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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Foreign Degree Translation Services

If you’re considering working as an expatriate or overseas, employers require credential evaluation and certification after translation by a recognized company. To speed up your credential evaluation by professional bodies, employee unions and university faculty equivalent, you should consider Foreign Degree Translation Services by a professional translator for accuracy, flawlessness and high-level quality standards.


To avoid glaring or hidden errors on your transcripts, degree certificate, certificate of graduation and professional practicing license, entrust a professional translator through a reliable companies. Although credential evaluation agencies and professional agencies necessitate may provide translation, bureaucracies can lead to delays on your applications.

Degree Translation Services UK

The UK is a touted as the world’s richest academic hub as its home to the most prestigious universities such as University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Imperial College London, and University of St Andrews. These institutions attract global students in huge numbers from all corners of the world. If your academic paperwork is not in English, you’ll have to seek Degree Translation Services UK to get smooth transition into UK schools.

Certified degree translation affirms accuracy from the face of the document giving it eligibility for submission before a wide variety of entities, including embassies, faculty committees or credit evaluators. An established translation company provides authoritative certification for your academic credentials through notary signature, affidavit and apostille legalization.

Your documents will also be proofread and formatted accordingly to capture unique institutional logo, watermark and the most microscopic details. Translating academic credentials often entails an officially-recognized company seal, authenticating the proficiency of the translator, accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Official Document Translation Services

When dealing with authorities such as judges, employers, school administrators or government officers, it’s highly imperative you get official document translation services as they can frown at even trivial errors. Find out the requirements laid down by the recipient body and pass on the instructions to your service provider. The most common personal documents certified include birth certificates, marriage certificates, nuptial covenants, wills, death certificate, driver’s license, and academic awards.

If you’re applying through embassies, immigration ministries and universities, official documents should adhere to a professional tone and formal semantic s. On the other hand, companies and other organizations require services to authenticate their materials for international formal correspondence with governments and key stakeholders.

Why choose us?

We are the epitome of experience and quality, combined and acting in performance, where one can openly depend upon us for all your needs and deeds for various areas like education, workforce, and other professional and legal degree certificates that are to be translated according to your purposes. We value words and we are thus valuing your file given to us. The satisfaction of our students, clients, and professionals are kept in mind and worked for the ultimate goal of perfection and standardization,

Remember that, Click For Translation will always remain as your first and best choice if your searching for a company that offers both reliability and professionalism of translating your degrees, under your budget.

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