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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Chinese Translation Services


Click for translation provides certified Chinese translation services from professionals. You can expect a quick turnaround, competitive pricing, in various Chinese dialects.

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Highly Accurate Chinese Translation Services

Click For Translation is a leading provider of Chinese translation services in the industry providing top-notch translations at unmatched prices. We offer translations in over 100 languages by native translators with years of experience. Get 98% accuracy, timely delivery with quick turnarounds at reasonable prices with our Chinese translation company!

Chinese Translation Services

Chinese translation services are required by individuals and businesses alike all over the world. If you are a businessperson looking for a way to expand into the Chinese market, then you need to translate your content into Chinese accurately. As an individual, if you are planning to move to a Chinese-speaking country, or work for a Chinese business, you will need English to Chinese translation services for your documents!

Whether it is a work permit or a college degree for an individual, or business proposals for organizations, we provide Chinese translation services at reasonable prices!

Click For Translation offers the best suite of Chinese translation services in the industry. We have a trained group of Chinese translators with extensive experience in the industry. Rest assured, you will receive highly accurate Chinese translations within your timelines, proofread by experts. To maintain the confidentiality of files, we sign NDAs with our clients. Moreover, our 24/7 customer support can answer your queries and provide you with a FREE quote for your project immediately!

Click For Translation is a renowned Chinese translation services company providing the most accurate translations. Our team of professional Chinese translators is dedicated to providing accurate translations in a timely manner. You can trust us for affordable translations of any document or content. Get a FREE instant quote for English to Chinese translation services.

Quality Assured Chinese Translation Services

The Chinese market growth is booming and has made the country the second-largest economy in the world. This market growth is expected to continue at an incredible rate. Being the most densely populated country in the world, China is the biggest potential market for your business. Given this scenario, don’t you think it’s high time that you expand your brand to the Chinese marketplace? But how will you communicate to the Chinese audience? Here comes in the role of professional Chinese translation services. You can’t take it for granted as language barriers can create a challenging environment for your business. Therefore, we highly recommend our clients to partner with us in order to establish smooth and flawless communication in their business.

At Click for Translation, our team of native experts offers premium Chinese document translation services. Regardless of the industry type and language, we offer document translation services at cost-effective prices. Ranging from Chinese birth certificate translation, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, etc. to legal documents and financial documents translation, our linguists have been proficient in offering more than 98% accuracy. Furthermore, we guarantee 100 % USCIS acceptance for your translated immigration papers. Our quality services cater to the translation needs of several sectors such as healthcare, media, and advertisement, immigration, banking and insurance, law and judiciary, etc.

English To Chinese Translation Services Done Right

Here, our skilled multilingual specialists support more than 100 languages. The language barrier can never be a hindrance to your global growth. With the high prominence of the Chinese language, we offer a wide range of translation services of your choice of the source language to Chinese. We have exclusive English to Chinese document translation services that will exceed your expectations. You can avail our top-grade Chinese translation services at affordable rates. In addition, we provide rush services to meet your quick translation demands. With these services, delivery can be expected within the same day and based on the complexity of the language it can take up to one day. If you are in search of accurate and fast Chinese to English translation service, then we have got you covered! Feel free to get in touch with our customer support team to enquire more about our Chinese translation services. We are available 24/7!

How We Perform Our Chinese to English Translation Services?

The demand for Chinese translation services has been on the rise in recent times owing to globalization. Click For Translation is a leading provider of Chinese to English translation services. We have a team of certified and highly qualified translators who are passionate and dedicated to delivering top-notch translation services to customers around the world. The rich years of experience and expertise of our experts allow us to deliver high-quality and accurate translation services. We have a standard policy in place to ensure each and every translated document meets the quality requirements.

We work closely with our customers and understand their unique requirements in order to provide them with unparalleled translation services. In addition to Chinese to English services, we also offer English to Chinese translation services. As a reputed Chinese translation company, we leverage the latest technologies to ensure faster delivery of services. We follow the cultural norms and legal requirements of the Chinese language to deliver flawless translation services to global businesses and customers.

Benefits Of Our Certified Chinese Translation

The sustainability of a brand lies in the trust that the public has bestowed on it. If the trust is lost, the brand value goes down. In such cases, great care must be taken while handling the translation of sensitive documents such as legal or business-related ones. It is highly advisable to partner with certified Chinese translation services to avoid any flaws that can arise during translation. Besides, your final translated copy will be signed by a certified Chinese translator that marks the authenticity of the document. This signed statement adds to the validity of your document, stating it to be the true version of the original. However, in some countries, notarized translation is a must in order to approve the genuineness of your document. Be it simplified Chinese certified translation or Cantonese certified translation; we are the perfect Chinese translation agency to shake hands with.

