100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Certified Translation Services in Detroit, Michigan


Translate accurately & securely in over 100 languages at the most affordable Detroit translation services by professional translators.

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Accurate Business Translation Services in Detroit

Getting your business across to the international audience is always a priority to keep them aware of the various updates of your industry. With our countless translation verticals, we reassure nothing short of accurate and professional services. If you are looking for business translation services for documents such as financial reports, MOMs, meetings, business calls, reports, confidentiality agreements, etc., you have come to the right place! Business translations are a wise way to build the gap between clients and the organization.

Business documents often need translation services in Detroit that can aid in work files, video or audio translation. We offer translations for a variety of business industries with no compromise on quality. Click For Translation is a translation agency in Detroit that assists in globalizing your business by offering steadfast and cheap prices that can be obtained by any industry. Starting rates for our services are $0.10 per word for general document translation, $25 per page for translating vital documents, and $7.00 per minute for audio translation. Call us toll-free at 1-800-230-7918 for a free quotation. While we concentrate on industries, we also aid in individual assistance by offering translated, notarized and certified translation services for personal documents such as birth, marriage, diploma, death and divorce certificates.

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Industry Specific Professional Translation Services in Detroit

We provide professional translation services in Detroit that are industry-specific and are widely accepted by all customers. Every industry is important and needs translations to keep up the international outlook intact. The professional translation offered by us will focus on various parameters to behold the best and work towards the betterment of the company. Whilst keeping industries in mind, we make sure to put out 24-hour services where you can get documents translated in just one day or on the same day upon request. Here are some of the industries we serve for:

Legal Translation Services in Detroit

Are you an individual or a business looking to get your legal translation to kick-start? Well, you must know that any law firm requires translation as they need files documented for evidence purposes. We mainly offer legal translation services for law firms and individuals that absolutely abide by the legal decorum.

Complaints, summons, court letters, decrees, adoption, affidavits, case files, video evidence conversation, audio files, commercial litigation documents, finance details, licensing agreements, wills, etc. must indefinitely be translated to present as proof.

Detroit Translation Services

Technical Translation Services in Detroit

If you are a technical company, you must be aware of various manuals, to-do lists, system files that are of high necessity. These technical files come as great use when the question of employee safety arises. All kinds of documents need a mandatory technical translation in order to have a secure environment for all employees.

We translate protocols, reports, datasheets, patents, antivirus applications, reference guides, operating manuals, ERP, CRM & CAD applications, training materials, data spreadsheets, user guides, technical guides, etc. Hence, technical translations services can help employees to work in a safe environment while handling technical glitches and solutions.

Marketing Translation Services in Detroit

Marketing offices are always in the need of marketing translation services to ensure that they transverse their content to the outside world and to multiple people. Any product does well only when it is marketed well in the market to different countries and in the language that is spoken by that country. So translating documents such as promotional literature, blogs, websites, press release, email campaigns, business cards, company brochures, marketing collaterals, pitches, brand identity product catalog, advertisements, etc. are the need of the hour for business. International countries may have varied end-users who will be benefitted by these localized marketing translations.

Other Document Translation Services in Detroit

translation services in Detroit

Every document requires translation in their own field to enhance and to take it to the global marketplace. We concentrate on providing document translations such as applications, resume, receipts, corporate materials, brochures, annual reports, insurance papers, business audio calls, business meetings, patents, agreements, patient records, press releases and so many more.

We also do document translation services to other industries that comprise Medical/ Pharma/Healthcare, Insurance, Banking, Business, Retail, Academic, Healthcare, Financial, Manufacturing, Advertisement, Finance, Information Technology and more. Keeping a closer track of the qualitative approach, our document translations are indefinitely accurate and professional.

Multilingual Detroit Translation Services

Do you know that we are an ISO standard compliant agency that congregates excessively on supporting multiple languages to meet the end customer’s needs? It does not matter what kind of language pair you are looking for; we have got your back! From providing language pairs such as German to English, Vietnamese to English, French to English to even Chinese to English and so on, we concentrate on offering an all-in-one service. Our translation company in Detroit focuses on NDA confidentiality and in providing 98% accuracy in more than 100 languages.

Quick Certified Spanish Translation Services

Spanish is an important language in the US and there is a huge demand for Spanish translations. Following which, to meet everyone’s budget and project deadlines, we provide divorce, diploma, resume, death and birth certificate translation services at affordable prices with guaranteed quality results. In fact, one can avail a free quote on all the services with a secure payment mode. Our fast delivery translations in complex languages including Japanese, Mandarin, Russian, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Italian, Korean, Arabic, German, Hindi and more. If you have an urgent Spanish to English translation services, we are your best bet as accuracy is our motto.

‘City of Design’ – Detroit, Michigan

The city is all about history, music, entertainment, and tourism. The diverse culture in the city of Michigan has its origin from both local and international influence. The erstwhile rapid evolution of Detroit left a universally exclusive stock of historical and architectural memorials in global development. Detroit receives a close number of 19 million visitors all over the world for its touristic destinations. UNESCO has named Detroit the city of design for being creative in promoting urban advancement. Did you know that the city is famous for its automobile industry? The big three companies such as Ford, General Motors and Chrysler have their headquarters in Detroit. With the economic growth and development in the city’s industries, businesses here would need translation services. With a comprising understanding and vision in the ground of translation, we undoubtedly know how to get your organization to achieve success.

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