100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Professional Translation Services in Columbus


Get certified & accurate Columbus translation services by native translators in more than 100 languages at affordable rates on the dot.

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Significance of Certified Translation Services in Columbus, Ohio

Certified translation is required when some of your translations need verification of certificates. You need ‌them while applying for citizenship, college purposes or starting a career. We at Click For Translation provide certified translation services that are professional, accurate and are delivered at a quick pace. You need certified translations for legal-medical-custom documents, academic records, divorce, marriage, death, etc. Similarly, our in-demand birth certificate translation services can be acquired on the same day upon request.

Meanwhile, we also involve ourselves in your development - for instance; a business prospect, a profession or a nicer life in Columbus (Ohio) might call for long clerical or legal practices. You can make things easier for yourself. But how? By easily teaming up with a professional translation agency in Ohio like ours!

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Industry-related Document Translation Services in Columbus

Regardless of which sector you are from, whether it is government or IT, medicine or retail, you need to trust that the document translation services that are provided by us in Columbus are the best. We offer document translation with utmost quality where we translate various kinds of documents such as personal documents, adoption papers, police records, blogs, business cards, brochures, balance sheets, reports, insurance papers, transcripts, permission slips, manuals and so on. Video or audio translation of these documents will also give you the clarity that your company needs to take it to the international market. Here are some of the industries we provide our services to:

Technical Translation Services in Columbus, ohio

The technological dawn has given birth to language services and has provided terrific transformative ability from one source to the target language. You need a translation office in Columbus that has access to native translators who have a great know-how on industry details and specifications. We provide technical translation services for documents such as User guides, reports, data sheets, patents, antivirus applications, operating manuals, audio visual technical elements, software, hazardous safety manuals, reference guides, e-Learning documents, etc. Technical translation is one of a kind service that has to be given keen attention due to its varied safety protocols measures.

Columbus Translation Services

Columbus Legal Translation Services

Whether you want to acquire testimony or legal translation, the best way to raise your standards is by approaching a translation company. Legal documents most of the times come in handy when you want it as proof or for identification purposes. Professional legal translation services are provided by us where we give attention to the tiniest of details. From translating complaints, summons, court letters, decrees, adoption letters,leases, licences, affidavit, court transcripts to basic documents like will translation, name-changing documents, passport and so on - we cover an array of services just to make it quick and easy for you.

Academic Translation Services in Columbus, ohio

We handle all kinds of academic translation services by our native translators who have great expertise in working on different subjects. Academic documents are highly important if you are transferring to a new college or moving to a new country as a student. We provide 24 hour translations where our translators do a two level quality check. We translate for students, lecturers, academic organizations or business entities in 24 hours. Our document translation umbrella is huge, and we cover translations for transcripts, evaluations, certificates, syllabus, research papers, Ph.D., journal articles, resume, diploma, video projects, group interview, seminar, class lectures and more.

Business Translation Services in Columbus, ohio

Business translation services provided to business industries bring in a systematic approach to catering to the corporates. Whether you are looking for a business translation for your financial reports or meetings, we have the most resourceful team that can provide you with every detail possible. We translate documents such as invoices, handbooks, business calls, MOMs, agreements, reports, contracts, statements, marketing materials, plans, collaboration and so on. Our Columbus professional translation services will satisfy all your business translation needs with accuracy and faster turnaround.

Other Industries Which We Cover in Columbus, ohio

translation services in Columbus

Apart from the above-mentioned industries, we also vividly deliver services to Pharma/Healthcare, Advertising, Finance/Insurance, Banking, Retail, Marketing, Automobile, Advertisement Aviation, Manufacturing, and many other sectors. Our designated account managers work with native translators who are industry experts. The project is handled with utmost diligence and our clients are given special and focussed attention and customizations are done as per the client’s needs. Our specialty is that we offer round the clock availability with accurate translations for documents in various said industries.

Multilingual Columbus Translation Services

We are an ISO standard compliant company that supports 100+ languages. We offer translations in the following languages: Arabic – German – Russian – Hindi – Cantonese – Japanese – Portuguese – Vietnamese – Korean – Italian and so on. Our language pairs are varied, and the combinations have no limit. Here are our main language pairs:

  • Chinese to English
  • Vietnamese to English
  • German to English
  • French to English
  • English to French
  • English to Russian
  • English to Portuguese and more.

Rush Certified Spanish Translation Services

Spanish is a well-known and spoken language in the US. You can avail certified and notarized Spanish to English translation services. We follow a completely safe and secured payment mode where we maintain confidentiality with NDA. Furthermore, our services are USCIS accepted for marriage, divorce, death and birth certificate. We provide nothing short of cheap and fast service

Get To Know More About Columbus, Ohio

Famously known as one of the 6 best big cities, Columbus in Ohio has 892,533 citizens living in it. One of the fast-growing cities, it consists of a diverse economy that is based on insurance, aviation, food, banking, steel, energy, education and so on. The city has headquarters of various big corporations in the U.S. Fortune 500 such as Cardinal Health, L Brands, Big Lots, American Electric power and so on. The city requires translation services with its economically developed industries. We at Click For Translation offer USCIS accepted translations where our designated account managers give 24*7 support. Providing free quotes on your transitions, you are easily accessible to an array of similar services in Columbus, Ohio.

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