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We employ a network of certified linguists and French legal translators specifically trained in 'legalese' and well-versed in industry specific terminology


Our certified French translation services follow strict quality standards ensuring acceptance by all government agencies


Click For Translation is a French translation agency trusted by some of the world’s finest advertising firms for French translation and related business services


Technology companies depend on our network of language specialists that have vast experience working with technical French subject matter and terminology related to specific fields for professional French translation


In addition to Certified French translation of documents, we also offer a range of related business services for financial clients such as French regulatory compliance translation, minutes of meeting translation, training and support documents as well as French Brand Management Translation

Life Sciences

Our services cover specialized life sciences and medical translation. We have a vast team of certified French translation linguists with scientific and medical specialization. We cater to healthcare providers and marketers, payers, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and biotechnology companies

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Certified And Notarized French Translations

The translation of immigration and legal documents must be accurate in order to be accepted by government agencies, educational institutions and other entities. To ensure authenticity of the translation, many organizations require you to use certified and/or notarized translation services.

We are a French Translation company offering 100% acceptance rate with U.S. government agencies, the State Department and educational institutions. Whether you’re applying for employment, immigration with the USCIS or enrolling in school, you can trust that our certified French translation services will be accurate, accepted and provided in a timely manner.

At Click For Translation, we use the finest talent for performing Frech Translation Services. Our workforce possess native level proficiency in French Translation Services -- both for audio or documents. We train translators to exercise a keen attention to detail. This means all your files are dealt with great care and concern for maintaining accuracy. Native level proficiency also means the nuances of audio and document french translation services are never lost in the end product. For bulk orders, you can avail a free trial before we take on your project. We deliver peace of mind for our clients with our services.

If your document requires another level of certification, we offer notarization with our French translation services. Notarization indicates that the signing of a certified translation is witnessed by a notary public.

Customers choose Click For Translation for their certified French translation needs because of our fast turnaround, attractive prices and excellent customer service.


French to English Document Translation

Our network of skilled and certified French translation experts can translate French documents to English with unparalleled accuracy.

English to French Document Translation

To translate English documents to French, we use native language experts and offer competitive French translation rates for our clients.

French Localization

Spoken French differs from region to region and is greatly influenced by local customs and culture, historical linguistic evolution and the influence of any other languages spoken in that part of the world. When translating from English into French, our French Localization process takes all these elements into consideration. A similar kind of expertise and awareness is important when translating from French to English as well. This key aspect defines proficient and experienced French translators. We are a French translation agency employing Native Certified Translators for projects to ensure a high level of quality.

While looking for localization services, you could be hindered by searching for "French translation services near me" as that will likely yield only local companies without experience and expertise in French localization services. Choose us for exceptional standards in web-based translation services.

Vive le Français!

Pour traduire du français vers l'anglais (et vice versa), le traducteur doit faire preuve d’une compréhension profonde des nuances des deux langues. Il existe de nombreux dialectes anglais et français, ainsi que de cultures différentes qui parlent ces langues. Un bon traducteur adaptera toujours le texte à la langue et à la culture cibles afin de transmettre clairement le message du contenu écrit. Notre service de traduction en français emploie des personnes qui ne sont pas seulement des experts, mais également des experts dans des domaines techniques tels que le droit, la médecine et les affaires. Vanan Online Services est un traducteur professionnel, des éditeurs et des gestionnaires qui aiment leur travail.

Flavors of French

French is one of the most popular languages of the world. There are over 220 million francophones across the globe, and this number is only expected to increase. French holds official language status in 28 countries apart from France itself. Unsurprisingly, French Translation is one of our popular services. There are over 22 dialects of French with varying levels of popularity spoken today. Listed below are dialects of French that we have worked with in the past.

Contemporary Northern France has speakers of French Flemish (flamand français). Navarro-Lapurdian is a Basque dialect spoken in Lower Navarre and Labourd (Lapurdi) of France. Jersey Legal French (français de jersey) is used administratively in Jersey, a Crown dependency located near the coast of Normandy, France. Lorraine Franconian is the designation of dialects spoken in West Central Germany (Westmitteldeutsch). Belgian French(français de Belgique) is spoken among the French Community of Belgium. Swiss French (français de Suisse) is widely spoken in Switzerland, nearly 25% of the country’s population. Aostan French is a variety spoken in the Aosta Valley of Italy, where it has held official status since 1561, when it replaced Latin. We offer certified French translation services that will be accepted by governmental agencies in Europe.

Canada has several styles and flavors of Canadian French (français canadien) such as Acadian French and Quebec French. Newfoundland French (français terre-neuvien) is spoken by francophones on the “French shore? of Newfoundland. Louisiana Creole French (créole louisianais) is spoken mostly in the American state of Louisiana. Fewer than 10,000 people speak it, making this an endangered language. This should not be confused Louisiana French (français de la Louisiane) comprising varieties of French spoken traditionally in colonial Lower Louisiana, "Cajun French" is intended to imply the French spoken in Louisiana by descendants of Acadians. Our French Translation Services ensures acceptance across countries and cultures.

African French (français africain) is the name given to varieties of French spoken by about 120 million people in Africa spread across 24 countries. It is worth noting that in every francophone African country, French is spoken with local specificities in terms of pronunciation and vocabulary. French serves as lingua franca, a link language, in Morocco. African French has words that do not exist in standard French. Such words were either coined locally or borrowed from local African languages of the region. Therefore, nearly every regional variety of African French has its own local words that are different from other varieties of African French. This local vocabulary, however, only constitutes a small part of the overall vocabulary, the rest is identical to standard French. Our localization and certified French translation will ensure validity across several countries.

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