100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Smooth Your Immigration Process with USCIS Translation Services


Get accurate USCIS translation services for all your documents with our certified translators. Fast turnaround times, competitive pricing, and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Chat with us right away to easily get through the immigration process.

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Looking for professional USCIS certified translation services?

Click For Translation is a reputed provider of professional USCIS certified translation services. Enjoy our affordable translation services with prices starting from $0.10 per word for documents and $25 per page for vital documents. Contact us at 1-800-230-7918 to get a free quote. We have a track record of successfully delivering exceptional USCIS translations to clients around the globe. Whether you want certified birth certificate translation or legal documents translation near me, we are a one-stop destination for all your USCIS translation needs.

Our professional translators at Click For Translation understand the growing demand for USCIS translation services. We have a team of highly knowledgeable and seasoned translators with translator's certification who are committed to offering top-notch USCIS certified translation to clients. We focus on every minute detail and deliver accurate translations.

Approved Visa Application

USCIS is the acronym for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. It is the authority that administers the immigration system of the United States. Hundreds of people from different parts of the globe relocate or immigrate to the United States for job or study purposes.

No matter why you are immigrating to the United States, you need to provide all your vital documents to the USCIS along with your application. However, your documents are not in the English language; there are chances of rejection of your application. Therefore, you will require USCIS certified translations.

High-Quality USCIS Certified Translation

Click For Translation has earned a great reputation for providing unmatched quality USCIS translation solutions to global clients. For any enquiry, please don’t hesitate to call 1-800-230-7918. As a renowned USCIS translation service provider, quality is a top priority for us. We give our best in order to ensure the delivery of the highest quality immigration documents translation.

We collaborate with our global clients to understand their exact USCIS document translation needs. Our seasoned professionals focus on meeting the specific needs of the clients. With our high accuracy, we guarantee 100% satisfaction to the clients.

Our native translators at Click For Translation are well-versed in the nuances of translating foreign language documents. We carefully translate the official documents word by word to ensure USCIS acceptance. As a 100% human translation company, we offer flawless USCIS translations to clients.

USCIS Translation Requirements for Immigration Documents

Get all your USCIS translation requirements at Click For Translation. When applying for immigration, getting USCIS certified translations is highly important. It is vital in order to meet the USCIS translation requirements. USCIS require certified translation only for citizenship and immigration services.

The organization only accepts all the documents that have been properly translated as per the specific requirements. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind the standards, rules, and guidelines of USCIS.

Quality and accuracy are a top priority for the organization. Translating the documents with utmost attention becomes all the more important.

Why Hire the Professional USCIS Certified Translation?

Are you wondering why to hire a professional USCIS certified translation agency? Hundreds of people choose the United States as the destination for exploring new job opportunities or pursuing higher educational degrees. For this, they require certified translation services to translate their important documents into the English language.

Many immigrants consider translating their own documents themselves. However, translating own birth certificate or other documents can increase the chances of rejection. It is because individuals may not have the proficiency in translating the documents like the professional translator.

Moreover, the USCIS considers the documents to be official only when they are accompanied by accuracy certifications from the certified agencies. Click For Translation is a leading translation agency that can provide you with USCIS translation certification to prove the genuineness of your translated documents.

What Document Translations are Needed by USCIS?

If you are new to the immigration process, there is a chance as to what documents need to be translated for the USCIS. Here are some of the major documents that will require translation into the English language.

✔️ Birth Certificates

Birth certificates are an important document that will require official translation for submission to the USCIS. Birth certificates provide basic data to the USCIS authorities about the immigrants. A minute error in birth certification translation can result in the cancellation of the immigration application, thereby increasing the need for USCIS certified translators.

✔️ Academic Documents

Diploma and degree certificates need to be provided during the immigration process. As a reputed USCIS translation provider, we offer complete and accurate translations of academic certificates.

✔️ Marital Status certificates

Providing proof of your marital status is important to get United States citizenship and immigrate to the US. Marital status certificates include marriage certificates and divorce certificates. Make sure to hire the best USCIS translation service to translate your marriage and divorce certificates with accuracy.

✔️ Job Certificates

If you hold a work experience in your native country, you will have to give proof of that to USCIS. Hire a USCIS certified translator and translate your job certificate as per the USCIS requirements.

✔️ Death Certificates

Like birth certificates, the translation of the death certificates is also vital for immigration. It is important for the people who are immigrating with their family members. It is a part of the background check during immigration.

Our USCIS Document Translation

As a leading provider of USCIS document translation service, we offer a comprehensive range of services. We offer our services in accordance with the specific translation requirements of clients. Whether you want to translate your marriage certificate, birth certificate, or any legal document, we offer them all. Our services include:

  • Birth certificate translation services
  • Marriage certificate translation services
  • Legal documents translation services
  • Adoption papers translation services
  • Death certificate translation services
  • Formal statement translation services
  • Medical records translation services
  • Academic degrees and diplomas translation services
  • Passport translation services
  • Driver’s license translation services
  • Criminal records translation services
  • Tax returns translation services
  • Visa translation services
  • Vaccination records translation services
  • Mortgage application translation services
  • Asylum documents translation services

We offer a full English language translation service to clients worldwide. Our certified translation for USCIS aligns with the federal regulations and increases the chances of USCIS acceptance. The professional certified translator at Click For Translation ensures optimum accuracy of the translated document.

