100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Top Audio Description Services - Quick, Cheap, and Accurate


Our audio description services cover over 100 languages and various industry verticals. We offer exceptional services at unmatched prices.

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Meet FCC Guidelines With Our Audio Description Services

You can meet FCC guidelines with our audio description services. According to the WHO, more than 2.2 billion people suffer from visual impairments worldwide. With the increased popularity of digital media, there is a rising need to address the accessibility needs of all audiences, including those with visual challenges.

The law requires that top TV stations provide at least 7 hours per week of programs with audio descriptions, including primetime and children's shows. Click For Translation's audio description services are available to support content creators, businesses, and individuals to access videos easily. Dial (1-800-230-7918) to get started!

An artist recording FCC compliant audio descriptions.

Extensive Audio Description Services for Accessibility Needs

An audio description aims to aid the understanding of the video rather than distract from it. It is vital that the audio description precisely represents the activities in the video.

At Click For Translation, clear video accessibility is the priority. We support our clients in following the guidelines of the Federal Communications Commission.

We can help you bridge the gap and connect with visually impaired audiences. Select from our diverse professional voice artists to suit your video tone.

Contact us for audio descriptions now!

Clear and Descriptive Narration for Video Materials

Click For Translation offers a clear and descriptive narration for video materials. We record audio descriptions in high-quality studios to ensure you get top-notch descriptions.

Once you submit your video files to us, we process them and assign an appropriate artist to them right away.

Employees discussing audio description services for their videos.

We can provide descriptions for movies, TV shows, online videos, etc. No matter your material's dialect, we can ensure your content is accessible.

Our team of skilled speakers is trained to provide you with the best possible descriptions for your videos.

Top-Notch Audio Descriptions for Educational Videos

We provide top-notch audio descriptions for educational videos. We support e-learning companies, lecturers, and students with video descriptions to improve accessibility.

Educational descriptions are widely demanded because there is a large percentage of students who are visually challenged. The International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness estimates that 90 million children worldwide live with sight loss.

A child enjoying an educational video with audio descriptions.

Using highly-trained native voice artists, we can help reach this vast pool of users who wish to experience your videos. Every video description we create will align with federal laws and international guidelines.

Where Are Audio Descriptions Used for Video Content?

Audio descriptions are used for videos when there is a need to improve accessibility and the reach of video/audio content.

Content creators use language services such as closed captioning, subtitling, audio descriptions, audio translations etc., for accessibility. Whether it is dialogue used in a film, audio tracks from TV networks, etc., audio descriptions improve the understanding of videos.

A voice narrator recording audio descriptions for videos.

Content creators must also consider copyright laws when creating and distributing audio description content, as they must obtain permission to use copyrighted material.

Things To Know Before Choosing an Audio Description Service

Here is a list of things you should think about before choosing an audio description service:

Reputation: The company must have a record of providing highly accurate audio descriptions for high-value content.

Expertise: The agency must have specific expertise and human resources for your type of content, be it a movie, TV show, or any other content.

A narrator recording the best audio descriptions.

Accessibility: The company must be able to add descriptions that support visually impaired audiences comprehensively.

Cost: The agency must not charge exorbitantly for mediocre service. Ensure that you are getting value for money.

Legal compliance: The company must know compliance requirements per the ADA or WCAG.

Click For Translation checks all of the above boxes. Contact us for your audio description requirements now!

100% Human-Generated Audio Descriptions for Your Needs

100% human-generated audio descriptions for your needs are available at Click For Translation. Human services are always superior to automated services for many reasons:

✓ Human-generated audio descriptions are found to be more accurate, nuanced, and engaging than automated audio descriptions. A human narrator can convey emotional nuances and subtleties that automated descriptions may miss.

A native expert providing human audio description services.

✓ Automated services critical visual elements, misinterpret context or emotional nuances, and be prone to errors and inconsistencies. They do not serve the purpose of providing accurate descriptions for visually impaired audiences.

Our team is available 24/7 to offer top-notch human descriptions for your videos.

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