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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Translation Services


Hire our translation agency for accurate & certified translations by native translators in over 100 languages at the most affordable prices.

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Translation Services

Translation Services have been in demand in the market for quite a long period of time. The language service providers providing the services are the organizations offering various types of language translation services. Translation services generally comprise translation, interpretation services, language technologies, and others.

In the language translation services, interpretation services can be explained as the assistance of conveying between uses of various languages encircling both spoken and written communication.

Translation Services

Why translation services?

Translation is a medium of communicating from one language to the other. With increasing users outreach, the extent of language translations is rapidly growing, fulfilling the needs of customers. With time it has been found that numerous companies have been using translation services for providing national and overseas clients.

Translation services provide their multilingual services to various industries like the e-commerce, travel, leisure, hospitality media, publishing & entertainment, mobile & video games, marketing, SEO & advertising, technology & software, business & legal, medical and others. All these services are provided through human translation services.

Language Service Provider– How We Work

Click For Translation is an organization that offers services related to translations in various sectors. There are various types of translation service providers who are selling out different types of services to customers. We believe that anything that has human touch is always special compared to machines.

Thus, we believe in providing human translation service. This means the translation we provide to you is done by trained professionals who are well versed with both the languages or dialects i.e. the source language as well as the target language. When humans are helping with the translations the accuracy level achieved is maximum. 

When a human is reading a text it is not only the text he or she is reading, it is beyond that. Human understands the tone used in the text, the intentions behind the text, and the requirement of the text as well. We put an emphasis on the native translators. This helps you in giving the right approach. Our services are at an affordable cost with support 24x7.

Also, our services are very quick so that you can get your work done instantly. Our payment portal is safe and secured and all the information you share with us is absolutely secured. So, you can sit back and relax after you hand over your work to us.


What translation services do we provide?

Energy, Oil, and Gas Translation - We have skilled professionals who are well versed with the terms used in the energy, oil, and gas industries. With this kind of translation services you will not only get the best translation services but also all your information will be safe and secured. We understand the importance of this industry thus we provide instant services just at your fingertips.

Legal Translation - Our team of efficient translators will help you in translating your business and legal transcripts. All your legal documents are translated by human translators. With confidentiality, accuracy, and precision our professionally trained translators make your job done on time. And allowing you to meet your own deadlines.

Financial Translation - Starting from your real estate proposals to your bank statements we are able to provide you the best of services regarding the complex financial translation you need. Also, you can trust us on providing global currencies, financial graphs and charts, and other relevant things are converted with accuracy as dictated by financial institutions.

Medical and Life Sciences - Starting from the patients, doctors, nurses, pharmaceutical companies, insurance agencies, and hospitals will be highly benefited by the accurate services of translation provided by us. All our translators are highly skilled and have proper medical experience. Thus, all the documents are translated with proper detailing. We also take into account the confidentiality of laws.

Game Translation - Out translators understand your requirements while keeping your passion for games also. Our translators are always there to help you with proper character voice-overs to instructions manual and help information. The translation service providers give you the real-life experience from start to end. Thus, giving you the platform of global games.

Human Resource Translation - For HR, communicating with an employee in their native tongue is vital. If the organization is multi-national then it is all the more important. We work very closely with the HR teams to create the all-important communication documents and contents. Be it a benefits manual, or a job description, or even a recruiting material, we always ensures that the message is translated and transferred crystal clear.

Marketing Translation - Marketing materials are not just straightforward messages, they are very important communications that may contain emotions. While translating marketing material, preserving the intended meaning of the content is very important. It should be noted that such translations should be adapted to the local culture. Understanding the local nuances can make or break a campaign. We employ native professional translators for translating such marketing materials.

eLearning Translation - Internet technology has changed the conventional way of learning and brought about the eLearning revolution. Be it scripts for videos, test contents, course contents, or announcements, we have the right combination of native professionalism and culture to localize your educational programs. Bring it to the global reach.

Certified Translation - We also offer services in certified translations. Thus, enabling the documents to be used for any type of formal procedure. Our translators take the responsibility of delivering the work with accuracy.

Multilingual Translation - We have language translation service in various languages like French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Italian, Chinese, Italian, Russian, and many others. You can trust us as we have native translators who will understand and deliver the work with efficiency.

Language Localization - At times, it has been observed that even an individual who speaks the same language sometimes communicates differently. So, keeping this in account, our translators deliver the right meaning intended to your requirement and chosen audience. This can be achieved only with people who are used to the localized language. And our team comprises of such translators who will deliver the accurately translated document.

Spanish Translation - We have a devout team of English to Spanish and Spanish to English translators. Being native to the Spanish language, our translators are able to replicate the nuances in the contents in the exact same manner as the original, keeping the intended message intact.

Document Translation - We have a wide range of professional translation services that covers transcriptions and translations of various types of documents. Be it an abstract or a summary or any important document, all are available for translations to several languages.

Website Translation - You might also need a translator who will help your businesses in the international marketplace. At this juncture, we offer you the best translation services. It will help you to accommodate overseas employees and also to introduce them to the international market.

Apart from professional translation service, we also offer desktop publishing service and interpretation services to bridge the barrier in meetings, conferences, etc.

What should you look for in a translation agency?

  • A team of native translators
  • Industry experts
  • NDA for security & confidentiality
  • On-time deliveries
  • 98% accuracy
  • Rush & super rush services
  • Certified translations
  • Translations done by humans & not bots

Click For Translation meets all the above criteria that an ideal translation services company should have. We are very reliable and have worked on thousands of translations in more than 100 languages and dialects.

What is important in translation?
What should you look out for in a translation service provider?
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