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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Legal Translation Services in All Languages

Legal translation services for law firms are available on a retainer basis. We’ve got you totally covered, whether you need court interpreting services, handle foreign immigration cases, or are enlarging your business into a market with the newest legal requirements. Get prompt, accurate legal translations from a workforce of legal translation experts.

Professional Legal Translation Company

Our meticulously selected legal translation team of professionals apprehends the legal system’s terminology around the globe. Connect with a professional native legal translator for your target language and a master in law field.

We provide a full suite of legal translation services, comprising:

  • Court interpreting services
  • Legal document translations
  • Guaranteed USCIS accepted translations
  • Certified legal translations
  • Mirror-image, legally binding contract translations
  • Compliance with university or high school requirements
  • Civil lawsuit translations
  • Translation affidavits
  • Sworn or certified translations for all kinds of documents with free certification

What is a Legal Translation?

Within the legal system, legal translation is actually the change of written data from one language to another. As judiciary systems differ significantly from one country to another, it becomes complex. And due to this, a legal translator should have a keen knowledge of the intricate details of the legal system to ensure that all requirements of the system are intently met.

We provide the legal interpretation and legal translation services by skilled professionals in the legal field. From our extended network of language specialists, we assign a legal translator for your requirement who is:

  • A law industry expert
  • Native speaker of your target language
  • Certified to work in a court

Legal Translation – Retainer Program

Appointing court interpreters and legal translators on a retainer basis becomes easy when you choose us. You will get consistency with our legal translation retainer program. It helps you stay connected to the language professionals who possess expertise in your law field and provides you super easy access to the most uncommon languages that might come your way.

Make a relationship with court interpreters or professional legal translators of your most familiar languages. The capability to get the same translator generates consistency among all of your translated documents.

Especially, this is significant whilst it comes to the translations where several words can provide that very same meaning. By retaining a dependable translator, the translator will surely learn your preferences in lingo and formatting and produce uniformity right through all of your documents.

Even, with this retainer program, in record time, we’ll connect you with the most uncommon languages. Within hours of your request, we can provide a skilled translator for the language when you come up with a client who speaks a language you are not aware of.

It’s our aim to keep communication trouble-free. With the legal translation retainer program, you do not have to waste your time searching for the best expert legal translator for your distinctive case. We do the job for you.

Legal Document Translation Services

As laws are different between countries, an accurate adaptation of legal texts is decisive for the preclusion of lawsuits when exchanging legal documents and negotiating contracts. Legal document translations should be precise and technical, properly defining the obligations and rights of the parties involved by a law firm.

The legal document translation services provider must not only be articulate in both languages involved for accurate legal translations, but should also have an ardent understanding of legal terminologies to circumvent even the feeblest misinterpretation.

It’s pivotal to pick a proven, trustworthy legal translation agency with guaranteed certification, first-class training, extensive expertise, and USCIS approval in legal terminology. That is what we exactly are. Keep faith in us when it comes to certified legal document translations.

Certified Legal Translation Services

If you require documents translation for an immigration acceptance, university application, or high school transfer, you will be needed to provide certified translations. And you must need a professional legal translation company for certified legal translations to ensure accuracy in both procedure and translation.

Through a meticulous 5-step quality control system, our certified legal translation professionals sprint all of your legal translations to ensure that your translations are perfect. Then, we’ll provide you the translation with a signed certificate of accuracy, that too free of cost. Moreover, if you necessitate a translation affidavit, we’ll provide one upon request.

All of our translations, backed by a guarantee, are insured to be USCIS accepted. That indicates, if for any reason, the translation does not meet all the prerequisites of the university, school, or government, we’ll adjust it until it is upright.

We certify the below legal documents:

  • Adoption papers
  • Passports
  • Birth certificates
  • Academic transcripts and diplomas
  • Legal name change documentation
  • Medical records
  • Driver’s licenses
  • Marriage certificates
  • Diploma certificates
  • Visa & immigration documents

We also translate summons, affidavit, court papers, police documents, wills, decrees and more.

Court Interpreter & Legal Translation Services

Translation affidavits – a major aspect of legal translation services.

A certified & fluent court interpreter is required in order to provide a fair trial to every individual. You could make use of our network of language experts. Our certified translation services and translation affidavit are USCIS approved with a lifetime guarantee. Our services include an official seal of the notary and sign of the notary public or commissioner of oaths for sworn translation certifications.

Our court interpreters are gettable over the phone instantaneously or in person just within 24 hours of your request providing guaranteed USCIS accepted translations.

Professional Legal Translators

If you are an owner of a business, you know that reaching out to a broad audience is crucial. Working with a professional translation agency assists you to communicate freely and globally promote your business. Working with the professional team assures that you will be benefited from an excellent image and will make a good impression.

Quality And Affordable Legal Translation Services

A professional legal translation could make all the difference in averting future issues of interpretation and could assure that the appropriate legal meaning is manifested as it will be attained by the judicial system. Flawless legal translations require professionals with proper knowledge of the entire process, law system, and nomenclature.

Good-quality legal translation service cannot be provided through shortcuts. Special training, dedication, and experience are required to serve the industry of legal translation with perfection.

While legal translations come with perks like legal professional privilege, it turns out to be costly & time-consuming to the lawyer who has become a translator and also the client.

Accurate Legal Translation Services

The institutions where the translated legal documents are submitted assert everything for quality and credibility. It is thus mandatory that the legal documents or testimony translated for the law court are translated in accordance with the premium standards.

Being the gratified member of the American Translator’s Association (ATA), we are able to serve people who are looking for legal translation services. They will surely find us a trusting partner simply because we work only with the most experienced and experts in this field. Each translation agency is as great as its translation team. That’s why we always make sure only the best are chosen for legal documents.

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