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We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


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Get Immigrant and Citizenship Documents Translated by Our Certified Dutch Translation Services

If you are looking for certified and professional Dutch translation services, then Click For Translation is here to offer our Dutch translation services. We are a team of expert, experienced and native translators. We are an ISO and ATA certified translation agency.

We are among the experts in language translation services offering translation in more than 110 languages including Dutch to English translation services. We offer translation at minimal rates and that too also within a sharp deadline. You can contact us anytime, any day, as we have 24*7 working customer support. You can ask for free trials and quotes. We offer translation services with high accuracy and excellent quality.

Professional Dutch Translation Services

Are you moving to Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Columbus, Illinois, Ohio, Alberta or any other part of US? We are specialized in Dutch to English translation. With a network of Dutch translators, our services also extend to:

  • Dutch to Greek
  • Dutch to Corsican
  • Dutch to Croatian
  • Dutch to Slovene
  • Dutch to Maltese
  • Dutch to Tagalog
  • Dutch to English
  • Dutch to Italian
  • Dutch to Miao
  • Dutch to Breton
  • Dutch to Alsatian
  • Dutch to Catalan
  • Dutch to Galician
  • Dutch to Occitan
  • Dutch to Japanese

Majorly, in Dutch business translation, we widen our horizon to:

✓ Legal Translation services from Dutch to English translation and vice versa.

✓ Dutch to English translation and vice versa for all financial and insurance documents.

✓ Academic and research related documents for Dutch to English translation and vice versa.

✓ All medical and healthcare documents from Dutch to English translation and vice versa.

✓ Website localization from Dutch to English translation.

Here are the list of countries with official status of Dutch language, Belgium, Netherlands, Suriname. We have got every dialects covered for you! Zuid-Gelders, Dutch Low Saxon, Brabants, Limburgs, Westvlaams, Oostvlaams.

Why English to Dutch Translation Services?

Dutch is a very popular language with more than 27 million speakers all around the world. It is a West Germanic language with 22 million as native speakers. It is the official language of Netherlands and co-official language of Suriname and Belgium.

The language is also spoken in Caribbean islands countries including Aruba, Saint Martin and Curacao. A few more countries speaking Dutch are – Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, South Africa and Indonesia.

Netherland is at a location that connects Europe, Africa and the Middle East all together. Thus, can be a really good location with respect to trade and businesses.

Thus, our document translation service for Dutch language can be of great use.

Dutch Language in the USA

There are multiple variations of the Dutch language in the USA and both are very much distinct from the original Dutch of Netherlands. This is because of the influence of American English on the language. The first variation is called Jersey or Bergen County Dutch. This variant of Dutch is being spoken by the Dutch Americans successors in Bergen and Passaic counties in NJ. The New York Dutch has been disappeared decades ago, but still in these counties, the language is still alive. Another variety is called Americanized Dutch. It is spoken by modern immigrants in Michigan.

Our translation service for Dutch to English is the solution for your Dutch translation needs. We have native translators, who are experts in both these American Dutch dialects and thus can supply the best quality translation results to our customers.


US Document translation into Dutch language

In case you need Netherlands citizenship for your children who were born in the United States, or for your spouse whom you married in the US; you would need our English to Dutch translation services, to get all your documents translated. The Consulate of Netherlands will ask for all the supportive documents to be in Dutch language. These documents can either be a birth certificate, marriage certificate, degree certificate, etc. Such organizations accept certified documents only. The certificate along with the translated document states that the document has been translated completely and accurately.

You can translate all your immigrant and citizenship related documents with our Dutch certified translation services. You can also apply for dual citizenship now, as we have got your back with English to Dutch translation. Our certified translation services are perfect for all these needs of yours.

Benefits of Dual Citizenship

There are many benefits of having dual citizenship or dual nationality:

● You will have two passports, that can make travelling between the countries very easy without any visa issues and costs.

● You will get the ability to study in another country at very affordable prices. You can also get benefitted from free education system of a country.

● You can work in a new country without the need of work permits.

● You will get medical benefits of both the countries.

● You can buy property to start a business in both the countries.

● You will have the voting rights for two countries.

Industries We Serve

  • Government and NGO
  • Consumer Goods and Services
  • Consumer Product
  • Energy and Materials
  • Life Sciences
  • Industrial Goods and Services
  • Gaming
  • Web Application
  • Mobile Applications
  • Website Localization
  • Finance and Banking
  • Real Estate
  • Marketing, PR and Publishing
  • Training and eLearning
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Science and Technology
  • Medical
  • Professional Services

and many more…

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