Businesses That Require Our USCIS Translation Solutions

We also translate documents for businesses that require USCIS translation solutions. We extend our services to businesses that offer immigration services or work with immigrants directly. We collaborate with the providers of immigration services and translate the foreign language documents effectively.

Businesses whom we provide our USCIS certified document translation services are:

  • International corporations
  • Immigration law firms
  • Schools and universities
  • Healthcare organizations
  • Banks

We focus on providing exceptional USCIS services to each of the businesses.

Multilingual USCIS Translation Services

We offer multilingual USCIS translation services over 100 languages & dialects covered. In addition to English language translation, we support various other foreign languages. Each translation is provided with a USCIS translation certificate or the translator’s certification to ensure the authenticity of the translated document.

Our professional translator can provide you with the translated document in multiple languages. We translate documents into Chinese, French, Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Malay, English, Greek, Arabic, and Korean.

Getting USCIS Certified Translations is Quick and Simple

It is quick & simple to get USCIS certified translations at Click For Translation. We have a systematic process to deliver our translations. In order to translate your foreign language documents, you will have to upload all your documents and place an order first. You will have to upload the original document to be translated.

Our certified translator will go through your document translation requirement and initiate the translation process. The seasoned translators at Click For Translation understand the requirements of citizenship and immigration services and offer professional service accordingly. The foreign language submitted then undergoes English translation.

All our certified translations are proofread by USCIS approved translators to ensure flawless services. The final step is the delivery of our certified translation services. We meet all the translation requirements of clients and deliver the certified translations in the desired format.

Email Correspondence Translation

Translated email correspondence is essential at times for the USCIS. We provide the best USCIS certified translation service and translate your emails accurately. We translate emails with optimum professionalism and accuracy.

While translating documents such as emails, we focus on protecting the privacy of your information. Our expert professionals leverage modern technologies in order to secure your information and avoid any unauthorized access. We are committed to providing reliable USCIS translation service.

USCIS approved translation for business letters & invitations

If you are immigrating to the United States for business purposes, you may have to submit the translated business letters & official invitations to the USCIS. Similarly, if you are immigrating to join a new job in the United States, you need to provide the official invitations of the organization to USCIS.

As a leading provider of certified translations, we have expertise in translating business letters and official invitations. Our USCIS approved translations of the business letters can ensure successful acceptance of your immigration application. You can always rely on our professional translations.

USCIS Affidavits Translation

Get fast USCIS affidavits translation at Click For Translation. After translation of your foreign language documents, we can offer you translation affidavits for the documents translated. It consists of the name of the authorized representative, the company’s official seal, and the accreditations and qualifications of the company. Moreover, it also contains the details of the certified document translation.

Our affidavits are USCIS approved and accepted globally. The translation affidavits prove that the document translations have been performed by the certified translators of Click For Translation. We ensure providing genuine certified English translation to the clients.

Budget-friendly USCIS Translations

At Click For Translation, we offer USCIS translation services at budget-friendly rates. Our certified translation cost is the lowest in the industry. The competitive prices of our certified translations enable us to become a preferred provider of USCIS translation services.

We translate legal documents for USCIS and ensure that all our clients are able to afford our services. While providing our services at reasonable prices, we make sure not to compromise on the quality. We offer the best quality translations at competitive prices.

Fast USCIS Translation Services

In order to accelerate your immigration, you would require fast translations for the USCIS. We at Click For Translation offer quick services to meet the urgent requirements of different clients. Our expert translators make sure to fulfill all the USCIS certified translation requirements while providing fast USCIS translation.

We value the time of every individual and focus on providing our translations at the earliest time possible. Our faster turnaround time increases the demand for our services.

Lifetime Guarantee of USCIS Translations

We offer each of our USCIS certified translations with a lifetime guarantee. We provide translations of the highest standard and ensure promising accuracy. Our translation experts make sure to provide flawless notarized translation for the United States citizenship and immigration services.

With every marriage certificate or birth certificate translated at Click For Translation, we offer a lifetime guarantee. We provide seamless customer services to delight our valuable clients.

Why Choose Our USCIS Translation?

  • High-quality translation for immigration services
  • Focus on meeting the all the requirements of clients
  • Faster turnaround time
  • Highly accurate translation
  • Cost-effective USCIS translation service
  • Round the clock availability
  • 100% Human Translators
  • Free Certificate of Translation
  • ISO 9001:2015 Standards
  • Supports all file formats
  • Starting from $0.10/word
  • Rush & Super Rush Services - Delivery in 24 Hours

Are you looking for flawless USCIS translation at the best price? If yes, get the document translation solutions of Click For Translation.

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