and deliver novel corona virus related document translations for Healthcare, Advertisement, Marketing, News, Government, Media, Finance & Economic impact and Market Research or core Medical industries.

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