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The Most Reliable Chinese Translation Services

As the industry standard for Chinese translation services, we are absolute masters at English-to-Chinese and Chinese-to-English translation for projects of any scale and scope.
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Chinese Translation Services
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Specialized & Professional Chinese Translation Services

If you need a translation from or into Mandarin or Cantonese in the United States, look no further than Click For Translation. Our company's goal is to facilitate the growth of American and Chinese businesses in each other's respective markets.

A group of specialized and professional Chinese translators discussing about a translation project.

Companies can turn to Click For Translation for accurate Chinese translations of their materials. We assist individuals and businesses.

We provide the best translations in simplified and traditional Chinese for various documents. When you work with our professional translators and linguists, you can reach out to consumers in all the Chinese-speaking regions across the globe, not just mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, or Singapore.

Chinese Mandarin, another name for Simplified Chinese, is the most commonly spoken variety of Chinese in the People's Republic of China today. Cantonese Chinese is yet another variant. Our services also include translation from English to Mandarin and Cantonese, two of China's official languages.

We are your best option for accurate and reliable Chinese translations.

We provide appropriate and culturally accurate translations for a diverse range of industries, such as:

  • Legal Sectors
  • Technical Fields
  • Academic Institutions
  • Medical Field
  • Financial Organisation
  • Government Agencies

To ensure accuracy and fluency in both languages, Click For Translation only employs a tried and genuine group of in-country, native Chinese translators to complete all English-to-Chinese translations. When it comes to translation, we can do it all, including from and into Chinese.

Top-Notch Chinese to English Translation Services

These days, translation services are essential for any company that wants to maintain open lines of communication and grow internationally. You can trust Click For Translation if you need something translated from Chinese to English.

Our online community of expert Chinese translators allows us to deliver top-notch services on schedule and within budget.

Two translators shaking hands who have provided top-notch Chinese to English translation services.

Since we are a fully accredited Chinese translation agency, you can rest assured that your Chinese to English translation tasks will always be completed to the highest possible levels of excellence and accuracy. We are one of the leading Chinese translation agencies, providing comprehensive services in this area to clients in a wide range of sectors.

We work on all types of files including:

  • Legal documents
  • Immigration papers
  • Medical records
  • Technical documents
  • Production manuals
  • Legal Contracts
  • Financial Statements
  • Criminal Records
  • User Guides

A group of translators works together to produce both accurate and informative work. As a result, obtaining higher-quality translations in various languages is possible. There are many Chinese translation services, but it's essential to go with one that won't disappoint you.

Click For Translation's team of language experts is reliable and always completes projects on time and to the highest standards while providing Chinese to English translation.

Incredible English to Chinese Translation Services

It's common knowledge that China has one of the world's most dynamic economies and markets. The country has more people than any other in the world (over 1.4 billion), so it stands to reason that major corporations would see a great opportunity there.

However, the Chinese language and culture are distinct, making translating difficult for a Chinese audience.

A female translator providing incredible English to Chinese translation services.

In translation and localization, cultural distinction is as essential in Asia as anywhere else. Translation from English-to-Chinese is challenging for several reasons, not the least of which is that there are ten main types of Chinese, each with its own set of dialects.

You can rest assured that your content be it audio recordings or video recordings, will be translated accurately into the target Chinese dialect and will still retain its cultural resonance when handled by a qualified native speaker of the language. You can rely on our translation services if you want to communicate with a Chinese-speaking audience anywhere globally, including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and beyond.

We also translate the following documents from English-to-Chinese:

  • Academic Certificates & Academic Transcripts
  • Visa
  • Passports
  • Dissertations
  • Green Cards
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Divorce Papers
  • Birth Certificates
  • Driver's Licenses
  • Medical Documents
  • Death Certificate
  • Bank Statements
  • Deposition
  • Diplomas

Accurate and native-sounding English-to-Chinese translation is a top priority, and you'll get to know some talented native translators who make it happen.

High-Quality & Certified Chinese Translation Services

What exactly does it mean when a translation company or agency claims that they "certify" their translation services? Certified translations are something our clients often inquire about. Typically, you'll need more information about the context to get an accurate answer.

