100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Translation Services in Los Angeles - Accurate & Affordable


You get the most secure and flawless Los Angeles translation services by certified native translators at the best prices in over 100 languages.

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Translation Services in Los Angeles in Multiple Languages by Professionals

Click For Translation is a reputed translation agency in Los Angeles offering fast translation services for all kinds of documents at affordable prices. Our team of professional translators offers excellent translation services in Los Angeles for official documents like, transcripts, product catalogs, PowerPoint presentations, email campaign, annual reports, income statements, business cards, Prospectuses and more.

As a trusted Los Angeles translation agency, we also provide audio translation for professional and personal documents. Upload your audio files, and we will send you the translated documents in your preferred format. Our native speakers can translate your documents into over 100 languages with 98% accuracy. We sign NDA agreements for your peace of mind.

Translation and localization services are the ideal tools to prepare your content for a foreign audience. We translate word by word, with keen attention to grammar, punctuation, connotations, and meanings.

Being one of the trusted ATA members, we maintain 100% confidentiality and client satisfaction with our translation services. You can avail our rush and super rush delivery services for an urgent translation of documents. We can help you with small and bulk projects by meeting your deadlines.

Contact us today to get translation services from certified translators anywhere in the city.

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Business Translation Services in Los Angeles, California

Reaching globalization is the aim of every business regardless of the industry. Our translation solutions can assist you in achieving that goal. Right from translating the marketing content, to translating the website to translating legal documents, we are here to assist you with our services. The translation solutions offered by us are accurate to impress the audience. We offer our business translation services to many industries in the city of Los Angeles. Translation has the power to convert local audience into your clients and keeping this in mind we offer our services to various business documents such as: manuals, handbooks, plans, statements, contracts, invoices, etc. We have rush and super rush delivery options for your urgent requirements. For example, there is ‘same day’ delivery for varied kinds of professional translation services.

Technical Translation Services for Aerospace Industry

No matter if you belong to a public firm or private one, not matter you produce commercial or military aircrafts, we have the expertise to take care of all your translation needs and thus offer localization solutions. We are a technical translation service provider that covers a wide range of technical documents like airline operation manuals, safety manuals, training material, technical drawings, reports, user guides, data sheets, reports, research and science, etc.

Translation Services in Los Angeles

Legal Translation Services in Los Angeles

The legal industry always requires secure, confidential and accurate services. Notarized documents may also be required for some official usages by this industry. Legal documents that we provide our legal translation services are: patents, summons, wills / deeds, court documents, confidentiality agreement, license, litigation, leases, contracts, immigration document, legal marketing, arbitration, foreign legal text, witness statement / deposition, etc. We take care of your witness recordings and courtroom recordings as well with our audio translation.

Certified Translation Services in Los Angeles

We are a translation agency in Los Angeles, California, that has a team of certified translators who are also experienced enough to deal with various challenges coming their way while translating your certified documents such as adoption papers, diploma certificates, sworns, death certificates, divorce certificates, degree certificates, decrees, passport, marriage certificates, official identity proofs, etc. Besides providing effective birth certificate translation services, we also support USCIS translation for various related documents for immigration, visa or citizenship processes with 24 Hour delivery option.

Others Industries Served By Us in Los Angeles

Certified Translation Agency in Los Angeles

Our services are not limited to the above-mentioned industries. We have subject matter experts for other industries like Financial, Insurance and Banking, Marketing & Advertisement, Technical, Medical, etc. We also have academic translation services to assist academic institutions and students. We have a great list of documents being covered under our services.

Multilingual Translation Services in Los Angeles, California

We cater our services for individuals having different native languages. Our translation company is known for offering great quality multilingual translation services, in 100+ languages, at affordable rates Our translation office in Los Angeles offer these services with customized language combinations. We are a language based company and thus we deals with many languages for all the industries. A few of these languages are:

A few language combinations offered by us include Spanish to English, Chinese to English, French to English, Vietnamese to English, German to English, English to Japanese, English to German and so on.

Los Angeles’s Certified Spanish Translation Services

The United States has more than 53 million Spanish speakers out of which 41 million are native speakers. Los Angeles, is a city where the Spanish language is quite popular and is widely used by the individuals. The city also has a great number of populations speaking Spanish. This has increased the requirement for certified Spanish translation services because of the various individuals and industries coming to the city and they want to target the entire audience regardless of their language. The demand for Spanish to English Translation Services are increasing rapidly in California.

Economy and Los Angeles’s Translation Services

Los Angeles is situated in the south of the United States. The city is world famous because of Hollywood and the entertainment industry. It is the financial, cultural and commercial center of the California state. Entertainment is the basic industry responsible for the good economy of the city. Besides entertainment, other industries that are blooming in LA include aerospace, tourism, technology, IT and trade and logistics.

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