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Notarized Document Translation

We provide notarized document translation by relying on professional translators who are native translators ATA certified who provides an authentication clause by appending his/her signature affirming the accuracy and completeness in relation to the source. Official documents needed for formal correspondence with businesses and government departments require notarization to attain validity on the face of the document. The translator’s authentication certificate requires execution before a notary for a document to be notarized.

Notarized Translation

With the laxity shown by USCIS by accepting non-notarized documents, we can certify personal certificates and other materials lending legal force. Notarization is mandated where documents are meant for use by public authorities, authorities such as employers or bar associations and other formal applications. However, for a notarization to be incontrovertible the translation must be performed by an agency or ATA certified translator.  

USCIS Certified Translation Services

USCIS certified translation services allow you to sail through and cut the red tape when applying for immigration, overseas study, data rectification and other formal processes. While the USCIS has done away with the need for notarization of personal certificates, the need for a professional translator who is fluent in the target language is still mandatory.

We assign top-notch translators who transform every word explicitly, including signatures, official names and titles, dates and residences, punctuations, seals, stamps and watermarks. To steer clear of potential rejection, we match the visual styles and formats to the original, replicating everything as it appears on the source text. The crux of a successful translation is accuracy and totality when matched with the original text. If you’re submitting to a foreign authority other than USCIS such as embassies, notarization may be required.     

Professional Notarized Translation Services

Accurate translation services require the joint input of an expert translator and notary to validate. After the translation and embossment of the translator’s professional seal on each page of the document, the notary affirms the authenticity of the authentication. Notarized and certified translations give assurance on quality as the competence of the translator is confirmed by a government official.

Notarized translation is required for legal formalities, commercial transactions involving foreigners and court proceedings. Administrative processes such as foreign student enrollment may also require notarization but this varies from one institution to another. Notarization in the US acts as an added layer of validity to the certified document which may be self-supporting in some cases while others call for a notary.

Notarized Translation Services

Notarization Translation Service Beyond Slogan

Expectations are high with notarization. There’s never a room for errors nor excuses, yet it’s a job that must be done painstakingly. The rules and regulations are constantly evolving, but somebody’s got to the task. Providing notarized services for us is beyond business but building bridges of opportunities and supporting goals. It’s an opportunity to add value, every day.

Welcome to ClickForTranslation—Another Kind of Notarized Translation Services

We understand the complexity of notarization, and never take it lightly. We see the purpose in every client’s order; hence, we push boundaries and create the world they love to see—unrivaled perfection—personalized bespoke service at fair prices.

Our unique features and resources give us the edge over our competitors. We’ve become pioneer because we offer a well-informed point of view leveraging technology solutions that work. We treat each client as a unique experience; we understand it takes a lot to earn their trust. It’s an outstanding experience without a fuss. We are more concerned about getting results on jobs done excellently rather than being reviews collecting professionals.

ClickForTranslation— A New Kind of Vibe In USCIS Certified Translation Services

Many translation companies charge ridiculous fees just because it’s notarization translation services. The notarized translation services are perceived as costly and unbearable for clients. It’s a different story with our team. Despite notarized document translation requires painstaking effort, we don’t play smart — no multiple charges or fees at any time.

In this process, we have created a unique platform with the highest efficiency required of a dependable USCIS certified translation services providing company. And the truth is, we aren’t stopping at that because we understand both business and human side of each story.

Languages Translation We Are Experts In

At Click for Translation, we offer various languages that are widely used for notarized translation of documents. Our notarized translation services have been used by thousands of people in the entire world since we have a complete range of languages that we provide. Some of the languages that we cover are:

As we are known for our specialized languages, we also keep in mind to offer varying language combinations for multiple files. The language combinations provided by us are:

English to Arabic – English to Chinese – English to French – English to German – English to Italian – English to Japanese – English to Portuguese – English to Russian – English to Spanish and vice versa. Other than the English language pairs we also support other language combinations such as French to German, Arabic to Japanese, Chinese to Korean and many more.

ClickForTranslation—Exceptional Features That Count

As certified translators (follows ISO 9001:2015 standards), we’ve gone out of the comfort zone to offering impeccable services in 100+ Languages while still supporting all file formats. We believe that the time is priceless. Hence, we offer Rush Services with 24/7 support any day. NDA provided on request if need be. We’ve been rated 100/100 isn’t security, client satisfaction, and trust. Extra features for certified notarized translation services includes USCIS Accepted, ATA Certified and Instant Quote. All at affordable rates; your Notarization is waiting upon request.

Notarization of a translation adds and additional layer when the document is used for legal and other associated redtape procerdues.

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