5 Fastest-Growing Languages in the World (After English)

5 Fastest-Growing Languages in the World (After English)

Even though English is spoken widely all across the world, there are several other languages too which are growing at a rapid rate. For example, next to English, it is Spanish which is the second most used language not only in Spain but also in Mexico and Latin America.

Over the years, as people began to move from one place to the other as immigrants, communities speaking different languages co-existed in harmony. This initiated the growth and popularization of languages other than English and Spanish.

In this article, we will shed light on some of the fastest growing languages and how they are affecting the global community and culture.

What are the top languages growing at a rapid rate all across the world? 

According to the surveys, the top growing languages which are being adopted in different parts of the world are:

  1. English: It’s the first global language which is used for every official ceremony, function, declaration, and other works. Different countries have their own English accent. For example, an American will speak English differently than a Canadian or a British.
  2. Spanish: Even though the language originated in Spain and is the official language of the country, Spanish is spoken in Central American countries, South American countries and in Mexico.
  3. Arabic: Another fastest growing language is the Arabic which originated in the Middle East. You can find the language history related to the caravan tales of the Arabian Nights.
  4. Urdu: Urdu is mainly spoken in parts of Asia. It’s quite similar to the Hindi language. When most languages are written from left to right, Urdu is written from right to left.
  5. Portuguese: Portuguese is another language which is being spoken widely in European countries and also in Brazil. Learning Portuguese might seem to be difficult at first. But, once you get a hang of it, you can not only speak in it fluently but also write an entire document in Portuguese.
  6. Chinese: Chinese is one of the main languages which has many dialects. So, if you want to learn Mandarin, you should start with the Chinese language first as it is spoken in several countries.

Global Language Challenges 

These fastest growing languages are having different effects on the global community. Some of these effects are positive like increased socialization, global peace, knowledge about other cultures and developing respect for them, and so on.

On the other hand, due to so many languages like Arabic, Portuguese, Chinese, and others, several challenges are also there. For example, when an individual wants to settle down in the US after spending several years in the Middle East since birth, he or she needs to submit several documents in English language which is accepted in the US. That’s where a person will face problem due to differences in languages.

How can a language translation company help? 

To overcome the language differences, one can hire an agency for translation services. These agencies are experts in translating any kind of document from one language to the other as per the desire of the client.
Be it English to Arabic or Spanish to Urdu, the language translation services have helped both individuals and businesses to overcome the linguistic hurdles. All you have to do is choose a professional company for translating your document into your preferred language.


To be honest, with different languages and accents, it can be truly difficult to maintain the communication and bridge the gap. But with companies like Click For Translation, we can take the first step to mitigate the communication hurdles and know more about other cultures through the different languages. 

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