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   AUS : +61-1-8003-57380

Polish to Russian Translation Rates

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Exclusive Offers on Document Translation
No. of Pages Offers Price/Pages
100 to 149
30% $17.5
50 to 99
20% $20
20 to 49
10% $22.5
Up to 19
- $25
150+ Pages
Custom Offers
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No. of Pages Turnaround Time
1 to 2
3 business days
3 to 4
4 business days
5 to 10
5 business days
10 to 15
7 business days
Rush Delivery
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Exclusive offers on Audio Translation
File Length Offers Price/Min
720 Minutes and above
30% $4.90
360 to 719 Minutes
20% $5.60
180 to 359 Minutes
10% $6.30
Up to 179 minutes
- $7.00
Bulk Orders
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File Length Turnaround Time
Up to 30 minutes
1 business day
1 hour
2 business days
2 hours
3 business days
3-4 hours
5 business days
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* These details may vary for a few languages * For document translation 1 page refers to ≤250 words.

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Polish to Russian Translation Services

Russia is ranked 15th as the largest market economy in the world today. The country's significant economic development focuses on industrial exports such as natural gas, petroleum, timber, heavy metals, and mineral resources. Thus, local residents and businesses enjoy a free market economy along with other international trading partners which have provided people a great source of income.

As most member nations of EU start to globalize, it is inevitable that any individual or business would need Polish to Russian translation services for better business growth. Click for Translation is a renowned service company that has all the business tools and expertise to help you gain an exceptional advantage over other competitors.

The importance of Polish to Russian translation

Several local economies in EU have become progressive through the integration and advancement of the internet. As we all know, a language translation could eliminate language barriers and cultural misunderstanding. Hence, the Polish to Russian translation services enhances the communication among individuals, business sectors, and government institutions.

Featuring our comprehensive line-up of service features, we produce quality documents for business reports, marketing materials, E-learning tools, and court documents. We maintain a solid database of relentless professional translators who are fully knowledgeable in both Polish and Russian languages for best results.


✓ Pricing at $50/page
✓ Supports all file formats
✓ High Accuracy
✓ Fast Turnaround
✓ Provide Notarization certificate

A great choice always leads to success

When looking for the most reliable service company in the market, experience, and proven track records could be the best criterion. We are proud to be recognized as an ISO 9001: 2008 Certified online company.

In addition to the international talents we have, we also have an exclusive online platform designed to fit all users. Whether you need a translation for documents, software, and videos, our versatile translation services are just a few clicks away. Talk to us by calling our toll-free numbers or simply leave a message on the chat box.

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