A Chinese translator who has provided high-quality & certified Chinese translation services is smiling confidently.

By definition, certification is just an official statement that a translation is accurate. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requires a certified translation for immigration submissions.

We are one of the few companies in these areas to employ Chinese translators who have been vetted and approved by local authorities to provide court-certified translation services.

We specialize in certified Chinese translation services, serving major cities across the United States and the rest of the globe. We have the best Chinese translation services available in major cities nationwide if you require a professional Chinese translator(Mandarin or Cantonese).

Our translation services are guaranteed the highest quality at competitive prices.

Why Hire Our English to Chinese Translation Services?

• Native Chinese translators: The Chinese language is incredibly nuanced and diverse. We have native speakers of all the major Chinese languages on staff so that we can translate your content into any of the many spoken by the Chinese people.

A female translator working at our English to Chinese translation services.

• Management of projects made easy: The translation from English to Chinese is a breeze with our translation wizards. All you have to do to get a quote is upload your files and give some instructions to our customer support team. A dedicated project manager will help you. Rest easy as we translate your document for you.

• Fast delivery: Our Chinese translation services will ensure you meet all your deadlines without sacrificing quality. Our Chinese translators work diligently to meet your deadlines while returning translations.

Accurate Localization Services for Chinese Consumers

A product or service must have an aesthetic familiar to Chinese consumers to succeed in China. If you localize too much, however, you risk diluting your brand's integrity. It may not be well received if not sufficiently adapted to the Chinese market.

Click For Translation has helped numerous international companies adapt their material for the Chinese market.

A young Chinese man reading product details which has been localized into Chinese

With our linguistic expertise, we have assisted thousands of companies in expanding their operations into the world's second-largest economy. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our Chinese localization services. We are considering getting to know you and your company so that your brand's voice is consistent with your goals for China.

Highly Effective Workflow and Quality Assurance

Click For Translation's workflow and quality assurance processes are both flexible enough to accommodate projects of varying scope, duration, and budget. The first stage entails learning about your needs and reviewing the original files.

In order to make sure we have everything we need to finish the project on time and successfully, we will ask questions, establish deadlines, and collect the necessary materials.

A Chinese translator showing a thumbs up guaranteeing highly effective workflow and quality assurance.

Our project managers will then determine the required skills and assign the translation to a qualified translator or team of translators who have demonstrated expertise in the target field. After the preliminary translation is finished, we will use quality assurance tools to check it for typos, inconsistencies, and other common mistakes. At last, we'll do a final check of the translated file and send it off to the client.

Game Localization by Our Chinese Translation Company

When it comes to both online gamers and game sales, China is the most dominant market across the globe. Those with the right product, a deep familiarity with the Chinese gaming market, and a compelling game translation and localization approach can succeed in the country's massive gaming market.

A female Chinese gamer excited because of the game localization provided by our Chinese translation company.

If a company wants to break into the Chinese market, it needs to do its homework and talk to people who know what they're doing regarding creating and introducing products in China. When translating your game from your language into Chinese, keeping in mind the organizational and cultural distinctions between your home market and the Chinese market is essential.

A specialized gaming localization team is available at Click For Translation. We can translate games into every language, including all major Chinese dialects, for any console, style, or gadget. We have native speakers check the dialect and written form to ensure it suits the area where you plan to grow.

We also use the help of local linguists to ensure that relevant authorities approve games with Chinese-themed content. We have all the tools at our disposal to provide the highest quality of work in localization. Our seasoned staff can guarantee the highest quality of localization for your project.

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I needed to translate a certificate and degree transcripts and I needed it right away and Aaron provided me the best service! they are very quickly and very responsive, beyond my expectations! I will be able to send my documents in time!
A very competent and efficient Team, I needed a translation of my wife's Birth Certificate from Malayalam to English for processing the green card application with USCIS, and they did a professional job of it.
This is the third time I use their services and they make it so easy for you! Vincent provided a great service! I'll definitely use them every time i need a translation.
Handsdown great experience! Vincent was more than helpful in getting me everything I needed.
As expected, service was excellent and Vincent got me all set with no fuss with everything I needed. You guys run a really tight ship over there!
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