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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Reliable Translation Services in Las Vegas


Translate accurately with native translators in more than 100 languages at reasonable costs—secure Las Vegas translation services.

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Accurate Document Translation Services in Las Vegas, Nevada

Document translation services are required by many industries and individuals as well. Translation is the key to reach a wider audience around the globe. Our accurate translation services have assisted multiple industries in reaching this global level by translating documents such as balance sheets, data sheets, business plans, manuals, etc. We offer cheap services with quick turnaround time, which is not only convenient but also a good and affordable option for businesses and individuals. We offer effective solutions to a wide range of industries like: marketing & advertising, tourism, academic, retail, media, financial, etc. Our professional translation agency in Las Vegas that does not limit its services to documents alone but also provide audio services.

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Rush & Super Rush Business Translation Services

The business translation services offered by us are accurate, cheap and comes with one day delivery option. We understand that your business translation needs can be urgent, regardless of the industry and thus we also offer same day delivery for your immediate requirements. Under our super rush services, we cover a wide range of business documents such as manuals, handbooks, invoices, statements, contracts, marketing plans, financial statements, shareholder agreements, terms of service, annual / quarterly reports, brochure and catalog, etc.

Quick Legal Translation Services in Las Vegas, Nevada

Legal documents summons, litigation documents, deeds, affidavits, deposition, complaints, licensing agreements, court letters, lease papers, witness statements, arbitration, confidentiality agreements, legal disclaimers, legal ruling reports, government reports, trademark filings, contract information, etc. needs legal translation services. Law firms always look for secure and confidential translation, that offers NDA agreements and notarized services. Courtroom recordings can have an urgent requirement for translation and will need quick audio translation solutions.

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Certified Translation Services in Las Vegas

Certified services are the ones which comes along with a certificate that acts as a proof of accuracy and completeness for the translated content. Certified translation services are highly needed by individuals for various certificates like marriage/divorce, death, diploma/degree, etc. We have certified services for all these and more documents such as adoption documents, decrees, passport, official IDs, driving licenses, etc. Our team also provide USCIS accepted immigration services like birth certificate translation services from French to English, or in other languages.

Affordable Technical Translation Services

The translation requirements for the technical industries can be huge. There are thousands of documents that need technical translation services, thus pricing and looking for cheap options is important. We promise you to offer the most affordable technical translations in Las Vegas for a wide range of documents such as reference guides, operating manuals, technical manuals, IT documentation, research sheets, science documents, data sheet, reports, patents, government standards, government regulations, feasibility studies, process related documents, etc.

Las Vegas’s 24 Hour Healthcare Translation Services

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High accuracy, great quality and quick delivery are the most important things for healthcare and medical translation services. We have professionals with in-depth knowledge of the medical industry. Our specialists understand that the need of medical translation can come anytime of the day and might expect fast results, we offer 24 Hour services for such cases. Documents covered are Medical Records, Dosage Forms, Prescription Information, medical certificates, fitness certificates, etc.

Multilingual Translation Services in Las Vegas, Nevada

We are a multilingual translation service provider which offers its services to almost all the industries and covers a wide net of languages. Our translation office in Las Vegas have certified translators who can offer translation services in many other languages like German, Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, etc. For, we support more than 100 languages and provide language combination customization options to customers. A few of the languages are:

Similarly the language combinations included in our services are English to Spanish, Chinese to English, English to Italian, Vietnamese to English and German to English, among others.

Certified Spanish Translation Services in Las Vegas

Everybody knows the fact that Spanish is the second most spoken language in the United States. Spanish is the second language of the city of Las Vegas. According to the census data, out of the total population of the city, 22.6% of the residents are native Spanish speakers. The language is widely used by the locals as well as by the visitors. Because of the wide usage of Spanish language in the city, the demand of certified Spanish to English translation services, for birth, death, etc., certificates have increased by huge numbers. Spanish translation is greatly benefiting academic translation services of the city by providing effective solutions.

Las Vegas Translation Services & Economic Needs

The most populated city of Nevada is Las Vegas. It is internationally famous for gambling, shopping, entertainment, nightlife and fine dining. All these different businesses help the economy of the city along with many other industries like: tourism, media, marketing and retail. Las Vegas contributes majorly as a financial, cultural and commercial centre of the state of Nevada. The city has seen 3.5% of job market increase in the last year.

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