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Video Translation Services That Get Your Content Noticed

Hire Click For Translation for professional end-to-end business video translation services that get your content noticed globally. Our prices start at $7 per minute. Get your free quote today by calling 1-800-230-7918.

Video content is king online. It is the most powerful asset brands can utilize today in international marketing, product training, customer acquisition, customer self-learning, and technical support.

Expert linguist working on a video translation to help get the content noticed globally.

With most digital viewers preferring visual content when exploring and making purchases, any brand targeting an international audience can’t afford to operate without professional video translation services. This is why you need Click For Translation in your corner.

We Provide Expert Video Translations for All Industries

We have the expertise to translate videos for sectors like entertainment, media, Academic, Legal, eCommerce, Business, healthcare, etc.

Whether the content is crafted for your website, eLearning program, or social media, trust our veterans to translate and adapt it to your target audiences’ culture with quality and accuracy. We can handle 100+ languages like Spanish, Arabic, French, Chinese, German and more, and dialects.

The most common types of videos we translate include:

A team of expert video translators at Click For Translation.
  • Knowledge-based videos
  • Customer onboarding videos
  • Customer testimonials
  • Product videos
  • Support videos
  • Creative content
  • eLearning videos
  • TV video advertising
  • Films/ Series
  • Marketing videos, etc.

You have invested much of your time and money creating the content, let us take the translation hustle from you. We guarantee best-in-class translation solutions that win you international viewership. Contact us today!

Audio Video Translation Services with Quality Assurance

Do you need certified audio video translations with quality assurance to help you engage with a global audience successfully? Your search ends here.

Powered by industry-leading innovations, Click For Translation has a reputation for helping clients appeal to larger international audiences with high-quality multilingual videos crafted with professionalism in a cost-effective manner.

Native linguist in an office editing an audio video translation for quality assurance.

Our talent pool comprises the best native professional linguists globally, adept in both source and target language, and experts in varied fields of specialization.

Try us today. Our friendly support team is available to you 24/7.

End-to-End Audio Video Translation Solutions We Provide

Whether the source video is in Spanish, French, Japanese, Arabic, German, Russian, Korean, Italian, or any other major language, we provide end-to-end support.

Being a premier ISO 9001:2015 Standards company, we pass each translated video and transcript through rigorous video editing and proofreading processes for accuracy and quality assurance. The translated transcripts are matched with the time codes to perfect synchronicity.

A team of audio video translators providing end to end services.

Send your video & audio file via email, upload them on our online portal, or share their link (from YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, etc.) for an instant, customized quote.

Professional Video Subtitling Services with a Personal Touch

Subtitles are one of the fastest and most effective ways of translating content to reach as many people as possible. With over 6,000 languages spoken globally, translated subtitles will help improve the viewing experience, generate better brand visibility, and reach hard-of-hearing audiences.

With subtitles, brands can bridge the language barrier and communicate with audiences over all countries like US, UK, Asia and more, spreading their brand and message to everyone who matters.

 A team of three video subtitlers working on a project.

Choose us; we promise to handle your project with professionalism, quality, and timely delivery with guaranteed 100% Satisfaction.

Are There Benefits to Translating Your Video Professionally?

Yes, there are numerous benefits to translating your video and audio files professionally. Language is a critical part of human connection, and if you aren’t able to engage your target audience in their language, it can be more or less like communicating with a wall. So, consider incorporating multilingual translations into your expansion strategies if you are a digital marketer, social media manager, researcher, or movie producer.

Here is why:

Professional video translators translating a video content.

✓ Translation helps get your content understood beyond your geographical area, unlocking new markets for your brand.

✓ Adapting your content to the target customer’s language and culture helps improve customer confidence, thus increasing sales.

✓ Translating your video into multiple languages helps drive international SEO, organically improving your rankings on search engines.

Choose Us for Video Translation; We Are the Industry Experts

Choose Click For Translation, the language industry experts for your video translation needs.

✓ When you delegate video and audio file translation to us, we guarantee you the finest translation quality, localized to align with the cultural values of the target audience for greater success.

Three video translation experts posing for a team photo in the office.

✓ Our services are reliable, secure, and cost-effective with a quick turnaround time. We are flexible enough to offer rush/super rush service options, 24/7, and help you meet those urgent translation requirements.

✓ We work with native linguists, fluent in both source and target language to guarantee precise, high-quality translations with 99% accuracy.

✓ Click For Translation is a member of the ATA, working with ATA-Certified professionals to deliver flawless translations with 100% acceptability in any industry.

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