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We offer services in more than 100 languages, ensuring confidentiality and affordability for every project. We connect you with native translators who specialize in various industries, providing reliable and timely translations.
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Inclusion of Business Translation Services in Atlanta, Georgia

Whether your need translations in Telecommunication, Manufacturing, or Media services, Click For Translation is your best bet for business translation. Our services start at $0.10/word for translating standard documents, $25/page for vital documents, and $7.00/minute for audio translation. For support, phone (678) 264-3659. We provide steadfast one day translation services for various important industries that can help you localize your content to the end user. We help in enhancing your content and create an effortless drift. Are you visiting the World of Coca-Cola, we are 0.5 miles away.

Atlanta Legal Translation Services

Whether you are a law firm or a legalised office, you need to have valid documents that are translated in order to pass the legal terms. Acquiring 24 hour professional translation services will help authenticating your legal firm with evidence that may come in handy for your cases. These can be useful for immigrants, visas, summons, trials, patents, will, copyrights, attorney declarations, etc.

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Monday to Friday, 8 AM – 6 PM

Our online support is available 24/7. For quick assistant, click the button below.

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Satisfied customer receives translated technical document, showcases quality & affordability of service in Atlanta.

Atlanta's Cheap Technical Translation Services

To create a clear understanding and to avoid any kind of mishaps, technical documents need to be translated in native language. It helps workers check for technical jargon and work accordingly. Technical translation services are needed for manuals, user guides, safety instructions, protocol documents, etc. What more is that, one can completely rely on our services; for, they are not only hassle-free, accurate and of top-notch quality but also come at cheap prices.

Focused person translates document, demonstrating precise academic translation services in Atlanta.

Atlanta's Academic Translation Services

Getting your diploma translated to pursue higher education is one of the most important decisions to be taken. At Click For Translation, our well-versed and experienced experts provide highly effective and accurate academic translation services for seminars, research papers, journal articles, textbooks, class lectures, admission documents, degree certificates, resume, webinars, and so on. As a matter of fact, we are considered to be the best among other translation service providing companies in Atlanta, since we offer highly affordable academic translations.

Other Document Translation Services in Atlanta

We provide translations for documents in various industries. Whether it has to do with document translation, audio translation or video translation, our competency is 100% and we monitor a two level accuracy check. We also offer translations in industries such as:

Healthcare: We translate documents such as clinical trial, patient information, drug prescription etc

Finance: We translate documents such as Balance sheets, insurance policy, equity research etc

Marketing: We translate documents such as business card, product catalog, company brochure etc

Diverse team of industry translators working together in Atlanta office for accuracy and security.

Atlanta -Demographics & Industries

Atlanta is a thriving transport, trade, manufacturing, educational, healthcare, employment, and cargo hub of Georgia, accessible via rail, road, air, and sea. The Clark Atlanta, Oglethorpe, and Georgia State Universities, the historical Spelman and other colleges, many health centers, several SMEs, and established companies such as Delta Airlines, Coca-Cola, IBM, and others, offer an excellent array of job and educational opportunities for Americans and immigrants.

The major attractions in Atlanta are the State Capitol building, the Woodruff's Art Center, the Jimmy Carter Library and Museum, and other exciting annual events.

If you are a foreigner looking to study, work, or live in Atlanta and your original educational, personal, legal, medical, travel, or immigration documents are not in English, do not be disappointed.

We, at Click For Translation, work with a vast team of certified translators to offer highly accurate, secure, and affordable multilingual translation services in Atlanta. Our certified document translation services will clear the scrutiny of educational, legal, and corporate establishments. We guarantee USCIS approval for our certified translation of immigration papers.

Get a free quote for Atlanta translation services. Get translations done by accredited translators. Our office is just 3.2 miles away from Atlanta Botanical Garden.

Multilingual Atlanta Translation Services

We have a translation office in Atlanta and many other cities that concentrates on providing language specific translations. It is a mix of technology and language pairs such as German to English, Italian to English, Vietnamese to English, English to Russian, English to French, Chinese to English.

Our 100+ language services also concentrate on providing complex accurate language translations in Urdu, Chinese, Polish, Italian, Tagalog, Arabic, Russian, Greek, Hindi, Mandarin, Portuguese, Japanese, German, Korean, Spanish, French and more.

Notarized and USCIS Certified Spanish Translation Services in Atlanta

Spanish is quite a well known language in the whole of US with easily 5.6 million citizens. The advent of the language has bought a wide range of business to spotlight making translation an important need to the market. Hence, we provide notarized Spanish to English translation services with speedy delivery, multilingual support and accurate content.

Multicultural translation team works together in office, serving diverse languages and cultures in Atlanta.
A businessman hold his business document which is translated in his native language in Atlanta.

