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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Certified Translation Services


Solve all your translation needs with our certified translation company. Our team of professional native translators guarantee precision and value for money.

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Professional Certified Translation Services

Click For Translation is a renowned translation company that provides impeccable certified translation services in over 100 languages. We deliver translations that meet the ISO 9001:2015 standards and guarantee the delivery of high-accuracy translations. We are committed to meeting the exact requirements of our valuable clients.

The growth of international commerce has increased the interaction of people worldwide. People keep traveling around the world for a number of reasons, including education, business, and medical. Translation services have become the ultimate solution to overcome the language barriers when moving to foreign countries.

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We understand the growing demand for certified translation services around the globe. We aim to serve the translation needs of businesses and individuals by providing them with unrivaled translation services in over 100 languages at affordable prices.

The Growing Need for Certified Translation Service Among People

Certified translations are the translated texts or documents that include a declaration from a professional translator confirming the completeness and authenticity of the translation. The translation certification that accompanies the translated document consists of the signature and name of the translator. It ensures that the translation is accurate and trustworthy.

Certified translations are required mainly for official purposes. Educational institutes and government offices require certified translations in most cases. Certified translations are also essential during immigration and legal proceedings.

We at Click For Translation are determined to provide top-notch certified document translation services to our clients at affordable rates. We focus on catering to the growing demand for certified translations and ensuring optimum satisfaction of clients globally.

Opt for Our Certified Translations from the Industry Experts

At Click For Translation, we have certified professional translators onboard who are part of the American Translators Association. We are very selective about our team and carefully verify the translator's qualifications while hiring. We only add a qualified translator to our team with ATA certification and extensive experience in the industry.

Our ATA-certified professional translators can provide clients with unmatched certified translation services. We have been in the industry for long years and are familiar with the nuances of the certified translation.

We focus on carefully translating each document word by word and providing highly accurate translations to our clients. Our experts work closely with clients to gain insights into their exact official needs. Accordingly, we translate the source/original document into the target language.

Our certified translator leaves no stone unturned to meet the specific translation requirements of the clients. Delivering high quality services and delighting the clients is the core objective of Click For Translation.

Certified Document Translation for Professional and Personal Use

As an ATA corporate member, we at Click For Translation provide our certified document translation solutions for professional and personal use. Our certified translator is proficient in translating all types of documents to meet the diverse requirements of different clients. We offer certified translation services for a variety of documents.

Our certified document translation service includes the following:

➢ Medical Documents

If you are planning to travel abroad, you will require submitting different medical documents. For this reason, you will need certified medical document translation services. As a reputed translation agency, we provide flawless certified translations for medical documents.

Some of the medical documents we can proficiently translate are prescriptions of patients, general medical reports, hospital reports, and more. Our qualified experts have a good understanding of the medical field and its terminologies. We ensure using the medical terms correctly to convey the true meaning of the medical documents.

➢ Legal Documents

The demand for certified translations is high in the legal sector. We, at Click For Translation, provide online certified translation services for legal papers. Our translators can efficiently translate a wide range of legal documents for our clients.

We can translate documents like contracts, deeds, and other important court papers. We are familiar with the different legal terms and ensure the delivery of the accurately translated document. We guarantee the acceptance of the legal documents translated by our professionals.

➢ Academic Documents

The number of students applying to foreign universities for higher education is increasing. Certified translations are often required by educational institutions when applying for foreign colleges and universities. We are determined to meet the academic document translation needs of the students worldwide.

We specialize in translating academic documents such as course and degree certificates, diplomas, and more. We assist the students in successfully getting admission into their dream universities and colleges. We carefully translate the academic documents and offer unmatched translation services to our valuable clients.

Irrespective of the college or university you want to enroll in, we are a one-stop platform for all your certified translation needs.

➢ Personal Documents

Click For Translation offers top-notch certified translations for personal documents. We are proficient in translating a wide range of personal documents like birth certificate, bank statements, marriage certificate, driver’s license, death certificates, and more. Our translators can translate some other personal documents like passports, identity cards, residence permits, and visas.

