100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


San Jose Translation Services in Over 100 Languages


Expect high-quality, accurate, fast, and affordable certified translation services in San Jose by experienced native translators on time.

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Importance of Professional Translation Services in San Jose

The globalization of several industries entails that clients have entry to development in the language they understand. Internationalizing your business websites, documents, software, etc. can assure a greater reach for your company in the larger market. We at Click For Translation make sure to provide cheap translations in San Jose that meet all essential parameters. For document translation, our rates commence at $0.10 per word, with vital document translation charged at $25 per page and audio translation services at $7.00 per minute. Call us toll-free at 1-800-230-7918 for a free quotation. If you are keen to get certified translation services, then you can have a safe bet on us. Our native translators work tirelessly and navigate through various industry verticals by safeguarding an etiquette, adhering to global translation standards and providing high-quality results.

Our localization services include industry-specific translation where documents are translated according to the customizations given by the customer. We also make a keen note on the kind of documents that need professional translation services for advertising strategies, corporate meetings, business calls, interviews, visa, immigration, academic admission, bank necessities, legal proceedings, etc.

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Industries That Need Business Translation Services

Translation in any business turns out to be a priority if you want accurate results. Business documents mainly must be maintained in the language that is known to mass for clear understanding. We provide various kinds of business translation services for Advertising and Marketing, Banking, Insurance, Finance, Real Estate, and more.

Furthermore, documents, video, and audio translation are offered for Manuals, Handbooks, Contracts, Statements, Invoices, Plans, MOMs, financial reports, agreements, documentaries, research, and reports, etc. Besides business translation, here are some of the industries we provide our services to:

Academic Translation Services

If you are a student looking to move to a new country, getting your documents translated for immigration purposes is the first step. We translate a wide range of academic-related documents in one day for foreign students who want to study in their native language. It is always important to get your documents translated in the language that is known for easier handling of academic documents.

Hence, we focus on offering exclusive academic translation services for Diplomas, Evaluations, Transcripts, US colleges, Academic Research, Syllabus, Powerpoint Presentations, Degree, Resume, Transfer Certificates, Brochures, Seminars, Webinars, Journals, Lectures, Research Proposals, Articles, etc.

San Jose Translation Services

San Jose Legal Translation Services

Professional legal translation for documents comes off as a helping hand in the advent of cases, proof or evidence situations. If you are an individual, getting your documents translated can aid in the acquisition of death / marriage/ divorce-proof. In case this has to be more business-oriented, we have to go by company law. Our legal translation services are very professional and legally bound that have no room for errors.

We translate documents in regards to Complaints, Summons, Affidavits, Lease, Commercial Litigation, Adoption, Court Letters and Transcripts, Immigration, License, Patents and Copyrights, Leases, Credit limit, Evidence Audios or Videos, Legal Disclaimers, and Deeds, etc.

Technical Translation Services in San Jose, California

Our human-powered translators are acquainted with technical industry needs. We are a translation agency in San Jose that provides fast translation services that understand the safety protocols in the technical industry. Technical documents have to be keenly translated by native translators who understand the basics of how every equipment works.

We have professionals who are skilled and provide technical translation services to documents such as User guides, Invoices, Plans, reports, patents, research and science, system guides, to-do lists, antivirus applications, reference guides, operating manuals, ERP, CRM & CAD applications and more.

Healthcare Document Translation Services in San Jose

translation services in San Jose

Medicine is a language of its own and has jargon and terminologies that are hard to translate unless it is done with utmost diligence. Precise medical document translation services are a classic requirement in a medical company to branch a linguistic barrier.

As one of the leading translation service providers in the US, we translate Patient Medical Records, Insurance Reports, Discharge Instructions, Health Insurance Websites, Prescription Information and Instructions, Patient Safety Reports, Package Inserts and Labels, Medical Device Manuals, Indications and Dosage Forms, Drug Registrations and so on.

Our healthcare translation office in San Jose have accredited translators who help with complex terminology translation. Not just healthcare, we also handle document translation for other industries as well.

Multilingual San Jose Translation Services

We are an ISO-compliant standard company that ensures services in 100+ languages such as Russian, Portuguese, Korean, Italian, Arabic, Hindi, Cantonese, German, Chinese, Japanese and many others. Whether it is Chinese to English, German to English, Vietnamese to English or French to English, we have your back! We translate in any language pairs without restrictions.

Certified Spanish Translation Services

Being the 2nd most spoken language in the US, Spanish has a good demand for translation services in terms of various factors. That includes catering to varied industry requirements and individual purposes such as immigration, travel, education and so on. From providing marriage, death, divorce and birth certificate translation services to translating adoption papers, diploma, license, etc., we are a translation company in San Jose that translates and certifies all personal/professional documents. We provide a secure payment mode for Spanish to English translation services with quick delivery. Moreover, we are USCIS accepted and provide notarized services. When it comes to certified Spanish translation services, be assured that we offer results that are only in accordance with ISO standards and maintain highest accuracy.

The High Tech City! - San Jose, CA

San Jose is a notable city that comes with a high tech industry and global innovations. Statistically, it is the wealthiest city in the US with a diverse economy of culture, politics and booming market. Nicknamed as the Capital of Silicon Valley, the city is famous for businesses like Hewlett Packard, Western Digital, Cisco Systems, eBay, Adobe, PayPal, Samsung, Acer and many others. When businesses need to get international, we come into play! We provide 24 hour or even same day translations for businesses as we know the different necessities that may come your way.

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