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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


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Improve Brand Awareness With Localization Services

Localization is a process of adapting your content for the comprehension of regional/local audiences. So how does it differ from translation? To put it simply, it is a specialized translation of the content to the target language. While translation is the contextual conversion of the source language into the target language, localization aims to appeal to the cultural and regional preferences of the target audience. Localization is not a mere translation of linguistic elements rather it makes your content fit into the target market’s specifications. At Click For Translation, our qualified localization experts are working around the clock to provide professional services with high quality. To obtain a free quote, simply call 1-800-230-7918. Our services are not just limited to website localization, rather it’s extended to other services such as marketing, media, games and apps, software localization services, etc.

Our Localization Process Unveiled

The following chart illustrates the localization process being followed by our expert team at Click For Translation. We make sure that each project goes through this series of actions to ensure better accuracy and higher response rates from your potential customers.

Localization Services

Website Localization Service To Stay Ahead In The Competitive Marketplace

Nowadays, any popular brand will have a website that becomes the brand’s face that resonates with the brand value, unique selling point, features, services, etc. When you are addressing the global market, your customers can be from any part of the world. Given this scenario, what if your potential customers remain inactive due to the inability to comprehend the language used in the website. Hence, in this competitive world, it is highly essential to localize your webpage with the support of professional website localization services. This makes your website more accessible as the webpage content becomes comprehensive to the regional customers.

One of the major benefits of localizing your website is that it helps in increasing the revenues by inviting a wider range of audiences. We admit the fact that it is difficult to localize the website in all the known languages in the world. But, based on the type of business/domain you can localize your website to all the major languages. In addition, if your webpage is available in different languages, it boosts SEO and becomes easy to locate in the search results. For instance, if a person searches for your brand or product in his/her native language, Google search will pull up the result only if your webpage is available in that language. Therefore, once you have identified the languages relevant to your industry, you can approach our skilled team to localize your website so as to increase customer engagement.


Professional Software Localization Services

Similar to website localization, software localization will help your software to reach out to foreign customers. At Click for Translation, we offer accurate software localization services at affordable rates. If your software is available in multiple languages, it will enhance the market profit by increasing the number of potential customers. This process should be done only by professional linguists who have an IT background. Even a minor error in the software can affect its product functioning and can end up ruining the brand image. Hence, our multilingual experts at Click For Translation take extra care to check your content before the final delivery.

Go Digital – App Localization Services

If you want your mobile application to cross regional and linguistic borders, then it’s high time that you localize your app. App localization provides easy access to the users across the world. Click For Translation offers superior app localization services that meet the linguistic, cultural, and technical expectations of your multilingual audiences. If your app is available in multiple languages, it welcomes more users and hence more income!

Make Your Video Games More Accessible With Our Game Localization Services

The number of video game users are increasing day by day. On the other hand, video game brands are also increasing in number. So how will your brand stand out from the rest of the companies? The perfect solution would be localization! At Click For Translation, we specialize in game translation and localization services, ensuring your video game resonates with players across different cultures and regions. Our qualified team will customize the gaming experience to match the intended audience. If you want your brand to tap into the international market, then you have to offer different versions of the game that fits the interest of your target audience. It is also crucial to be aware of the censorship and other content related rules of the country that you are targeting. At Click For Translation, we offer video game localization services considering all the above-mentioned parameters.

Ensure Your Brand’s Global Presence With Content Localization Services

All of us are aware of the fact that content is king. But how is it possible to connect your global business to local clients. Here comes the need for content localization. Content is generally developed keeping in mind the language and cultural preferences of one country and may not be appealing to the customers in another country. The reason why localization of the content is a prerequisite to carry out successful marketing activities. No matter what industry you belong to, Click For Translation has all types of content localization services that helps in capturing the interest of your prospects and maintain professional correspondence.

Why Do You Need Media Localization Services?

In the current digital age, we live in, media has become an inevitable means to connect with your audience. But what if your audiences belong to different countries? Then it is essential to transform your media content in such a way that it meets the requirement of that particular region. Be it the subtitles or voice over for your media file, our skilled team of linguistic experts can provide high quality and accurate services without breaking the bank! We completely understand the need to get your media content as impactful as the original and hence offer media localization services keeping your target audience in mind.

Top Benefits Of Marketing Localization Services

Imagine you are sending out your marketing collateral only in English, what about your customers who speak a different language. It is high time that you globalize your marketing strategy as 90% of the internet users choose a native language when provided with the option for the same. This number highlights the need for marketing localization services. At Click For Translation, we take utmost care to deliver services without compromising the quality and efficiency of your marketing collateral. Localizing your marketing strategies is as crucial as localizing the marketing content because each region will respond to a specific marketing strategy. Only a professional localization service company can guarantee you quality-assured marketing localization.

Website And SEO Localization For Enhanced Brand Awareness

Simply a word for word website translation is inadequate to create an impact on your target audience. You need to transform your content into a message that is comprehensive for the target audience. This is because when you communicate in their native language, they tend to trust your business and will feel more comfortable. Moreover, website localization also boosts SEO and improves SERP ranking by making your website visible to local search engines. If you really want your business to penetrate into a new market, in addition to website localization, you need to implement SEO localization. This will allow more engagement rates, traffic, and conversions. At Click For Translation, we offer both website and SEO localization services that aids in increasing your brand awareness, reaching out to new customers, and hence high revenues.

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