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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *

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Gaming Translation & Localization Services

The video gaming industry has become a multi-billion dollar industry, with a lot of room for yet more games. If you come to know about the potential of this industry, you’ve surely taken the time to set yourself up for success. Intense graphics, breathtaking effects, and smart, strategic marketing will surely position your game for the big break. But there’s still one thing left.

With success established for gaming in your native language, you will seriously begin to consider exporting it to other countries. Game translation services will be an important step in getting your game ready to export if your players relish the game in the slightest. To ensure your players get a truly authentic feel, regardless of their language or nationality, you will also require professional game localization services.

Expand Your Market Share with Game Localization

ClickForTranslation offers game developers a considerable advantage. Our game translation services and game localization services are set up to encompass everything from the translation of the written language to the spoken language, as well as character voices, packaging, and sometimes even the gaming artwork and assets. The idea is to get your game in sync with the cultures of the receiving local audience – of course, without altering your original plan for the game.

This guarantees that your players will have their interest and attention piqued. To help you achieve that target, we have hired the ATA Certified translators with extensive gaming experience who have lived and worked in your target region, with your target language. Their unparalleled experience in the market will help not only your gaming development for the local market but also your marketing and promotion process in the region.

Video Game Localization into Multiple Languages with Our Services

ClickForTranslation is renowned for our game translation services in over 100 languages. Our game translation services and game localization services are offered from hundreds of different cultures, ensuring that you stay ahead of the competitors. Our extensive video game localization services cover everything from user interface tutorials and other materials, graphics localization, packaging translation, user manuals, as well as website translation and localization.


Quality Assured Gaming Translation Services

Our goal is to get your game into the hands of as many audiences as possible, giving you a greater market share, in as little time as you can imagine. You do not have to worry about the video game translation process, as we’ve got that covered for you. Simply focus on developing the best gaming interface and effects possible and leave the rest to us.

With our impeccable track record of excellent services and integrity, you can be assured of value for money. We follow a very secure recruitment process, to ensure that only the highly qualified professionals are assigned to your project, and a strict internal project system that ensures your translation is accurate and timely.

Our short turnaround time and very competitive market rates will ensure that you do not have to break the bank to get your game into the eager hands of gamers worldwide. Ready to dish out the next addictive game into the hands of passionate gamers, contact us now to disclose your needs and receive instant quotes.

What are game translation services?

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