100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Overcome Language Barriers With Fresno Translation Services


Trust Click For Translation, when you need top-notch Fresno translation services. We work with linguists and industry experts to provide professional translations in any language.

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Document Translation Services in Fresno-Accurate & Quick

Fresno County is the heart of California and comprises diverse communities. The local attractions in the city include the Fresno Chaffee zoo, Yosemite National Park, Fresno Art Museum, etc. To attract people of all languages and races, businesses must promote themselves in the native dialect of the audience.

Click For Translation is a reputed company providing accurate translations for businesses. For document translation, our rates commence at $0.10 per word, with vital document translation charged at $25 per page and audio translation services at $7.00 per minute. Call us toll-free at 1-800-230-7918 for a free quotation. We collaborate with native speakers and industry specialist translators to craft translations at lightning speed.

Translation Services

You can approach us to translate your business-related documents like pamphlets, brochures, bank statements, financial statements, etc.

We have expertise in translation related to legal sectors, technical fields, corporate organizations, etc. Call us now to get started on your translation!

We Translate Documents For Individuals At Low Costs

As a translation company, we understand that all your translation needs are not business-related. Our translation services cover personal document translation at low costs. Fresno is home to a highly diverse population that includes Whites, Native Americans, Japanese, Filipino, Chinese, Korean, etc. Such individuals may need to translate their records for employment, education, or official purposes.

We provide affordable translation services to accommodate the needs of all individuals.

You can trust our skilled team to translate all your records with 99% accuracy. Some of the translations we provide include:

  • Passports
  • Driver's licenses
  • Marriage certificates
  • Divorce papers

Certified Fresno Translation Services By Expert Translators

We are an experienced translation company when it comes to certified translations. You get unique, affordable, and USCIS-approved translations in all languages prevailing in Fresno and worldwide. We provide translations in Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Arabic, and many more languages.

19.6% of Fresno's population is foreign-born. When applying for US immigration, visa, or green cards, immigrants need certified translations of their records.

Translation Services

We assist clients by providing certified translations of birth certificates, death certificates, vaccination records, criminal records, medical records, etc. Our trained and qualified translators deliver translations that are 100% accepted by USCIS and all other government agencies worldwide.

Valuable Academic Translations By Subject Experts

There are several academic institutions in Fresno, like California State University, Fresno Pacific University, University Phoenix, etc. The State consists of international students studying in various institutions. We provide academic translations to facilitate communication between students, parents, and educational institutions.

Our translators with academic backgrounds swiftly translate academic transcripts like diplomas, degree transcripts, admission forms, etc.

Translation Services

We also serve the education faculty by translating audio lectures, study material, e-learning, video recordings, etc. Our academic translators are subject experts with many years of experience. They craft valuable translations that make education accessible to students worldwide in their native language.

We can translate your academic certificates into any language you need so education is accessible to you in any part of the world.

Accurate Industry Translation Services In a Short Time

Click for Translation is proud to serve various industries in Fresno and worldwide with its accurate translation services. Industrial translation services hold an important place in the business world. Translating your industry information into a foreign language enhances the trust and confidence of the clients in your business. Fresno is mostly backed by the agriculture industry, providing employment to 20% of the workforce.

Translation Services

Other industries are food processing, software, computer, government, services, trade, manufacturing, hospitality, etc. We serve all industries with accurate and trustworthy translations that help to communicate effectively with foreign clientele. We translate financial, business, and technical documents, including production manuals, employee handbooks, cash flow statements, etc.

Whether you are a company in the medical field or a financial organization, we can assist you.

Get On-Time, Professional Legal Translation Services

Pacific Attorney Group, McCormick Barstow, and Dunnion Law are some of the top law firms in Fresno. These legal firms deal with plenty of local and international cases for different clients. We assist individuals and law firms by translating legal contracts, dissertations, legal documents, court audio recordings, depositions, etc.

We work with qualified and trained legal translators with an in-depth understanding of international law and regulations requirements.

You can trust our company for professional and on-time translation of all your legal requirements. Our translations go beyond the basic terminology to assist you in conquering the world with first-class services. Our ATA translators excel in their field and provide outstanding translations.

We also provide notarized services to clients whenever they need one. Our passionate team is always ready to assist you.

Multilingual Translations in Fresno By Native Translators

People living in Fresno county speak several languages other than English. Some languages are French, Farsi, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese, Arabic, Hebrew, etc. Click For Translation has a vast network of language experts with excellence in dialects worldwide. We provide translations in any language you need for your professional or personal purpose.

Our team works tirelessly to translate any audio and video file, certificate, etc., for clients with exact meaning.

Translation Services

The top employers in Fresno are Fresno County Unified School District, Fresno County, Zacky Farms,, etc. As a language translation company, we serve various organizations to communicate with their clientele in their local language and expand their operations globally.

Our nationwide network includes major cities like LA, Newark, Boston, Denver, and Seattle, providing profitable boosts. We also offer Evanston translation services for access to top-notch language solutions anywhere.

Call us 24/7 for any assistance.

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