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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Sworn Translation Services


Get a certified sworn translation of your document in any of more than 100 languages with our team of native translators and domain experts at affordable rates!

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Certified Sworn Translation Services

A sworn translation refers to a document that an authorized or sworn translator signs and seals. A sworn translator is a language expert who is appointed by the legal authorities in order to deliver official translation services. In the eyes of law, a sworn translation has the same value as any other official document.

Are you on a business expansion spree outside the boundaries of the nation?

Are you partnering with a foreign client? Have you got a golden opportunity to study overseas?

Well, then you would undoubtedly require professional translation services in the language of the foreign nation.

A translator checking the nitty-gritty of a document before translating it.

Click For Translation provides certified sworn translation services for individuals and businesses from any industry! We offer translations in over 100 languages as per your need with completeness and accuracy at competitive prices. To get started, contact us at 1-800-230-7918.

Our team of highly experienced translators will ensure the security of your legal documents while providing you with a seamless translation experience for your sworn translation needs!

Get a FREE certificate of translation.

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Need for Professional Sworn Translation Services

Sworn translations for important legal documents are often required by a lot of governmental and other institutions. As sworn translators are linguists legally authorized to provide official translations, they are considered legally and officially valid.

✓ Foreign authorities check for validity of legal documents at home and abroad

✓ Some universities and educational institutions mandate the translations of transcripts and other documents to be sworn

✓ Some government agencies also require sworn translations of official documents

We have a team of highly qualified sworn translators and industry-experienced experts. Therefore, the translated document is complete and renders the same message as the original with accuracy. Foreign authorities can understand the content and can move official processes forward without any concern regarding the credibility and legal accuracy of the document.

The One-Stop-Shop for Sworn Translation and Notarized Translation

In some instances, authorities may require certified sworn translation services or accredited translation services. We offer both! Our expert professional sworn translation services team consists of linguistically fluent translators of both source and target language. They are capable of certifying translated documents for their accuracy and completeness.

✓ We understand that translators authorized by the notary may be essential for many of your needs. Therefore, our sworn translation documents are accepted by governments worldwide, typically offered with notarization as an added value.

✓ As we understand the negative impact of even one incorrect word in the case, we ensure providing services with the best translators. We, therefore, hire the best translators who are not only native language translators, but are also well versed with sworn translation. So, we allocate your project to the translator having the specific experience.

✓ We also implement our proprietary QA workflow to counter-check all documents we translate in terms of grammar, sentence structure, language nuances, and other linguistic factors. This is then submitted to our senior translator who finally reviews for perfection.

So, whether it is certified translation services, a sworn statement transaction or others, look no further.

Click For Translation offers the best services in the industry! Get in touch with us now for a FREE quote!

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