How Long does it take to Translate Documents from Chinese to Spanish?

Usually, it takes 2 to 4 business days to accurately translate documents from Chinese to the Spanish language. However, the turnaround time depends on a number of factors, such as the size of the project, specific requirements, the complexity of the document, and more. We focus on delivering our Chinese to Spanish translation services at the earliest time possible.

Chinese Marketing Translation For The Business Magnate In You

Language plays a great role in enhancing the global growth of your business. It is a powerful tool for marketing your brand to a wide spectrum of people. But what makes it possible is obviously translation. At Click for Translation, we are completely aware of the future potential of the Chinese market and hence help our clients to market their brand to the Chinese audience. There are high chances that you would fail to enter the Chinese marketplace if you are not using the right marketing strategy to win the Chinese audience. Therefore, if you wish to grow your brand, you need to translate your business documents with the help of professional marketing materials translation services. We can be your right choice as we help our clients overcome language barriers by accelerating smooth communication with your international customers. Whether you need Mandarin marketing translation or Cantonese marketing translation, our 24 hour Chinese business translation services are just a click away!

Why Choose Us for Certified Chinese Translation Service?

Click For Translation is a pioneer in the delivery of certified Chinese translation services. We deliver high-quality, reliable, and accurate translation services to the customers. Our expert translators are well-versed in the terminologies, technicalities, and cultural nuances of the target language.

Why Do Companies Need Chinese Document Translation Services?

In the era of globalization, businesses are rapidly expanding their reach and promoting their brands in the global markets. There are about 1.4 billion Chinese-speaking people around the world. Businesses require accurately translating all their important documents into the Chinese language to enter the huge market. With Chinese document translation services, sustaining your brand in the Chinese market becomes easy. Our professional Chinese translation services will help you gain an edge in the market and obtain maximum growth and success.

Our native translators blend their professional expertise and linguistic flair to provide top-notch document translation services. As a leading Chinese translation company, we offer our services at competitive prices. We are available round the clock to assist businesses and customers. We maintain optimum confidentiality while delivering our Chinese translation services.


Accurate Mandarin Translation Services

There is a narrow line of linguistic/semantic differences between Mandarin and Chinese. Mandarin is generally classified as simplified Chinese or translational Chinese. Hence it is wise to team up with a professional Mandarin translation agency that will assist you to choose the suitable dialect for the intended target audience. For instance, you cannot use Cantonese or Chinese for your customers residing in Mainland China. On the other hand, Mandarin should be your choice of language to promote your brand in this region. At Click For Translation, our linguistically proficient translators offer top-notch Chinese Mandarin translation services that are accurate, efficient and cheap. Various translation services offered are:

  • Mandarin document translation
  • Mandarin legal translation
  • Mandarin technical translation
  • Mandarin medical translation
  • Mandarin diploma translation
  • Mandarin academic translation and much more.

Our website can be easily accessed online with the help of a web browser. For instance, if you need the best English to Mandarin translation services or Mandarin to English translation, you can simply type in the same in your search engine. You are definitely going to land on our web page. Our user-friendly website can then guide you through the rest of the process.

Differences Between Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese

Chinese, the most widely spoken language in the world has 3 spoken forms namely, Mandarin, Taiwanese, and Cantonese. The language also has two major scripts, simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese. For instance, people in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau use traditional Chinese whereas, in China, Singapore, and Malaysia, they use simplified Chinese. The major difference lies in the style, characters, and phonetic symbols of these two forms. At Click For Translation, our qualified team of translators is aware of the linguistic disparities between these two written forms of Chinese.

The Significance of Cantonese Translation Services

Cantonese is one of the three spoken forms of Chinese. But wait, don’t underestimate the need for Chinese Cantonese translation services as a huge percentage of the Chinese population cannot comprehend Mandarin and Taiwanese. Therefore, to cover this demography, you will need the support of professional translation services. Click For Translation provides all-inclusive Chinese translation services that include Cantonese translation as well. Having said that, we can indeed be relied upon for the best Cantonese document translation. Be it Mandarin to Cantonese or Cantonese to Chinese, you can count on our Chinese translation services with ISO certification.

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A very competent and efficient Team, I needed a translation of my wife's Birth Certificate from Malayalam to English for processing the green card application with USCIS, and they did a professional job of it.
This is the third time I use their services and they make it so easy for you! Vincent provided a great service! I'll definitely use them every time i need a translation.
Handsdown great experience! Vincent was more than helpful in getting me everything I needed.
As expected, service was excellent and Vincent got me all set with no fuss with everything I needed. You guys run a really tight ship over there!
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