100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Audio Video Translation Services: Bridging Language Gaps for Global Content


Experience top-tier audio video translation services. Guarantee clarity, cultural accuracy, and high-quality translations for all multimedia content.

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Leading Video Translation Services

In recent years, the use of audio-visual media like product video demos, YouTube videos, e-learning videos, and social media videos have become the norm for business organizations, E-commerce giants, educational institutions, and healthcare setups in order to promote their businesses and services. Furthermore, these setups cater to an international audience.

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Are you one such entity looking for quality video translation services for translating your original language videos into multilingual videos to communicate with your global customer base? Your target language may be Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, German, French, or other languages. Do not worry about that. Our translation services are available in various locations across the United States, including Kansas city, Columbus, Jacksonville, Birmingham, Indianapolis, Chicago, Boston, Battle Ground, Erie, Springfield, Los Angeles, Dallas, Gainesville, and other areas. Click For Translation provides expert and professional video translation services in over 100 languages by our native translators, well-versed in their native languages. Our video or audio translation costs begin at $7.00 per minute. Dialing 1-800-230-7918 will connect you for a free quote.

Call us or chat with us right way and get a free instant quote now.

Get the Finest Video Translation Services in Over 100 Languages

We guarantee you the finest translation of videos in over 100 languages. Our translators are professional linguists who can even translate poor quality video files and audio files into the target language with ease and great accuracy. However, the turnaround time will depend on the quality of the video content.

Your needs may range from localization services to expanding your business into new territories, a film or an OTT release with subtitles for an international audience, a personal video that requires language translation, or a foreign language healthcare video with critical and valuable information for patients. We are here to provide the best quality translation services.

Sometimes, translation alone may not suffice. To strike a chord with the international audience, localization of content is essential. Our localization services are the best in the industry and help your businesses reach a wider global audience. Our localization experts ensure that your content aligns well with the cultural background of your target audience. For example, adding puns and jokes that attract the attention of the intended target market.

Best Multilingual Voice-Over Services

There is a massive demand for voice-over services by movie production houses and media agencies for their movies and commercials during the post-production process. You have to just provide us with a clear source video, and we assure to offer you a quality voice-over for it with excellent clarity. Our well-trained voice-over specialists will do full justice to their job of providing the best multilingual voice-over services.

Voice-over session in progress

Specialized Transcription Services

Legal procedures and processes involve numerous in-camera recordings which require transcription of the same into digital or written content. These include video recordings of trials and hearings, arbitration proceedings, or depositions. A deposition is an out-of-court sworn oral testimony by the witness which is later converted into a transcript.

We have a team of transcribers who are specialized in providing legal transcription services to our clients.

Upon request, we also do medical transcription. Our experienced medical transcribers very carefully convert the audio file regarding the patient and his illness course into digital transcripts for future reference.

Professional Video Translation Service With a Personal Touch

We understand how much time and effort must have gone into creating the videos for the specific intended purpose. Hence, we employ only experienced translators. They ensure the voice and tone of the message are preserved during translation.

We don't trust machines and our translations are fully done by humans who are expert translators. They are sensitive to the subtle aspects of the intended messages and translate them with excellent precision and care to ensure nothing important is lost during the translation process.

Man engaged in translation

How Does Our Video Translation Process Work?

➣ There is an easy upload option where you need to upload your source videos via a link.

➣ Select the language in which you need a translation and also key in your specific requirements.

➣ We review and find out if you need any subtitles or closed captioning translation and provide you with the project timeline and cost based on the specifications.

➣ We send the file for transcription to the specific native language speaker expert depending on the language of the video received. If the client has already provided the transcript, then we send the file directly for translation.

➣ A multilingual translator then translates the transcript into the language chosen by you.

➣ The translated text is readied for subtitles, and the person responsible for subtitles prepares the subtitles. Then, the subtitles are applied to the original video that was provided to us.

➣ You receive the translated video that is ready for implementation in the target market or the country you desire.

Here's Why You Should Choose Us?

✓ Our well-trained translators have great knowledge and experience in providing video translation, localization, and voice-over services to a wide range of businesses to meet their communication needs.

✓ We do all kinds of video translations and translate digital files in audio formats, movies, YouTube videos, voice-over, television, Mp3, and more.

✓ We understand that you may have different kinds of translation needs and provide both subtitles and transcription services. You can choose the one that best suits your needs.

✓ We offer instant translation and super rush video translation services to meet your emergency translation requirements.

✓ Our translation services are quick and cost-effective

✓ You will get 24x7 access to our customer support team and also our technical support team will be accessible to you whenever you face any technical issue.

✓ It doesn't stop here. You get discounts too for bulk orders.

Get in touch with us with your video/audio translation requirements. We assure you the best of services at cost-effective prices.

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