Smooth Immigration Process with our Certified Police Clearance Translation

Smooth Immigration Process with our Certified Police Clearance Translation

During immigration, every person must display a series of documents for verification and clearance. Gone are the days when a birth certificate or a simple nation-issued ID used to give clearance to the immigrant visas. Currently, the visa clearance process has become stricter due to the increase in immigration fraud cases, fake IDs, scams and international rules and regulations, especially in the U.S.

Among the various documents needed at the time of immigration visa clearance, a police clearance certificate or a criminal record history is important. This particular certificate delineates that the concerned person doesn’t have any criminal background or isn’t fleeing from any national government. And that’s the reason why having a certified police clearance translation service is essential for everyone travelling between countries.
Likewise, police clearance certificate is a very crucial part of the U.S immigration process. Since different countries have different languages, the language in the police clearance certificate might not be the same. For example, an Italian citizen will have his certificate in Italian and not in English. But, when he is applying for immigration in the U.S, he will have to get it translated into English. Hence, at the time of immigration, he will have to submit a translated document that is certified by a translation services company.

What is a police clearance certification?

A police clearance document is needed at the time of immigration visa clearance. The document verifies that the concerned citizen is not a criminal, doesn’t have any criminal record, hasn’t been imprisoned and hasn’t been charged with any crime. At the time of immigration, one has to display this certificate written in the concerned country’s official language, which is why having a certified police clearance translation service is important. 

How does our certified police clearance translation service help you? 

We have a decade of experience in certified translations of criminal records and police clearance documents. As a result, our translators are highly skilled and they know what’s at stake. And hence, there is no scope for errors.

They proofread the final translated documents multiple times to ensure that the translated certificate matches the original one perfectly, with the language being the only point of difference.

We have a huge team of native linguists and no matter what country you are native to, we will ensure that your U.S visa clearance process goes smoothly with our experienced and skilled police translation services. 

Why choose our immigration document translation services?

We not only provide certified police clearance translation services but also for all other documents required for immigration in the U.S. Our team has extensive experience in this niche and has all the advice to give you in connection with your immigration process. Our certified translation services are 100% accurate as required by the USCIS. Translations for immigration have to be free of errors and this is what our team of experts are trained to deliver. Moreover, we provide same-day translation services.

So, if you are planning to hire a certified police clearance translation service for your immigration visa clearance, do not hesitate and immediately give us a call. We will save both your time and effort by translating police clearance and other immigration documents with ease. 

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