We can also translate company letterhead, business documents, and police records for our clients around the globe.

Reliable Certified Translation Services for USCIS

Today, more people are immigrating to the US in order to explore new job opportunities and pursue higher education. Irrespective of the purpose you are immigrating, it is vital to submit certified and translated documents for successful immigration purposes. Click For Translation is committed to assisting individuals during the immigration process.

We provide reliable certified translation services to our clients and ensure acceptance of the immigration application. USCIS is the regulatory authority that administers the immigration system in the US. Our expert translators are familiar with the requirements of USCIS and offer top-notch services to clients.

We ensure optimum security of the translated documents of our clients. All your documents will be handled by our authorized translators for translation purposes only. As a leading translation company, we leverage best-in-class technologies such as encryption to secure the sensitive information of our clients.

Notarized Translation Services for Professional Use

Notarization indicates that a notary public was involved in the document preparation. Notarized translations are vital in various situations where it is important to prove the accuracy and authenticity of the document’s translation.

We understand the growing need for reliable notarized translation services. We at Click For Translation offer unparalleled notarized translation services to our clients.

We provide our notarized translation services to industries such as legal and financial. We also offer notarized translation services for the translation of personal documents. We provide notarized translations for documents like marriage certificates, birth certificates, tax returns, business contracts, asset declarations, medical records, and academic diplomas.

We deliver our notarized translation services in a wide range of languages to meet the specific requirements of different clients. We focus on exceeding the expectations of our valuable clients with top-notch services.

Apostille Translations That You Can Rely On

Not every country requires a certified Apostille. However, the countries that are a member of the Hague convention of 1961 will require the certified Apostille. For all your certified Apostille requirement, Click For Translation is the name you can always trust.

At Click For Translation, we provide apostilled translation to global clients with quality assurance. With our apostille services, we validate all your documents for overseas use. Right from court orders to birth certificates, we can translate all types of documents into the desired foreign language.

Our professional translators can also certify a translation and validate it. If you want to move abroad for higher studies or business expansion, we can help. We can effectively authenticate all your official documents and make them fit for international use.

Multilingual Certified Translations

Click for Translation is a reputed translation agency that provides accurate certified translation services in over 100 languages. Whether you are looking for certified translation in French, Italian, or Spanish, we are the ultimate platform for all your translation needs. We can efficiently translate all types of documents into the desired language.

Some of the languages that we support include German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, French, English, and Arabic. Our translators are native speakers of the languages and can translate every document with high accuracy. Our language experts are familiar with the nuances of translating the documents and are committed to providing the best quality services to the clients.

All the translated documents are proofread by our expert linguist in order to identify any potential errors. We make sure to provide our clients with flawless certified translation services.

Certified Translation Service That Suits Every Budget

We at Click For Translation are popular among clients for delivering certified translation services and interpreting services at cost-effective prices. Our affordable rates differentiate us from our competitors and make us a preferred option among the clients. We offer high-quality translation services at very reasonable prices.

Whether you are considering the per-word cost or per page cost, our rates are the cheapest in the entire industry. Our translation costs for personal and official documents start at just $0.10 per word. We are very transparent about our pricing and do not have any hidden costs.

In order to know more about our translation costs, you can get a free quote from our professional translators. We ensure making our certified translation services readily available and easily affordable for all clients worldwide.

Fast Certified Translations for Urgent Translation Needs

In the fast-paced world, the business landscape is becoming more competitive. To reach out to the target audience ahead of their competitors, businesses require quick translation services. Moreover, fast certified translation services are important in order to submit all the official documents to the respective authorities on time.

We at Click For Translation are dedicated to delivering all the translation projects right on time. We provide super rush and rush certified translation services to meet the urgent translation needs of the clients. Our expert translators can translate your documents in 24 hours.

Irrespective of the document you want to translate, we can provide quick translation services. We are available 24/7 to offer seamless support to our clients and handle all their queries in the best possible way.

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