5 Rules That Italian American History Will Teach You If You Are Moving to America

5 Rules That Italian American History Will Teach You If You Are Moving to America

Many history books call America the ‘melting pot’ due to its ethnic heritage and modern culture that Americans share. Though America began under the colony of the Britishers, it has seen its fair share of immigrants from different countries making their way into the glory of mixed culture. America has welcomed people from Germany, Africa, India, Ireland, Mexico, Italy etc. Italians came to America to shape their personal and professional lives. They bought with them the great aspect of culinary, religious and cultural heritage of their country. Italian Americans are the fourth largest ethnic group in America. Most of these immigrants came from the southern parts of Italy, like Sicily and Campania.

There are about 17 million Italian ancestries and 356,831 Italians currently living in the US. From healthcare to coffee culture, here are some things you might have to adjust as an Italian if you are moving to America.


The US healthcare system is a large network of principles that can easily confuse you. From terms like ‘deductible’, ‘copay’, ‘coinsurance’, etc, you can easily be muddled. The US insurance also costs a lot but fortunately most of the employers sponsor their employees and cover health bills and family bills. It might take a while for Italians to get used to the culture of Insurance in US.

The Coffee Culture

Are you new to the US? Then you might as well get used to people who rush down the sidewalk with scalding hot coffees. You are going to see a lot of those 16 oz paper cups around your workplace.

Like in the Italian culture, people don’t dine in and have their coffees at a café. Americans always take their coffee to-go and dilute all the espresso shots in hot water. You can easily spot hundreds of young people at Starbucks, with a coffee cup, laptop and ferociously loud background music.

Italian American Pizza

Most of the places in the US serve pizzas by slice and not as a whole. Don’t be surprised if they are not made to fresh and are being served to you from a closed counter. Pizzas are absurdly very big, and the slices don’t cater to just one. In fact this pizza is quite  different from the Italian pizza. Italy has different kinds of pizza flavours for different regions whereas, American pizzas are mostly filled with cheese, pepperoni, salami or bacon pieces.

The beer over wine culture

Italy is known for the culture of sipping wine at every occasion – be it a party, wedding or meeting. Well, it’s not the same in America. One must adjust to the beer drinking culture. If it’s your birthday, its beer day! If you are promoted, its beer day! If you are sacked, its beer party! Everything starts and ends with beer. In fact it is the US that madeBeer crafting and beer brewing popular. Additionally it is worthy to note that the US is now the leading importer of Italian wine. You might have to adjust to the beer culture but don’t have to give up on Sangiovese or Montepulciano.

Bank fees

Most of the people in the US use credit cards commonly for paying. But if you are paying in cash and must withdraw money, every withdrawal will cost you $1.50 to $3.50. Bank fees in general also will cost you a lot of money such as overdraft fees and extra $25 for the check book.

Credit cards are commonly used in the US but if you are paying with cash, be prepared to pay $1.50 – $3.50 every time you try to withdraw money. There are lots of other ways your bank account will end up costing money, such as overdraft fees and the $25 (or more) for a cheque book.

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