First Languages in the World – Unveiling the Past

First Languages in the World – Unveiling the Past

We all know there are hundreds of languages based on community, geographic location, and culture. Therefore, the first language in the world is still the biggest mystery. So, in this article, we won’t be answering which is the first language but have rounded up the oldest languages in the world. 

#1 Latin

First on the list of first languages is Latin. It belongs to the Italian category of the Indo-European language. In the earlier days, Latin was spoken in a small town in Rome, known as Latium. Later, the language became dominant throughout Italy. Latin is known to be first written in 75 BC. The amazing thing about Latin is that it is termed as the originating source of several modern day languages, right from Italian, Spanish to French. In some countries like Poland and the Vatican, Latin holds the status of being an official language. However, there are a few translation services companies that offer Latin translation solutions.

#2 Greek

Second on the list is Greek. It is popularly known as the official language of scholars and philosophers. Greek language first busted the scene in 1450 BC. As of now, there are more than 13 million native Greek language speakers worldwide. Do you know that Aristotle’s foundational documents are also written in Greek? In some states, Greek still has the title of being an official language.

#3 Sanskrit

The common belief in the Asian continent is that Sanskrit is the oldest language, with millions of native speakers. Researchers have found that Sanskrit has been the inspiration to the majority of European languages. Several academic institutions across the globe term it as an ancient language.  Indians in the early times used to speak only Sanskrit. Sanskrit is recognized as an official language by Indian Peninsula. The native speakers of Sanskrit are believed to be from around 2000 BC. 

#4 Arabic

Another Indo-European language is Arabic. It is a Semitic language that most Arabs speak. 290 million people around the world speak Arabic as their first language. The Arab language has an official status in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Israel, Jordan., Oman, UAE, Lebanon, Iran, Kuwait, Egypt, and Syria. Most of the Muslim emperors use to speak Arabic. Therefore, most people have the belief that Arabic is the oldest language in the world. 

#5 Egyptian

The Egyptian language has bagged the title of being the oldest national language, about 4,700 BC. The language was found to be written on the Egyptian tomb from 2600-2700 BC. It belongs to the African-Asiatic family. 

#6 Chinese

Chinese is the most spoken indigenous language in the world most commonly used in East Asia. The script of the language was first spotted in 1250 BC. It has the greatest number of speakers among official languages with around 1.24 million people worldwide. Chinese language has various dialects and variations.  


To sum up, however old the languages are, they still are the official languages in many parts of the globe. Moreover, they have evolved into various dialects making them more complicated. Hence, language barriers need to be tackled with care while entering international markets. The best is to get in touch with reliable translation service providers who have experienced professionals to remove all the language barriers.

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