100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Seattle Translation Services


Get the most accurate document translation services in Seattle by native translators in over 100 languages at competitive prices delivered within the specified time. Connect with us at

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Professional Document Translation Services in Seattle

Looking for professional assistance in regards to certified translation services? Then you have landed in the right place! Click for Translation is a translation company that focuses on processing translation of documents for both businesses and individuals. Enjoy our affordable translation services with prices starting from $0.10 per word for documents, $25 per page for vital documents, and audio translation at $7.00 per minute. Call us toll-free at 1-800-230-7918 for a free quotation. Our method is to enrich the world's trade and traverse to the international marketplace. We follow a thorough consultative approach where rigorous quality, and specific domain specialization is provided keeping localization in mind. We provide document translation services for birth, death, adoption papers, immigration and visa, police records, legal documents, medical files, advertising strategies, business files, diploma-academic documents, personal certificates and others.

We are an ISO standard company that delivers 24 Hour translations. Our focus is steered towards offering notarized and certified documents. While we are USCIS accepted, we have a good number of translators to provide same day birth certificate translation services. Our human powered native translators aid in globalizing your businesses and individuals with quick translation solutions.

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100% Confidentiality on Multi Industry Services in Seattle:

The technological dawn has given birth to language services and have provided terrific transformative ability from one source to target language. Being ahead of others, we offer accurate and professional translation services to business set ups who are thriving to showcase their prowess in the global set up. By following confidential procedures, we promise safe and secure translation services with fast, cheap and affordable prices for the industries including:

Legal Translation Services in Seattle:

Whether you are from a law firm or from an attorney general’s office, getting certified legal translation services is a must. Legal documents need translations mainly when they prove as an identification process in court proceedings or business law. We deliver accurate translations services of depositions, arbitration documents, litigations, articles of incorporation, complaints, decrees, affidavits, leases, wills, summons, law firm papers, marriage divorce, etc. That said, we offer quality legal translations in case evidence of videos and audios are demanded by the court.

Seattle Translation Services

Technical Translation Services:

Technical manuals and documents are supremely important in a technically bound company. Technical translation services aid translation in a neat and precise manner that will avoid any kind of system failure or damage while operating a technical equipment. Our native translators not only have a great knowhow on the languages, but also bring out their expertise in various industries. We behold fantastic quality over technical translations and in depth insight about the industry while translating reports, patents, data sheets, research and science, manuals, to-do instructions, product launch briefings, system protocols and so on.

Academic Translation Services:

From being a college student to a lecturer, academic translation requires you to translate and document for future use. Whether you are an academic supervisor or a group of students, academic translation services with notarized documents are of great help for professional translation. Acquiring transcript translations are the first step towards moving to a new country for education. We translate abstract, research papers and articles, school records, conference posters, journals, doctorate theses, course outlines, thesis dissertation, letter of enrollment, academic publications, diplomas, transcripts, resumes, webinars, seminars, projects, video/audio, degree translation etc.

Apart from this, we also cater to industries such as Healthcare, Financial, Banking, Marketing, Advertisement and so on.

Business Translation Services in Seattle:

translation services in Seattle

Business organizations have documents, meetings, calls and partnership with international clients which constantly needing translation in order to make it accessible to both the parties. While we concentrate on translating Business calls, Video conferences, Official documents, Meetings, Policies, MOMs etc, we also provide guidance in other document translations. Here are some more documents that we focus on: Manual & Handbooks, Catalog, Financial statements, Non-disclosure agreements, Employee & Shareholder agreements, Annual Reports. Companies might hence need business translation services as their key and integral part of their business activity.

Apart from this, we also cater to industries such as Healthcare, Financial, Banking, Marketing, Advertisement and so on.

Efficient Multilingual Translational Services in Seattle, Washington

Being a multilingual language service, we work with professionals who are skilled with specific language expertise. Whether it is Chinese to English, or French to English, we deliver translations to all language pairs at ease. We are quite adept to work with multiple languages while our native translators. We combine quality with experience and deliver utmost efficiency in translations worldwide.

All Inclusive Certified Spanish Translation Services

With Spanish and English being two famous most languages, it is been spoken by millions of individuals in the US. In just any industry, you need Spanish to English translations. We undoubtedly provide exclusive one day Spanish to English translations services in Seattle, where we provide secure payment mode and 100% quality service. Not only Spanish, we also concentrate on 100+ languages such as Mandarin, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Polish, Hindi, Tagalog, etc.

The Rise of Seattle

Seattle is a city of Puget sound that is surrounded with just water and islands. It is a centre and home to technological giants like Amazon and Microsoft. The global economic growth near Seattle, Washington abodes a gamut of business giants that create business dealings with international companies. Localization has become the key to sustain technological strategies. With an extensive knowledge and experience in the field of translation, we sure know how to get your business up and successfully running in Seattle.

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