The Market and Business Innovation in Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta known for being the most valuable and populous city of the US has beautiful landscapes and tourist places to visit. Atlanta's economy and financial system is deemed to be diverse, with major sectors that include transportation, logistics, aerospace and media operations. Nicknamed the ‘City In A Forest’, the beauty of Atlanta is seen in its Downtown Skyline, CNN Centre, Piedmont Park, Swan House and more.

Unquestionably it is an intercontinental core for diversity, culture, economy and technology fused with other sectors. We have identified the essence of the city and have incorporated translations to make your work easier in the business market. This will help your business in localising its brand and provide focus on the end user’s necessities.

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Seeking for USCIS and Certified translation Services in Atlanta?

Our translation office in Atlanta delivers one day translations that are appropriate for business and individual customers. We have designated native translators who provide industry-based content in several languages. We aid in globalising your business by providing fast, quick and rush and super rush business documents that are needed for the growth of your company.

Apart from that, we certify and translate birth, marriage, divorce and other personal documents. Our native translators work tirelessly to achieve the best for you and your business through our certified translation services

A smiling client receives a certified translation from a skilled native professional, in Atlanta
A team of professionals conducting quality check and proofreading of translated documents in Atlanta.

Why Choose Accurate Translation Services in Atlanta?

We are an ISO standard complaint agency that focuses only on two main things. One is customer satisfaction where we offer a variety of discounts and free quote. Two is the secured payment mode where customers can have the freedom to believe that we put confidentiality before anything with our NDA feature.

We are 100% confidential with your files and give great two level quality and proofreading check. Our native translators are industry experts with great expertise in subject matter. We also provide Birth certificate translation services and video/audio translation services in just 24 hours. Visit us in our office which is 3 miles away from Piedmont Park.

Our Focus for Atlanta Translation Services

We have a translation office in Atlanta that serves customers to provide an economic boost to your business and bring about a considerable amount of growth with our translation services in San Francisco, California. Our cheap and affordable services are available in Ann arbor, Ohio, Texas, Ames, Illinois, Corvallis, New York, Atlanta, Lexington, San Diego, Washington DC, Cambridge, Charlotte, Columbia, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Memphis, Miami, Baltimore, Orlando, Tampa, more in US.

Our translation agency in Atlanta don’t just stop with translation services. We also provide:

arrow Transcription Services
arrow Captioning Services & Subtitling Services
arrow Video Editing Services
arrow Voice over Services
arrow Media accessibility Services
arrow Typing and so on at affordable price
Team of translators in Atlanta office providing translation service.

Exploring Atlanta: A Translation to Its Vibrant Locale

Atlanta, Georgia, embodies a dynamic fusion of history, culture, and modern sophistication. As the capital and the largest city in Georgia, it anchors the southeastern United States as a principal hub of trade and transportation. The city's origin as a railroad terminus in 1837 highlights its long-standing role as a gateway connecting the Blue Ridge Mountains to the broader region. Atlanta's profound historical significance is further accentuated by its pivotal role during the American Civil War, where it served as a crucial Confederate supply depot. Today, this vibrant city is not only a testament to its resilient past but also a beacon of progress and diversity. Atlanta invites visitors and residents alike to experience its rich heritage, bustling economic landscape, and thriving cultural scene, making it a compelling destination for anyone looking to translate their life to a dynamic urban setting.

How to Find Us?

You will find our office in 101 Marietta St NW #130, Atlanta, GA 30303, USA .
Tel: (678) 264-3659
Nearby places
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I translate a document in Atlanta?
You can get your document translated accurately from Click For Translation’s translation services in Atlanta. The agency has over 800+ native language experts and translators, who promise excellent quality document translation services for 100+ languages.
Can I translate my own marriage certificate in Atlanta?
You may hamper the quality and accuracy in the process of translating your marriage certificate on your own. Hiring a translation agency in and around Atlanta would be ideal to get a correct translation.
What documents can I notarize in Atlanta?
You can get documents such as certificates, professional dossiers, degree and diploma papers, notarized from professional document translation services in Atlanta.
Is there a way to translate audio in Atlanta?
Yes. With the support of online agencies like Click For Translation, you can get your audio translated in Atlanta quick and accurate. The company has a wide network of translators in house and gives audio translation services in Atlanta and nearby cities at affordable rates.
Who can translate legal documents for USCIS in Atlanta?
Legal documents for the USCIS is translated by Click For Translation’s professionals in Atlanta. More than 800 linguists and technical translators ensure, that a document is translated, in compliance with the guidelines normed by the USCIS in and around Atlanta.
What is the nearest public transportation to your location?
Marietta St NW & Ted Turner Dr and Spring St + Luckie St are the nearest public transportation to our location.
What are the hours of operation?
We are open Monday to Friday from 8 AM – 6 PM.
What is the nearest tramp stop to Marietta St?
Luckie at Cone is the nearest tramp stop to Marietta St.
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