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Incredible Closed Caption Translation Services for All

Translated closed captions allow you to reach a broader global audience. Video and audio content of online educators, marketing departments, entertainment companies, and global announcements often add caption translations for greater accessibility.

Captions are translated by professionals at Click For Translation. We provide efficient and cost-effective solutions covering Spanish, Japanese, French, German, etc. The specific language you require will be provided after consultation with us.

An expert translator providing an efficient and cost-effective translations

When it comes to meeting today's accessibility standards, Click For Translation is by far the most reliable, high-quality, and affordable captioning service in the industry. Pricing begins as low as $11.20 per minute. Reach out to us at 1-800-230-7918 for a no-cost quote.

Multilingual Closed Caption Translation Services

We at Click For Translation provide multilingual closed caption translation services to ensure your videos are accessible to all viewers. When translating, our experts take into account not only the length of the video but also timing, character limits, and reading speed to ensure that the captions accurately reflect the content of the original.

However, you'll need to figure out how to translate captions if you want your video to be viewed worldwide.

Our agents providing multilingual closed captions translation.

Let us assist you in making your video available to people who do not speak only English. Translations are available in Mandarin, Cantonese, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Korean, German, Arabic, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Hindi, Polish, and Japanese and we can help you get them to the right people.

Professional Caption Translations by Native Translators

When it comes to closed captioning and subtitling, Click For Translation offers professional translation by native translators. Our professional closed caption translation is offered around the clock. You can expand your reach to a broader range of international audiences and foster more remarkable global development.

Closed captions make your video accessible to people who may not understand the dialogues otherwise. The video is accessible to people with hearing loss or those who have trouble understanding the spoken language.

Our translator providing professional closed caption translation services.

Search engines cannot index video and audio files, so having text-based captions will improve your SEO.

Closed Caption Translations for Students & Lecturers

We offer closed caption translations for schools & universities. Translated captions are essential for students who wish to study in foreign institutes.

Closed captions help students to pay attention, remember what they heard, understand the subtleties of new vocabulary, and get by with audio that wasn't the best. Captioning is one way that we try to improve classroom conditions for students.

We provide closed captioning translation services for both students and lecturers.

The guidelines for Americans with Disabilities Act, which was a law passed in 1990 for those who have trouble understanding spoken language can benefit significantly from ADA-compliant translation. We provide captions for presentations, broadcasts, internet TV and other media, in-person classes, online lectures, and podcasts.

Proficient and Competent Caption Translation Company

We are a proficient and competent caption translation company that focuses on the distinctive dialects of each country. Often, there are significant distinctions in speech, meaning, accent, culture, and vocabulary. A competent native-language speaker must account for these variations and convey the intended meaning on-screen. Subtitle translation and localization are our specialties, and we only trust native speakers.

Translators discussing about providing the accurate caption translations

Mistranslated text can be a source of distraction, confusion, or even offense. Accurate captions and subtitles that convey a video's intended meaning, purpose, and tone are crucial to increase its global exposure to a broader audience. We can provide subtitling, translation and captioning services for your television shows and films.

Top-Notch Closed Captioning and Subtitling Services

Our top-notch closed captioning and subtitling services ensure that your closed-captioned content is appropriately communicated to your target demographic. We provide transcription services for videos, and we can also create subtitles in any language you need.

In addition to excellent subtitling services, our translation agency also offers top-notch closed captioning translation for:

Our translators providing top-notch closed captioning translation services.
  • Webinars
  • TV shows
  • Promotional content
  • Multimedia presentation
  • YouTube videos
  • Corporate training, etc.

Numerous customers have chosen us because of the reliability and efficiency of our services. If you need help with translating your closed-captioned content, we can help.

The Need for Closed Caption Translation Services

In today's world, the need for closed caption translation services for international cooperation is essential. Let's say you want to promote your TV show or movie internationally. Professional subtitling is a must if you want to connect with people from all over the world who speak different languages.

It adds a new dimension for people to relate to the source material. The actors' voices are clear and easy to follow.

A client is happy to receive his closed captioning translation video.

To reach people globally, voice-over may be an excellent option. However, both time and money are involved. It's possible that the voice actors won't be able to convey the same emotion as the actors in the original production.

Expert subtitling has the same emotive effect and keeps the audience interested as the original.

Get in touch with us if you need your content to go global in a specific language.

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