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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


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Make Videos Accessible to Visually Impaired Individuals From Our Audio Description Services

National Health Interview survey states that about 10% of the American population-around 23.7 million people have trouble seeing. Adults in the US spend more than 11 hours per day on media. Out of which they spend 6 hours watching videos.

Another research interpreted that by 2019, 80% of the world’s internet traffic will be only for videos. Along with the increase in video consumption, there is also ‘population aging’ on the other side. With an increase in the population’s age, problems like vision loss and sight-related health concerns also rise.

By the end of 2030, 20% of the American population will be more than 65 years. As low vision and blindness increase with aging, spending too much time watching videos will raise the problems further in the future.

What is Audio Description?

Audio Description is a service for the visually impaired and low vision individuals. Audio Description services give them access to different forms of media like- videos, events, books, performances, etc. in a narrative form.

Audio description service is the key to revealing a whole video in detail for the respective target group. This descriptive video information is described in-depth, so as to not miss out on anything that their visual counterparts are consuming. Audio description can be done as descriptive narration for a video any visual element that would be essential for understanding a program. It can be in the form of a recorded track or a live narration.

Choose The Best Descriptive Audio Service For More Accessibility

Audio descriptive services are available online for individuals who are blind, visually impaired or have low vision. Such services are offered by professional audio description companies to make videos, events, books, movies, theatre and other performances accessible to visually impaired individuals. It majorly helps the the blind to comprehend all kinds of video related elements that are normally viewed and experience by general audience. Basically, an audio description for the blind explains every sort of visual content for their better understanding of a live narration or a recorded audio track.

English audio description service from Click For Translation has been benefiting several individuals and organizations owing to high accuracy level and for following global audio description standards. Our company is authorized for offering such services and adheres to DCMP description key standard to produce great quality results. Audio description rates provided by us are reasonable and worth the output delivered.

We are the one-stop solution for all kinds of audio descriptive services, through which we cover:

  • Audio Description for Visually Impaired
  • Audio Description for Elearning
  • Audio Description for Blind School
  • Audio Description for Institutes
  • Audio Description for Universities

Types of Audio Descriptions Present

Audio Descriptions can be of 2 types:

Standard Audio Description – The service that describes everything short for fitting an allotted time and narrates punctuations within natural pauses as dialogues for original content.

Extended Audio Description – These kind of descriptions are not bounded by a video’s natural pauses. Instead, it allows you to pause original source content to give space for an extended description, as and when required.

Audio Description Standards

An audio description’s quality can vary largely depending upon who and how produced it. Described and Captioned Media Program (DCMP) gives their described keys, that are considered to be the best comprehensive guideline for the method of description. For a good quality description, the standards of DCMP are adhered.

We at Click For Translation, follow DCMP’s keys for producing top-quality audio descriptions for all. Only an excellent audio description will be an aid for low vision and visually impaired people and gets them to understand the content in a better way.

Audio Description Formats

The usual traditional methods of publishing audio descriptions are not in support of various audio/ video players and also many platforms. For making things easier for customers, we support a range of downloadable formats. These widely divided into 2 categories:

1. Text-Based –audio descriptions from textual formats. For this, we support formats like:

  • DOC
  • Stamped DOC
  • Merged DOC
  • WebVTT
  • TXT
  • Merged DOC (Stamped)

2. Media Based –audio descriptions with 2 other subcategories;

✔ Audio Description Only – file with only audio descriptions and not the source. The formats available for downloads are –OGG, MP3 and WAV.

✔ Mixed Audio Description – both Audio descriptions and source audio present. The downloadable formats are – MP4, MP3, WAV, and OGG

Audio Description vs Descriptive Video Service

A descriptive video/video description and audio description are both synonyms to each other. Both include a separate narrative track for events and videos.

However, the differentiation lies in its term. ‘Audio Description’ is for the US and UK individuals, whereas the Described Video term is for Canadians. But this subtle difference is significant because Canada has Audio Description’s meaning in a different way, which is separate from defining a Described Video.

Audio Description Services We Offer

We have a huge list of audio description services and a few our common ones are:

Recorded History Exhibition - Science Exhibition - Tour and Travel Applications - Webcast - Multilanguage Captioning - voice-over - Weather Report - DVDs/ Blu – ray - Newscasts - Sports Scores - Financial Data - Audio Books Description and some more additional services as well.

Utilize audio descriptions for the hearing impaired during the COVID breakout

Whether you are a YouTube channel trying to focus on COVID-19 videos or Government industry trying to gain people’s attention about novel corona virus, you need localized content . More so, it is important to provide the online content to every person by making it globally accessible, even for the hearing impaired people. That is why click for translation provides audio description services to all essential industries with accurate content and quality rich features. We are virtually open 24/7! Contact us to know more!

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