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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Professional Audio Description Services by Expert Translators


Our audio description company offers you services in more than 100 languages at great prices! Hire our professional native translators for accuracy & speed!

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Reliable Audio Description Services

Click For Translation is a reputed provider of top-notch audio description services for different videos online in over 100 languages. We have been in the industry for years and are committed to providing accurate audio descriptions for the online videos of our clients. We focus on increasing the accessibility of your audio-visual content.

Over time, the number of people who are blind or visually impaired has increased. By 2050, the number of people with vision impairment is expected to exceed 8 million. Such people have limited access to video content.

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Audio description allows describing the visual elements of videos and making the video content accessible to visually impaired individuals. We at Click For Translation have a team of certified professionals who excel in delivering flawless audio transcription services. We provide an NDA and ensure optimum security of our client’s data.

What is Audio Description?

Audio description is also known as described video service or video description. It is a narrative description of the visual cues like costumes and characters and the onscreen actions. It also narrates the screen changes and the gestures of the characters on the screen.

The audio description serves the visually impaired and blind people by offering a natural, verbal native summary of the scenes in TV series and films. Audio descriptions have become vital to making online videos inclusive. It offers people with visual impairments a mental picture of what is actually happening on the screen.

What Exactly is Described in Audio Description?

The audio description for recorded videos describes a wide range of visual elements. It includes:

✓ Gestures and body language

✓ Facial expressions

✓ Sight gags and visual comedy

✓ Scene changes and settings

✓ Dance and other movements

✓ Clothing

✓ Visual arts

✓ Characteristics and personality of individual characters

✓ Multi-media lighting and effects

Types of Audio Descriptions We Provide

Click For Translation is among the leading audio description service providers in the industry. We offer different audio transcription services according to the different requirements of our clients. The two main types of audio descriptions that we offer include:

Standard Audio Description

The proficient narrators of Click For Translation carefully listen to the video content and create accurate audio descriptions. We ensure that the descriptions perfectly match the dialogues in the video. Through our standard audio description services, we focus on narrating the most relevant information to the target audience.

We offer standard descriptions for video content that has a number of pauses between the dialogues. Our narrators create audio descriptions to naturally fit the content of the video provided by the clients.

Extended Audio Description

Extended audio descriptions create room for lengthier descriptions by building temporary and strategic pauses. The extended descriptions offer more information to people with visual impairment in comparison to standard descriptions. In extended video descriptions, the source video usually becomes bigger to accommodate the whole narration in the video.

We at Click For Translation provide extended descriptions to ensure a better understanding of the complex scenes. We focus on conveying the intended message of the video clearly to the target audience.

Opt for Our Audio Description Services for Positive Results

At Click For Translation, we have a dedicated team of expert professionals who have rich years of experience in the field. Our core aim is to deliver high-quality audio description services to meet the unique needs of different clients. We analyze the video carefully in order to provide the most accurate narration.

We focus on making the video content understandable and enjoyable even when the individuals are not able to see it. Our creative professionals pay attention to all the minute details and provide innovative solutions. While providing our audio described content, we keep note of audio elements such as tone and timing.

Our wide variety of audio description solutions makes us a popular choice among clients. We provide audio descriptions for film, exhibits, visual arts, theatre, movies, cultural events, museums, travel tours, television, zoos, historic sites, educational materials, theaters, aquariums, National Park visitor centers, and cinemas.

We make use of simple and easy-to-understand language for more clarity. We guarantee optimum satisfaction for our clients.

Develop Compliant Videos

Click For Translation is ready to assist companies in developing compliant videos. We understand the importance of audio description to ensure optimum legal compliance. A number of accessibility laws require closed captioning and audio descriptions for videos.

In the United States, audio description is vital under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), 21st Century Video Accessibility Act (CVAA), and sections 508 and section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. We help companies ensure compliance with these important laws. We support different document types like ADA, CVAA, FCC, and WCAG.

How does it Work?

At Click For Translation, we have a simple and systematic process of delivering our audio transcription services. Our audio description creation process is as follows:

➤ Information Gathering

We watch the entire video and analyze it in order to understand the business niche of our client properly. Our proficient experts find out the gaps between the audio tracks and dialogues to decide whether it requires extended or standard audio description.

➤ Writing of Script

On the basis of the information gathered and gaps identified, we write creative scripts for the videos. We ensure writing the scripts in simple and easy-to-understand languages. We get the approval of the clients before moving ahead with the narration of the scripts.

➤ Recording

Our experienced voice narrators record the script created for the video content. We make the necessary editing in order to provide the best quality services and delight our valuable clients.

Multilingual Audio Description Services

We at Click For Translation have multilingual audio description specialists in our team. We provide businesses and individuals with quality audio descriptions in a wide range of languages. Whether you are looking for Spanish audio description or French audio description, we are a one-stop platform for all your needs.

Our reliable linguists have proficiency in their native languages and can offer you unrivaled audio description services.

Video Description Services to Fit Your Budget

Click For Translation offers video description services at reasonable and competitive rates in the industry. We aim to readily make our video description services available to all clients in different industries. We provide customized video description services to perfectly fit the budget of every business.

We also have a fast turnaround time. We provide rush and super rush video description services to clients around the globe. We are dedicated to meeting the urgent requirements of clients and enabling them to stay ahead in the competitive era.

Businesses That Require Our Audio Description Services

We offer our audio description solutions to a wide range of businesses, right from film and TV show providers to corporate companies. Some of the prominent businesses we serve are:

✓ Music Video Creators

We provide high-quality and accurate audio descriptions to music video creators. Our narration solutions aim at increasing the reach of the music videos by making them more appealing and understandable. We enhance the accessibility of the videos to people with low vision or blindness.

✓ Film Studios

We offer our reliable audio description solutions to professional film studios. The captioned media program can help in enhancing the overall quality and engagement of the movies. We are proficient in creating audio descriptions for independent films, video stories, and documentary videos.

✓ Educational Institutions

Videos are now being leveraged by educational institutions in order to help the students understand complex concepts better. We offer educational description for the schools, colleges, and universities. We ensure maximum accessibility for visually challenged and blind students.

✓ Government Agencies

We extend our services to the government agencies too. We assist the government agencies in increasing the understandability of different videos and disseminating information effectively to the public.

Why Choose Our Audio Description Services?

➤ Proven Knowledge and Experience

We at Click For Translation have successfully delivered audio descriptions to a number of clients. Our professionals have the knowledge and expertise to offer top-notch audio descriptions to clients.

➤ Fast Turnaround Time

We have a fast turnaround time and ensure delivering the projects within the set deadlines. We focus on providing our services at the fastest time possible.

➤ Affordable Rates

We provide our audio descriptions at reasonable rates. Our pricing is the lowest in the industry.

➤ 24/7 Support

We are available round the clock to serve the needs of different clients. We ensure to answer all your queries effectively.

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