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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Sworn Translation Services

A sworn translation is a document that delivers facts relevant to a legal proceeding. Sworn translation is an officially accepted translation of any legal document such as marriage certificate, birth certificate, academic certificate, declaration, etc. Sworn translations are mandatory when it is used for administration purposes or government requirements. As for the pricing, sworn translations are comparatively costly considering the highly qualified and industry experienced translators.

Sworn statement is a document or declaration which states facts that are needed in a legal proceeding. This can be likened to affidavit but without being sealed and witnessed by a notary public. There are some instances where you have to provide sworn statements in a language other than English for foreign legal proceedings.


This is where our services comes in. Most companies, today even individual customers have transaction overseas, and to communicate better and efficiently, you need to hire translation services from a reputable language agency.

Certified Sworn Translation Services

Being an ISO-Standards company we respond to the needs of providing certification for translation. The certification is signed by our translators to vouch that the translated document is complete and it represent the exact rendering of the source material. It further certifies that the document was handled by a translator who is knowledgeable of both the source and target languages. Certified translation services we provide are legally binding and accepted by the government agencies from the US and other countries.

All files that we receive for our services are kept private and confidential. Our robust data security system ensures that your information is never shared to anyone. We have servers protected by advanced 128-bit SSL encryption technology.

Professional Translation Services

Accuracy is paramount in the translation of sworn statements. One incorrect word can have a negative impact in your case. At click for translation, we are confident to provide customers with precise translation services. Our vetted translators are well-versed with the terminology involved in the legal profession.

At ClickForTranslation, we are committed to excellence in providing services for 100+ languages across the world. Our Sworn translation documents are accepted by governments worldwide, typically offered with notarization as an added value. We provide a Certificate of Translation free of cost on request. Often, this aids in easing the process of dealing with government organizations. For our customers in the U.S., we offer Home Delivery of documents using the U.S. Postal Service.

Some countries require sworn translation to be certified. These could include an apostille, just certification alone or authorization by a government body. However this cannot be confused with the term “certified translation”, as that would mean a legal authority has accredited the translator. Certification is more than a mere sworn translation, it not only requires expert translation skills, as this certification requires a third party for validation. Once validated by a recognized notary, a certification can also ensures that the translation of a document is accurate compared to the original text.

They've closely worked with some of the most reputable lawyers, law enforcers, court clerks and judges which gave them a full grasp of the legal industry. Additionally, we also implement our proprietary QA workflow to counter check all documents we translate in terms of grammar, sentence structure, language nuances, and other linguistic factors. This is then submitted to our senior translator who will make the final review.

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