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Birth Certificate Translation Services

Whether quick birth certificate translation for immigration or any legal formalities, you can count on our USCIS approved birth certificate translation services.
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Birth Certificate Translation Services
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Trustworthy Certified Birth Certificate Translation Services

Get the most reliable birth certificate translation services online within your deadlines! Click For Translation provides 100% human birth certificate translations through our team of trained native translators proficient in over 100 languages. Our prices start at $25 per page for translating vital documents. Get in touch with our customer support at 1-800-230-7918 for a free quote!

Our team of translators for birth certificate translation services holds advanced degrees in linguistics and translation studies, ensuring accuracy and cultural sensitivity. They are certified by recognized organizations like the American Translators Association (ATA) and possess extensive experience in legal and official document translation. Dedicated to delivering precise translations, our professionals understand the importance of every detail in your birth certificate, guaranteeing reliable and swift service tailored to meet global standards.

Birth Certificate Translations - Why Are They Needed?

Translation is basically the process by which content from one language is converted into another language without any loss of meaning. When it comes to translations, any type of content can be converted. For example, documents, videos, audio files, posters, etc. While a person or organization's need for translations may vary from time to time, there are some documents which often require translations, particularly for official processes.

These types of documents are usually requested or required by official or government organizations. These cannot be translated by laymen, as they require specific training and extensive technical vocabulary for accurate translation. Receiving organizations will not accept translations by individuals who are not trained or certified by a reputed agency.

One of the most commonly translated document, especially when it comes to personal use, is a birth certificate. Birth certificates are required by most governmental agencies for establishing a person's identity when they apply for legal processes such as immigration. They may also come in handy while applying to receive driving licenses, social security numbers, etc. This is because a birth certificate is the first document that is created when a person is born. It legally establishes the name, birth place, date of birth, and parents' names of a person. This serves as a baseline for all other documents created for the person.

Certified Translation Cost and Need

A translation can be said to be certified if along with the translation, the agency provides a certificate of translation which helps verify the authenticity of the translation and legitimacy of the agency. The receiving organization or entity needs to be assured that the translating agency has not misrepresented any information and has included all the essential parts of the original document.

When one is planning to translate birth certificates, then they must be aware that the translation must be certified. Professional translators from a competent and reputed agency will easily be able to certify your translations. The content of the certificate of translation is simple:

βœ“ The name of the certified translator

βœ“ Contact information of the certified translator

βœ“ Address of the certified translator/ the translation agency

βœ“ Number of pages translated

βœ“ Place of certified translation

βœ“ Time of certified translation

βœ“ Date of certified translation

It is vital that you choose a reliable translation service to get your birth certificates translated and certified. Try to check whether the agency has been certified by the ATA or an equivalent organization.

Click For Translation is a renowned and reputed professional translation service providing certified translations for several years. Our certified translations have been accepted by government agencies and official organizations without any hassle. So, if you need certified translations for your birth certificates, get in touch with us now!

What's more, we offer certifications for your translations for FREE! Translate with us and get your documents certified at no extra cost!

Where Do You Need Birth Certificate Translations?

In the industry of translations, it is very common to require birth certificates translated. However, despite this fact, most translation agencies do not do it right. Unless they are reputed professional translation services with qualified translators, there is a good chance that they do not serve the purpose. Official organizations have strict regulations when it comes to documentation submitted to them.

Here are some of the situations in which you may need a translation of your birth certificate:

βœ“ Immigration Services: One of the most common reasons for which individuals want to get their birth certificate translated is for immigration purposes. Standard list of immigration documents includes the birth certificate, passport, visa, work permit, marriage license or certificate, divorce decree, etc.

If you are applying for United States citizenship or to work in the US, then the immigration process surely involves submission of translated birth certificates. This is because most birth certificates are available in the official language of the country of origin. The US immigration office always only expects English translation of birth certificates and other documents.

The best part about Click For Translation is that we are one of the leading translation companies in the industry. Due to our expert translators, we guarantee USCIS acceptance. No matter which foreign country your documents are from, we can ensure that the translation is quickly.

βœ“ Applying for official documents: When you need to apply for any official or personal document such as driver's license, marriage license, divorce decrees, etc., you will need to provide your birth certificate translated in the language of the country you are applying in.

If you are an immigrant, then this will be a primary need. In fact, it will not just be your birth certificate that you will need translated regularly, but also other documents that are needed for official purposes such as your work permit, lease deeds, etc.

βœ“ Applying for work or further studies: Whether you are planning to apply for work or further studies in a different country than your home country, then your university or workplace will require submission of translated birth certificate and other documents. While you may have already submitted the same for your visa and immigration processes, academic institutions and workplaces follow their own process to verify your application.

Birth Certificate Translation Services - Our Features

As one of the top birth certificate translation services available online, our team provides a catalogue of features that you will not find with any other agency. Not only do we offer you very reasonable prices, we also make sure that you feel satisfied with our services. Our objective is to provide you a hassle-free experience in obtaining high-quality translations for your documents. Get the best value for money with our team!

