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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Certified Translation Services


Solve all your translation needs with our certified translation company. Our team of professional native translators guarantee precision and value for money.

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Reliable Certified Translation Services - Quick & Secure

We can be your translation partner if you need certified translation services. Click For Translation provides certified services to businesses and individuals with the same professionalism. Our qualified and skilled translators take on every project enthusiastically and offer excellent results.

You can access our services in more than 100 languages for legal, medical, official, academic, and many other purposes.

Call us now to get accurately certified documents.

Top Quality Certified Translations Across All Sectors

A certified translation equips your translated document with an authenticity stamp. It signifies that the translation resonates with the original and has been performed by a qualified person. Certified translations may be required for travel, legal, official, medical, academic, and many other purposes.

In all such cases, Click For Translation is the best choice for affordable certified translations. Our accredited translation company has plenty of experience in the industry.

A certified translator working on important papers

We understand that the US immigration process can put you under stress. But with our professional translation services, we can help you to sail through the hassle. Certified translations offered by our company are 100% accepted by USCIS and various other international agencies and institutions.

Our ATA-certified translators can efficiently certify business contracts so your brand can successfully launch in international markets.

Get Credible Certified Documents With High Accuracy

The scope of our certified translation transcends documents of all kinds. Our high-quality translations are revered by businesses and individuals worldwide. We have linguistic experts with proficiency in many dialects. Thus, you can get linguistically accurate translations.

Students aspiring to study at international universities can get word-to-word certified translations of their academic certificate. We are happy to serve individuals requiring certification of marriage certificate, birth certificate, bank statements, etc.

A translation team working on certified translations

We at Click For Translation are determined to provide top-notch certified document translation services to our clients at affordable rates. We focus on catering to the growing demand for certified translations and ensuring optimum satisfaction of clients globally.

Are you in need of legal experts for your translations? We can simplify the process by certifying translated copies of court transcripts, divorce documents, legal contracts, etc. Our team members have experience in the legal field and are well versed in the guidelines.

Thus, you can trust that all our translations are accurate and per the legal and standard requirements.

We also have medical translators for certifying medical records like vaccination certificates, medical reports, etc. Thanks to our efficient team, we can swiftly handle high-volume and urgent orders.

Benefits of a Certified Translation by Professionals

The realm of certified translations is a complex one. But with the correct translation company, you can get the best services. Certified translations are a mandatory requirement for many purposes, and their importance cannot be emphasized enough. Firstly, a certified translation means the translated document is exactly like the original one. Thus, it establishes authenticity.

When you submit legal documents in another country, the certified stamp helps you meet the foreign country's regulatory requirements.

A certified translator assessing important papers

Most importantly, a certified paper becomes a legal record of your original instrument.

A certified document like a legal paper or transcript helps foreign authorities perceive your papers as accurate and a trustworthy evidence.

Count on us to provide certifications for your translated documents.

Choosing Certified vs. Notarized Translation Services

While notarized and certified translation both prove the instrument's authenticity, there are a few significant differences. A certified translation means that the translation must be done by a professionally qualified translator only. Besides, a certified translation is accompanied by a signed certificate confirming the same.

The signed confirmation must be provided with all the necessary information and credentials on the company's letterhead.

Image of business paper with a stamp

A notarized translation is also a certified translation with one key difference. The certification letter must be signed by the translator while a notary public is present to witness it. The notary then stamps and signs the certificate. Thus, the instrument becomes an affidavit and can be submitted for any purpose requiring such verification.

While certified translations are required for legal papers, notarization is requested by schools and universities for verification purposes. Students may have to submit notarized copies of various forms, academic transcripts, etc.

The Right Choice for Your Certified Translation Requirements

Excellent certified services, fast turnaround times, professional translations, and affordable prices are some of the critical features of our services. We are the most suited translation company if you need efficient certified translations. Our services cater to customers with diverse requirements.

You can hire our services for legal, academic, business, personal, travel, and other purposes. Our agency offers high-quality services with efficiency.

Professional translators with certified files

With us, all your personal and professional information will be 100% safe. We keep all client files confidential and secure by signing NDAs with our translators. Besides, we also protect our systems with SSL encryptions.

Our quick services can benefit you if you have any deadlines to meet. We can quickly process your requirement and deliver the result within the given timeline.

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