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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Got your birth certificate in the native language?

Get it translated into the target language of your choice for immigration processes, overseas education programs, tourist visa applications or any legal procedures. We offer precise and certified birth certificate translations that are guaranteed to meet USCIS standards.

Languages we offer

Even the rarest of language pairs will not interfere with the accuracy and turnarounds of our birth certificate translations. Be it Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi, Korean, Arabic or Vietnamese, our professional translators offer certified birth certificate translations in any language!

Below listed are the most popular language sets to which birth certificates are translated.

Don’t worry, even if your language is not mentioned, the list doesn’t end here. Reach out to us today and we will connect you to an expert who is native to the language you are targeting.

"I initially contacted them for a translation, through their chat service, which to my surprise I was able to immediately drop my file into the chat and receive a rough quote from that. And while everything the services were delivered as promised, there was an issue with the notarized document. But, they were very professional and quick to correct the mistake; again all done through their instant chat support. In other word, I received outstanding customer service with Vanan, highly recommended."

"Very professional and patient. I highly recommend their services. My agent, Sheldon Stuart stayed online with me until I could verify exactly what I needed to submit, and any problems with the translation were understood. Their service in 2 days to my home was especially appreciated."

"Very smooth and professional experience - I needed my paperwork translated and notarized on pretty much no notice at all, and they delivered. Their prices for that kind of work are fairly steep, but it was worth it for me to get the work done right on the first try and under a tight deadline."

"Very friendly, professional and affordable and helps give accurate quotes quickly."

Birth certificate translation services

A birth certificate is not a mere paper with basic details but it’s a legal document to prove your identity! These documents are what you need in the first place when you are planning to migrate. No matter what your purpose of immigration is, your birth certificate will be the first document that requires translation. Since you don’t want to fail in the initial step, we recommend that you partner with a professional birth certificate translation service. This ensures that your translated version is certified and will be accepted by the authorities of your target country.

Wondering when you would require birth certificate translation?

The first answer that pops in your mind will be immigration. But did you know there are several other purposes where you would need your translated birth certificates? Some of them being, applying for a driver’s license and passport, registering in a school or university, applying for social benefits, etc. in a foreign country. We provide you with accurate and quality birth certificate translations with reasonable price, regardless of the urgency.

Planning to immigrate anytime soon? Get your birth certificate translated now!

We can ease out your immigration procedures by offering fast and precise certified translation services. Since your birth certificate marks your identity, it is one of the primary documents that require translation. We offer a 100% valid birth certificate translation services to help you navigate through the immigration process. What are you waiting for? Reach out to us now, we are available 24/7 and will never miss out on your queries/requests.

Notarized Translation Services with Guaranteed USCIS Acceptance

There are specific requirements for each country when it comes to birth certificate translations. If you are planning to immigrate to the US, notarized translations are specifically demanded for the legal verification of your documents. We provide both notarized and certified translation services that are approved by USCIS. Our team of professional translators guarantee high quality and secure translation of your birth certificates.

Birth Certificate Translation Services at Convenient Locations in and around the US

Relying on an online translation tool is always not recommended owing to its inaccuracy which in turn can negatively impact your immigration process. You can avail our premium translation services from any corner of the world. We have marked our presence in all the prime locations in the US such as New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose, Houston, Chicago, San Diego, Phoenix, Miami, Dallas etc. Now that you know whom to connect with, you are already one step ahead of your immigration process.

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Birth Certificate Translation - USCIS Approved

USCIS is the official governing body that administers the lawful immigration system of the US. As of 2018, USCIS has granted over 1.1 million lawful permanent residence. We are proud to have assisted one-fourth of those successful applicants in getting their birth certificate translated with USCIS.

Get your birth certificate translation notarized

Notarization is the official fraud-deterrent process, wherein a ‘Notary Public’ assures that a document is genuine and can be trusted. Being an official document used for immigration procedures, birth certificates often require notarized translation. A notary is not a translator and hence will only authenticate the certification and the signature of the certified translator. Are you wondering if you need a notarized or certified translation? Either be the case, we have got you covered.

Certified birth certificate translation

Legal documents that are needed for official correspondence with government departments require certified translation. This is to ensure the authenticity of the document in the target language. As a certified translation company, we translate various certificates such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, and graduation certificates with unmatched quality and high-level precision.

Certified birth certificate translation

Where To Get Baptism Certificate Translation Services

Translation of baptism certificate would be a great tool for earning knowledge about someone’s personal history and genealogy. Baptism certificate contains details of a person’s life that will be hard to find elsewhere. It is a record of an individual stating the place and date when he/she was baptized in a church.

Translation for baptism certificate is available at Click For Translation. You can hire our baptism translation services online by connecting to our customer support professionals. We offer baptism translation in more than 100 languages with the same top-notch quality, high accuracy, reasonable prices, and quick delivery.

You can approach our services to translate baptism certificate to German or other European languages, along with Asian languages, and can also translate baptismal certificate to Afrikaans and other African languages as well.

Birth Certificate Translation to Spanish

Birth certificate translation from any source language to Spanish must be done with utmost precision and clarity. Every component in your birth certificate is vital and sensitive and thus even the smallest error can lead to the rejection of your application. Our native Spanish translators ensure that the translated Spanish birth certificate will be a replica of the original, without missing any crucial elements.

Birth Certificate Translation to English

With 52 million native speakers, Spanish is the most widely translated language in the United States. Owing to the high Hispanic immigration rate, our team of professionals realize the significance of birth certificate translation to English. We strictly adhere to the deadlines and ensure an error-free translation of your birth certificates.

Important uses of Birth certificate translation services

Birth certificate is an important document that is required for many instances. Whether it has to do with School enrollment, driver’s license, social services or social security, Medicaid, etc, birth certificates provided by birth certificate translation services can give you 100% quality and 98% accuracy.

Other reasons why you need to get your birth certificates precisely translated is for proof of relationship with parents, child support services, inheritance, and eligibility for benefits. It could also be helpful when you apply for passports, marriage license or when you want to acquire new bank accounts & financial aids.

Birth Certificate Translation
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