Here are some of our top features:

βœ“ Highly affordable rates

βœ“ Experts in over 100 languages

βœ“ Translators certified by American Translators Association

βœ“ Quick turnaround time

βœ“ Free trials and bulk discounts available

βœ“ Native translators

βœ“ 99% accuracy

βœ“ ISO 17100:2015 certified agency

βœ“ Fast turnaround - same-day translations available

βœ“ Non-disclosure agreements (NDA) signed

βœ“ 24/7 customer care - expect a response within minutes

βœ“ Guaranteed USCIS acceptance

βœ“ 100% human translations

βœ“ Domain expertise

βœ“ Free certificate of translation

To enjoy the benefits of our birth certificate translation services, get in touch with us now! You will be joining our elite clientele who have given us raving reviews. Get secure and confidential birth certificate translation by certified translators!

Locations We Provide Birth Certificate Translations In

Being a well known translation agency, we have successfully translated thousands of documents including birth certificates for clients from around the world in short timelines! No matter where you are located or where you are relocating to, you can get your birth certificate translated in no time with our translation services.

Here are some of the top locations we have been providing translations in:

βœ“ Chicago

βœ“ Philadelphia

βœ“ Los Angeles

βœ“ San Diego

βœ“ Houston

βœ“ San Jose

βœ“ Austin

βœ“ Fort Worth

βœ“ New York

βœ“ Dallas

βœ“ Columbus

βœ“ Indianapolis

If you are from a location other than the ones listed here, then do not fret. We offer our online translation services to locations around the world. Just get in touch with our 24/7 customer service and wait to get a free quote for your translations!

Birth Certificate Translation Services - How It Works?

We provide an easy, hassle-free process for document translation, including birth certificates and other important documents. We have translated personal documents like a birth certificate, business documents like employment handbooks, legal documents like a sworn statement, etc.

βœ“ Connect with us: Get in touch with us via our customer care, email or our website to get your journey of translation started immediately. Share details of your translation requirements with us so that we can evaluate your requirements and analyze it.

βœ“ Receive a free quote: Once we receive your details, we will process your requirements and come up with a quotation for the same. This will be based on our pricing structure which accounts for the length and type of the document, complexity of the original language and the timeline within which you need the translation.

βœ“ Upload your documents: The next step is for you to upload your documents on our website or send them to us via email. A qualified translator will be assigned to your documents immediately based on your needs. They will start working on your translation right away.

βœ“ Make the payment: You can pay for the translation via any of our secure payment methods including PayPal, card payment, wire transfer, purchase order - Net 15 & 30 & square payment, etc.

βœ“ Receive your translated documents: We will send you the translated version of your document in the same format as per your request. We can also share a certified copy of the translation if your requirement is such. Simply send us a scanned copy of your birth certificate and wait to receive your translated document within no time! Our birth certificate translation services are meant to be quick, easily accessible and hassle-free.

Click For Translation is your best choice when it comes to birth certificate translation services across the industry.

Get in touch with us for a FREE quote now.

Trusted Birth Certificate Translation - Languages We Support

If you want to translate a birth certificate from English to some other language or from any source language to a different language, then you need to hire a professional service provider for your translations. Click For Translation is one of the best options for you because we take care of translation work in any of over 100 languages.

a native translator working on a document

Some of the major languages we support are listed below:

βœ“ Italian

βœ“ Spanish

βœ“ French

βœ“ Mandarin

βœ“ Portuguese

βœ“ German

βœ“ Dutch

βœ“ Korean

βœ“ Russian

βœ“ Vietnamese

βœ“ Cantonese

βœ“ Tagalog

βœ“ Arabic

βœ“ Polish

These are just some of the top languages in which we provide birth certificate translation services. If your need is in any language outside this list, then do not worry. All you need to do is get in touch with us. We are sure to cater to your request and provide translations in any of more than 100 languages. Browsing USCIS-approved birth certificate translation services near me? Get in touch with us!

Birth Certificate Translation Services For USCIS

100% USCIS Acceptance

One of the main reasons you can rely on our birth certificate translation services is that we can guarantee USCIS acceptance. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services is the primary government agency which focuses on all applications to work, study or reside in the US including applications for United States citizenship. Whether someone wants to travel to the US for official business or personal reasons, USCIS expects high-quality certified translations of immigration documents.

Other Types Of Documents We Translate

The team at Click For Translate is capable of providing certified English translation for your original birth certificate, but also a suite of complete translation services for any official document.

Here are some types of document translated by us on a regular basis:

Academic document translation

If you are applying to study further in the US or any other country, then you may need us for translating any of the following documents beside translating birth certificates

βœ“ Research papers

βœ“ Theses

βœ“ Curriculum

βœ“ Academic transcripts

βœ“ Diplomas and degree certificates

βœ“ Online lectures, etc.

Vital document translation

Vital documents are the basic documents that are required by any legal or official agency for establishing the identity, marital status, place of birth or origin, location or residence, etc.

Here are some vital documents we translate for individuals:

βœ“ Birth certificates and Death certificate

βœ“ Marriage certificates

βœ“ Baptismal certificate

βœ“ Divorce decrees

βœ“ Driver licenses

βœ“ Visa and passport

Quick and Reliable Birth Certificate Translation

Click For Translation is a renowned agency for birth certificate translations providing high-quality documents with timely delivery of services. Enjoy the services of our native translators with years of experience in both the language of origin and the destination language.

Wait no longer, get in touch for translating your birth certificates!

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