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We price match all quotes

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Got your birth certificate in the native language?

Get it translated into the target language of your choice for immigration processes, overseas education programs, tourist visa applications or any legal procedures. We offer precise and certified birth certificate translations that are guaranteed to meet USCIS standards.

Languages we offer

Even the rarest of language pairs will not interfere with the accuracy and turnarounds of our birth certificate translations. Be it Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi, Korean, Arabic or Vietnamese, our professional translators offer certified birth certificate translations in any language!

Below listed are the most popular language sets to which birth certificates are translated.

Don’t worry, even if your language is not mentioned, the list doesn’t end here. Reach out to us today and we will connect you to an expert who is native to the language you are targeting.

"I initially contacted them for a translation, through their chat service, which to my surprise I was able to immediately drop my file into the chat and receive a rough quote from that. And while everything the services were delivered as promised, there was an issue with the notarized document. But, they were very professional and quick to correct the mistake; again all done through their instant chat support. In other word, I received outstanding customer service with Vanan, highly recommended."

"Very professional and patient. I highly recommend their services. My agent, Sheldon Stuart stayed online with me until I could verify exactly what I needed to submit, and any problems with the translation were understood. Their service in 2 days to my home was especially appreciated."

"Very smooth and professional experience - I needed my paperwork translated and notarized on pretty much no notice at all, and they delivered. Their prices for that kind of work are fairly steep, but it was worth it for me to get the work done right on the first try and under a tight deadline."

"Very friendly, professional and affordable and helps give accurate quotes quickly."

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Have your certified birth certificate translation services authenticated and notarized with no hassle

Birth certificate is one of the most important documents that proves the identity and nationality of an individual. Different countries have different styles of birth certificate. But all of them are issued by either the municipality or the government itself. Information like name, date of birth, nationality, parents’ name, birth time and place, and others are mentioned in the certified birth certificate translation Services. In addition, there is a seal or stamp of the respective government/authority of the country where the individual was born.

At the time of immigration or making passports, it is very essential to have the certificate translated into the language of the country to which immigration will be done. Apart from that, sometimes, birth certificate translation services are also required at the time of any official work in another country with language differences.

Birth certificate being one of the major IDs, we, at Click For Translation, make sure that the entire translation work is done properly without any glitches.

Certified birth certificate translation

Get our certified birth certificate translation services in just a few steps

If you are fearing to avail our certified birth certificate translation because of hefty processes, do not worry any further!

At Click For Translation, we offer the easiest manner to transfer the document into another language of the country where you are immigrating to. All you need to do is follow these steps and you will get the authentic document.

1. Contact us and tell us the details of the birth certificate on our online portal.

2. Once done, we will need the details like the language you want the document to be translated, the country for which the translation needs to be done, and also the purpose. If you want the USCIS translation, it’s a special service we provide for everyone going to the US.

3. After getting the details, work will be allotted to the respective native linguist who will work on the birth certificate translation online and provide you with the document within the stipulated time.

Our authentic birth certificate translation for USCIS

We also provide specialized birth certificate translation for immigration to the United States. If your birth certificate is in a language other than English like German, Spanish, Hindi, Chinese, and others, you get the translation done with us within no time.

Our birth certificate translation for USCIS is done by expert professionals who are sworn under oath. The document is highly confidential for an individual. Moreover, the USCIS agency of the US Federal government does not tolerate any kind of errors in the translation. Hence, they accept only certified translations done by a translation agency such as Click For Translation.

For this reason, we make sure to provide the best birth certificate translation for immigration purpose into US.

Why choose our birth certificate translation for immigration and other official works?

✓ We provide the best and authentic birth certificate translation services to everyone coming to the US from other countries having linguistic differences.

✓ With us, the translation work will take only a day or a couple of days instead of weeks. This has helped us to cater to emergency needs for translating the documents.

✓ Our expert translators make sure that no manipulation is done with the birth certificate.

✓ We make sure to offer cheap certified translation services so that you won’t have to worry about the prices.

Experience a hassle-free service to translate birth certificate from Spanish to English

If you want to translate birth certificate to English from Spanish or vice versa, do not wait anymore!

With Click For Translation, you will get exclusive services for translation of the document from Spanish language to English which is required at the time of immigration to the US.

We will make sure that every detail is translated correctly, starting with the name to the birth place, and others for birth certificate translation for passport.

Other language translation services for birth certificates

Apart from translating the birth certificate to and from Spanish, we also make sure to translate the documents in 100 other languages and dialects. For example, if you are a German resident, we will translate the document from German to English or vice versa. We have a team of native linguists who are assigned the translations that are appropriate for their expertise.

So, are you browsing the internet for birth certificate translation near me? Look no further and get a free quote from us.

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