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Manual Translation Services

Translation of any file or document that contains technical information on installation, support, reset data, training requirements, operation directions and effective usage of equipment, machine or any object is what Manual translation is all about. Whether it is a software system or a machine in an industry set up, manuals and ‘what to do’ or ‘how to operate’ manuals come along making your process easier. Translating these documents for different audiences is a high necessity keeping the global, cultural and language differences.

Manual Translation’s important key factor depends on its usage of exact jargon. To start off any translation project that requires manual translation services, Click for Translation prepares a list of industry related technical terms that can come of great use in preparing documents for clients. Terminology translation to other languages is a special feature that requires intent and keen observation. This has to be done with extreme accuracy and consistency. Our team at Click for Translation has a qualified list of native translators who work on technical manual translation requirements. Our translators are well equipped in industry matters and deliver 100% satisfied results.


Industries we serve

  • Industrial companies
  • Medical organizations
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Engineering companies
  • Research and Development centers
  • Business Organizations
  • Electronic companies
  • Government organizations

At Click for Translation, we mainly focus on 2 elements – Quality and customer satisfaction. We strive to provide the best of our services that come with added benefits like timely delivery and skilled translators who have a great knowhow of the industries that they work for in each of our projects.

Why choose Click for Translation?

We understand your requirements : May it be quality, pricing or project details, our native translators give their 100% to understand what exactly you might need from them. Whether it has to do with a certain language or doubts on how to get it translated, they will have answers for all your manual translation doubts.

We know the purpose: We at Click for Translation know exactly the purpose of your requirement. A brief on your project requirement can tell us if you need it for translating a construction manual or software manuals. We will be able to differentiate the need of the project and further help you in translating with timely delivery. We also provide 24-hour translation services.

Document formats: We can customize your documents in any format as you wish. We accept and deliver multiple formats like MS word, PowerPoint, Pdf, InDesign, xml files or even html. We can strategize your drawings, diagrams and translate them into the format of your choice for easy access.

Account Managers for help: Our dedicated account managers will perfectly coordinate with your internal team and bring out specific information to provide 24/7*365 services even on strict deadlines. Customer experience is our motto.

Languages that we offer: We offer a range of languages that you might have not heard of. Whether you want your document translated from English to any other language or vice versa, we have got it all under one roof. Our designated native linguists will work on your projects diligently and translate any language pair within the allotted delivery time.

We are an ISO accredited company and follow standard government rules. Our team of professionals are highly capable and are approved translators who perform certified translation services . We work as a team to innovate Quality check tools. It helps us meet the technical and company standards while keeping in pace with your expectations.

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