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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


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Get native high-quality document translation services in Minneapolis over 100 languages by native translators at pocket-friendly prices delivered on time.

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Professional Translation Services in Minneapolis To Rely On

From agriculture and food resources to banking and finance, many specialized areas require the support of professional translation services in Minneapolis for multiple reasons. If you require any language service regardless of the purpose, then we are your ideal translation agency in Minneapolis. Boasting with 800+ native linguists and ATA certified experts, we deliver excellent results with fast turnaround. Industries such as insurance, biosciences, engineering, legal, information technology, healthcare services, aviation, etc. are given quick services through our expertise. We also present 2 options pertaining to rush orders: Same Day translation and One Day translation. Students and academicians can especially make use of these options, to get their academic papers, books and more translated quickly with maximum precision and quality. In fact, all the rates on our professional and academic translation services are quite affordable in the industry.

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Industry-Specific Document Translation Services in Minneapolis

Having varied industry experts in-house, our document translation services are done for more than 100 languages with 98% and above accuracy, irrespective of its formatting, dialect or the overall context. We have our translation office in Minneapolis, which is popular for delivering results that are specific to your required industry. From pharma to marketing, a document’s tone varies, depending on its domain. However, we have certified agents for every industry; from legal translators to a medical translator, our company delivers industry-focused translation solutions, with a large network of specialists. This includes personal / business-related documents such as Immigration Document Translation, Insurance Reports, Content Marketing, Press Releases, Dossiers, Warranty Documents, Insurance Policies, and more. We support the following industries: Utilities, E-Commerce, Government, Information Technology, Aviation, Academics, Energy and Power, Travel and Tourism, Research and Science, Advertising, Sales and Marketing, and others as well.

Business Translation Services

Our organization is ideal to get professional business solutions, as per your discipline. We focus on business translation services to various fields including broadcast, medical, retail, beverage production, advertisement, etc. If you have a small-scale business sector, then our business translation can help you in 3 ways:

✓ Our rates are quoted cheap.

✓ We manage 'Rush and Super Rush' deadlines effectively.

✓ We provide accurate video and audio translation services.

Get quality business translations for the manuals, handbooks, contracts, presentations, annual reports, invoices, statements, shareholder agreements, plans, financial statements, marketing papers, discussions, corporate guides, employee agreements, non-disclosure agreements, brochures and catalogs, etc.

Minneapolis Translation Services

Certified Translation Services in Minneapolis

Our certified translation services are done by accredited experts to give 98% accurate results. We are certified by the American Translators Association, meaning, we also provide notarized translation in addition to certification. This is generally preferred for birth certificate translation services and other related projects including death / degree / diploma / marriage / divorce certificates. With a dedicated team of native translators, you can avail customized translation results as per your language requirements, including rare ones. These are applicable to a range of adoption papers, sworn, decree certificates and more.

Technical Translation Services

The process of technical translation services involves subject-oriented documents including manuals, reports, and user guides that have vital technical jargon. With the assistance of our technical translation experts, you can get documents and important media files translated with utmost accuracy. If the pricing is your concern, then we can help you with that as well! Regardless of your document type, domain and the target language, our services rates are quite cheap for the exceptional quality that we deliver, compared to other online agencies. We extend our technical translation for numerous files such as user manuals, training materials, data spreadsheets, research and science, feasibility studies, toxicology reports and many other process related documents.

Legal Translation Services in Minneapolis

From official Minneapolis legal translation services to an authorized audio translation, we handle multiple file-formats effortlessly. Our agency even provides USCIS translation for certificates and other significant documents. Avail a fast legal translation to the following documents, not restricted to: Patents & Commercial Litigation Documents, Summons & Court Documents, Immigration Document Translations, Licensing Agreements, Letters of Credit Translations, Arbitration & Regulatory Documents, Complaints, Letters of Credit Translation, Court Letters, Decrees, Affidavits, Leases, Wills / Deeds and more. We do all our professional translation services on any legal document for more than 100 global languages, regardless of its commonality.

Other Translation Services in Minneapolis

translation services in Minneapolis

From common to rare and booming disciplines, we provide accurate translation services for multiple industries, besides the list of domains mentioned above. Our professional expertise can also handle document, video or audio translation services for other industries including trade and logistics, market research and human resource as well. The rates, quality, and accuracy are excellent in all terms, irrespective of the target language or formatting. Depending upon your project’s format and quality, you can also avail of delivery with faster turnaround using rush orders.

Get Accurate Multilingual Translation Services in Minneapolis

Our translation agency in Minneapolis is specialized to give results for any language, including rare ones such as Hmong and Cushite. The languages we commonly translate include Mandarin, Tagalog, Korean, Arabic, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Hindi, Polish, Japanese and more. We also support language combinations such as French to English, Chinese to English, Vietnamese to English, German to English, etc. We have fast multilingual translation services that are precisely delivered even within 24 hour of ordering your project.

Premium-Quality Certified Spanish Translation Services

Here we have experienced Spanish linguists, who execute Spanish to English translation services, with high-quality, taking dialects and accents into account. We have cost-effective pricing on all our Spanish translation services, thus making our expertise a reputed one. Our standards are high when clients are considered; for this reason, our translation agency in Minneapolis has devised cheap rates without compromising quality, turnaround and precision.

About the City of Minneapolis, Minnesota

A booming city for clean technology and renewable energy,
Minneapolis is the 47th largest state in the United States of America.
In addition to having a rich heritage and fair count of lakes, this place
has a few interesting facts and information worth knowing. 3 of the little-known facts about Minneapolis:

✓ There are 10,000 lakes here, making it the best place for travel and tourism.

✓ 40% of the adults devote their time for donation, social charities, and volunteering work.

✓ Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is a must-visit place, with 40+ long-lasting art installations.

Recently, this place exceeded Washington DC by getting fame for the ‘most literate city.’ This is also one of the reasons why immigrants and students from other nations demand academic translation services and syllabus translation for a number of educational streams and courses.

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