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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Chinese Translation Services


Click for translation provides certified Chinese translation services from professionals. You can expect a quick turnaround, competitive pricing, in various Chinese dialects.

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Authentic and Accurate Chinese Translation Services at Affordable Rates

We at Click For Translation work with the best native Chinese speakers to offer compelling, complete, and flawless Chinese translation services of exceptional quality at affordable prices. Our Chinese language translators excel in their linguistic capabilities and are knowledgeable in local conventions and customs. They are adept in industry-specific translations and can cater to translation projects across different industries such as legal, medical, financial, IT, business, education, and others.

Chinese characters written on a page of a book

Our services are also suitable for students, entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals, and individuals who may require Chinese language translation.

Cost-effective Expert English to Chinese Translation Services

The Chinese language is ancient, complex, and comprises different regional dialects. The translation process needs to be handled by an experienced linguist with an excellent command of English and Chinese to deliver a perfect rendition. Therefore, selecting an established translation company backed by years of Chinese translation experience and satisfied clients for your English to Chinese translation project is essential.

Click For Translation has a vast network of accredited native Chinese translators specializing in Mandarin, Cantonese, Wu, Min, and other regional dialects and can readily cater to translation requests of any scale.

Mandarin vs Cantonese Translation - A Concise Summary of Differences

Among the many Chinese dialects, Mandarin Chinese is prevalent throughout Mainland China. It is the country's official language. The Cantonese dialect is limited to the small "Canton" region in Southeast China but is commonplace in Hong Kong. Mandarin and Cantonese both belong to the same language family and use the same Chinese characters, but they are different from each other.

From tonal characteristics, initials and final characters, pronunciation, and grammar to the Romanization systems used for transliteration and vocabulary, these dialects are very different.

The main difference is that Cantonese has a unique written script based on the old-style Chinese characters, and Mandarin script is based on a modern, simple Chinese character set, adopted in the 1950s to improve language literacy in China.

Chinese Cantonese translation is more challenging than Chinese Mandarin translation and needs an expert native speaker who is well-versed with nuances of the dialect and the written script, which has evolved to support electronic communications.t.

Simplified Chinese vs Traditional Chinese - Some Key Facts

The Chinese language has two different writing styles or systems; Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. Simple Chinese is standard in Mainland China. It was introduced during the 50s to improve the literacy rate of the Chinese population. The Chinese Government merged about 2000 ancient Chinese characters to create a more straightforward script with:

✓ Fewer characters

✓ Fewer strokes per character

✓ Differences in punctuations, sentence structure, and vocabulary

Chinese calligraphy depicting traditional script.

Using the same modern characters for different words is possible based on the content context.

The traditional variant, with a vast array of about 50,000 complex characters, is undoubtedly difficult to master. Each character is distinct, rendered using multiple strokes, and can represent an entire word or a part of a sentence. The highly ornate characters are clear, easy to understand and serve as a valuable guide for pronunciation.

Chinese document translation: Check out how best we can help you

Our Chinese document translation services are comprehensive and include all types of documents - personal, official, industry-related reports, and other content. We work with established Mandarin translators backed by years of experience translating sector-specific content to deliver meaningful, authentic copies, be it Mandarin technical, Mandarin legal, or any other type of Chinese Mandarin document translation.

Our Cantonese specialists meticulously work on Cantonese document translations to render accurate versions, right on time. Our certified Chinese translation services render flawless copies comparable to the original in all aspects. Our certification is guaranteed acceptance by USCIS, Government offices, and other legal, educational, and corporate establishments.

We translate, among others:

  • Business documents
  • Legal documents
  • Personal documents for US Immigration/Citizenship
  • Financial documents
  • Technical documents
  • Medical records

Reach Out to a Global Audience With Chinese Website Translation

Presenting your website content in multiple languages (localization of online content) is a must when reaching out to worldwide audience or customers. Opting for our Chinese translation services for your website and other online content is bound to expand your reach to the vast Chinese-speaking population of the world spread across different continents.

We also translate product/user manuals and technical specifications for software and handle localization for software applications.

