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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Top Notch Professional Translation Services in Minneapolis


You will receive on time, secure & top-quality translation services in Minneapolis from experienced translators with 99% accuracy guaranteed.

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Reliable Translation Services in the City of Minneapolis

Minneapolis is one of the most populated cities in Minnesota in the United States. It was primarily a European settlement by the Dakota people, which led to industrial and economic growth because of the inhabitants.

The city attracts many visitors for its Saint Anthony Falls, Mill City Museum, and hockey and baseball matches. The Minnesota Twins team is in the major basketball league. Many also visit this city for recreational activities such as ice fishing, skating, and skiing.

Translation Services

Because of these popular activities and the influx of visitors, Minneapolis translation services are always in demand.

Click For Translation is an accredited translation company in Minneapolis offering translations of documents, audio & video files in all target languages at 99% accuracy and 100% customer satisfaction.

Our team of skilled translators comprises subject matter experts proficient in handling small and large-scale projects and meeting your deadlines within your budget.

Contact us to get a free quote today!

Trusted Document Translation Services in Minneapolis

Document translation plays an essential role in different sectors of Minneapolis. Our agency provides translations for professional and personal documents at affordable rates.

Our team of highly trained document translators offers translations in the target language keeping the meanings, vocabulary, and grammar intact.

Translation Services

We excel in the following:

✓ Legal Translation: Lawsuit documents, police reports, FIR, and affidavits.

✓ Business translation: Websites, mobile apps, film scripts, audio tapes, and video tapes.

✓ Financial Translation: Bank reports, insurance, audit documents, credit and debit statements.

✓ Medical Translation: Patient information, prescriptions, diagnosis reports, and medical history documents.

✓ Marketing Translation: Brochures, contracts, pamphlets, and product catalogues.

✓ Personal Translation: Diplomas, birth certificates, ID cards, and official documents.

Our professionals are available 24/7 to provide high-quality translation services for all documents.

Reach out to us to get reliable translation services.

Academic Translation Services in Minneapolis within a Budget

The main campus of the University of Minnesota is in Minneapolis, which attracts plenty of students worldwide.

Many city colleges, universities, and public schools provide opportunities for literary translations at budget-friendly rates. These include Augsburg University, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, North Central University, and private Dunwoody College of Technology.

Translation Services

Our Minneapolis translation agency helps students, researchers, institutions, and lecturers by translating books, prospectuses, timetables, class works, thesis, diplomas, academic transcripts, and e Learning documents.

Our academic translators use specific terminology and follow quality checks by proofreading the documents before submission.

Contact us for all your translation requirements in all academic disciplines.

Top-Quality Industry Translation Services in Minneapolis

Minneapolis has four Fortune 500 corporations, including Accenture, Canadian Pacific, RBC, and Voya Financial. It is one of the wealthiest cities in the United States.

Media companies like Star Tribune are also popular in the city.

Translation Services

Minneapolis has small and large-scale industries in the following sectors:

  • Healthcare
  • E Commerce
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Technology
  • Gaming
  • Tourism
  • Banking
  • Travel
  • Media
  • Automotive
  • Entertainment

Our translation agency in Minneapolis helps businesses communicate with their clients through reliable and high-quality translation services in all global languages.

We translate research papers, patent documents, software manuals, product manuals, annual reports, and agreements.

You can also convey your message to target audiences in a local area by converting the content to meet their needs through localization services.

Globalize your content with our translation services at cost-effective prices.

Professional Certified Translation Services in Minneapolis

Minneapolis government, academic, federal, and legal institutions require certified translations for various purposes. These include the Minneapolis City Council and Government of Minneapolis.

Being one of the best Minneapolis translation agencies, we offer professional certified translation services with a 100% USCIS approval guarantee.

Translation Services

We translate the following:

  • Birth certificate
  • Death certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce certificate
  • Degree certificate
  • Diploma certificate
  • Visa
  • Passport
  • College leaving certificate
  • Driver License
  • Contracts & Agreements
  • Patents & trade license, etc

Our certified translators provide a certificate of accuracy. You can also get notarized and sworn translation services from our agency. Get translations in Spanish, French, Japanese, Mandarin, Dutch, Cantonese, Russian, Tagalog, German, Portuguese, Korean, Arabic, and many more languages.

We go through an extensive quality assurance process as our linguists maintain the guidelines to the industry's highest standards. You can also get secure translations as we maintain 100% confidentiality by signing NDAs to protect your data.

Contact us for certified translations from highly trained professionals.

Quick Online Spanish Translation Services in Minneapolis

Minneapolis has smaller communities of migrants from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Mexico, and Latin America.

These settlements make Spanish translation services a mandatory requirement in the city. Our agency excels at translating professional and personal documents into Spanish.

We help people & businesses reach non-English speakers through our Spanish translation services with various legal, medical, business, financial, and marketing content.

Translation Services

As an organization or individual, you can convey your message to a global audience using Spanish through our translation company in Minneapolis. Give us a call now!

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