Expert Chinese Business Translation to Explore New Prospects

The Chinese market is a lucrative hub for businesses seeking to improve their prospects. The key, however, is to present business content appropriately to meet local expectations and conventions. Our native Chinese language specialists can help you with the meaningful and apt translations of business documents intended for your Chinese clients, partners, or prospective tie-ups, such as:

American and Chinese flags and American dollars
  • Business Plans
  • Business Proposals
  • Business Correspondence
  • Annual Reports
  • Business Contracts

Enhance Your Business With Compelling Chinese Marketing Translation

Businesses must team up with experienced and successful Chinese translation service providers like Click For Translation when attempting to reach out to potential Chinese customers. Our native Chinese language specialists have a profound understanding of the local sentiments, customs, demography, and preferences and apply them suitably when translating your marketing content to ensure the best results.

They also excel in Chinese translation phrases and traditional idioms that appeal to the local population. We translate marketing content in different forms, including but not limited to:

➣ Marketing Brochures

➣ Promotional Material (such as Email, fliers, advertisements, and special offers)

➣ Business Cards

➣ Ad Campaigns

➣ Product Guides

Garner Trust With Accurate Chinese Financial Translation

Financial documents are the lifeline of a business. Accurate financial information is the key to get into the good books of clients, partners, shareholders and the taxman! Translating financial documents to Mandarin, Cantonese, or other dialects requires a Chinese translator to be proficient in financial translations and have expert linguistic skills in Chinese and the target language.

We offer authentic and precise Chinese translation services in more than 100 languages,

Our Chinese financial document translation services cover:

✓ Balance Sheets

✓ Profit and Loss Statements

✓ Tax Returns

✓ Cash Flow, Income, and Shareholders' Equity Statements

✓ Audit Reports

Flawless Chinese Medical Translation In Over 100 Languages

Medical translations must be accurate and complete for the translated content to be helpful. Our highly-skilled native Chinese medical translators have years of experience translating medical content of all types. We cater to translation requests from medical device manufacturers, software developers, research institutes, pharmaceutical companies, and individuals who require professional help in translating content from and to Chinese.

We translate all types of healthcare content, such as:

• Medical records

• Clinical trial agreements, reports

• Clinical protocols

• Drug labels

• Drug usage instructions

• Informed consents

• User manuals for medical devices/software

If you require us to translate a document that does not figure on this page from or to Chinese, do not hesitate to call our support agent for assistance. We can get the job done for you by assigning a suitable translator for the project.

The Chinese Language - Some Interesting Facts & Valuable Tips

Here are a few interesting facts about the Chinese language.

➣ The Chinese language has seven distinctly different dialects; Even native speakers cannot mutually understand some of them.

➣ Chinese is over 6,000 years old, and its script has been found inscribed on turtle shells dated about 3000 years ago.

The English word ambition written in Chinese.

➣ The modern Chinese script has a horizontal text flow. Traditional characters, however, can flow both horizontally and vertically.

➣ The traditional version is still widely used in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau. Chinese people settled overseas also mostly communicate in old-style Chinese.

➣ This language has no articles or plural forms and no direct word to say "Yes."

As for translation tips, make sure that you:

➣ Work with a professional and trustworthy Chinese translation agency with qualified and experienced translators who are fully capable of delivering quality human translation in the chosen Chinese dialect on time and at affordable prices.

➣ Select the correct Chinese dialect for translation based on your target audience or market. Mandarin is the right choice if you are trying to reach the majority of Chinese speakers in the world residing in China, Singapore, and other countries. Cantonese is the preferred language to communicate/interact with people in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and a small part of China.

➣ If your business has a target niche, you may request a translation in a local dialect such as Wu, Min, or others.

➣ Do not attempt an automated translation as this language is unique and complex.

No matter which Chinese dialect, project type, or size, if you need reliable and authentic Chinese translation services, drop us a mail or contact our live support agents available 24X7 at our website. All project details are confidential; we provide an NDA, free certification, facilitate notarization for an additional fee, and support rush and super rush requests.

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