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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


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The need for certified translation services is no more a rare thing. People often find themselves in situations where they need to submit some or the other translated documents that require certified document translation. Right from submitting your documents for a new job or in your foreign university/school, getting citizenship or any other official work will surely ask you to submit your translated documents and papers along with a certificate.

Certified Translation Services

Certified translation services are not much different than document translation services. The only difference is that a certificate is given along with the translated file either by the translator or by a translation agency. This certificate states that the translation is accurate and complete.

Most of the government agencies and offices in the United States, request you to submit your documents in their native language. For outsiders or foreigners living in the country translating their documents thus becomes a must. These offices ask individuals to submit the certified translated documents because the certificate along with it acts as a proof that the translated content is correct and complete.

Either you have moved to the country for studies, job or is settling down in the US, you have to submit certified translated documents for almost everything and require to hire certified translation services. Be it getting a rental house, applying for a job, applying for citizenship, getting admission in a school/ university, or any other task the need for certified document translation is everywhere.

But, an important thing that everyone should know and follow is that only a USCIS certified translator is allowed to perform certified translations. No one else is allowed to do the same. So, it is better to go with an international translation brand like Click For Translation, which has a team of native and certified translators with years of experience.

What Certified Translation Services Offers?

The most fundamental feature that is present in certified translation services and is missing from other document translation services is the certificate given along with the translated document. The certified document translation offers you a certificate that contains a lot of information regarding the certified translator and the translated document.

This information is not given to the customer/ client/ user in general document translation services. The details of the information contained by the certificate given with certified translation services include the following:

  • The name of the certified translator
  • Address of the certified translator/ the translation agency
  • Contact Information of the certified translator
  • Number of pages translated
  • Date of certified translation
  • Time of certified translation
  • Place of certified translation

And a lot more information is provided. The use of this certificate given along with the certified document translation is super useful in conveying the message that the entire content has been translated and the highest accuracy of the translation is present.

The translation services we offer at Click For Translation are user centric. We always keep one thing in mind which is to satisfy our customers with their desired results. Also, our team of certified translation professionals makes sure to keep up the good work going and thus Click For Translation is counted as one of the top certified translation services in the entire United States.

Documents Requiring Official Translation Services

Individuals from multiple industries require official certified translation services. There is a huge list of documents that need certified document translation. A lot of academic documents, official papers, identity cards and more ask for the service.

The reason why certified translation services are in huge demand is because of the certificate that is given along with the translated file. It contains all the information about the translated file and the certified translator as well. So, in the case of any issues, the translator can be contacted to resolve any related issues.

Certified Document Translation Services

A few of the documents needing certified translation services are: diploma certificate, degree certificate, birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, visa, passport, driving license, pan card, legal contracts, medical certificates, bank passbooks, checkbooks, official identity proofs, government identity proofs, discharge papers, medical history documents, school leaving certificates, sports certificates and so much more.


USCIS Accepted Certified Translation Services Online

USCIS is the government organization responsible for handling immigration, visa and citizenship matters in the United States. USCIS used to ask for either certified or notarized translation copies of the documents from the foreign individuals. But, later on, they changed their rules and now they accept only certified document translation.

Only opting for certified translation services is not enough for USCIS. Hiring a translation agency that understands the different needs and has knowledge about the standards and rules of the USCIS in detail is what recommended in such cases. Click For Translation is one such brand that has years of experience in certified document translation for USCIS and thus understands their needs well.

Our team of native and certified translators is experienced in USCIS translation and thus delivers only the best quality results that are sure shot to be accepted by the organization. There is a minimum probability of errors/ mistranslation/ inappropriate translation or wrong translation. We deliver USCIS certified translation services with at least 98% accuracy.

Most Affordable Certified Translation Services Near Me

The certified translation services we provide are the most affordable, fastest and best document translation services. Our services are available all around the country. Be it Washington or New York, Be it California or Florida, we are everywhere and are always ready to assist.

The services offered by Click For Translation, come at the most cost effective prices compared to others in the business. Besides being super quick and offering fast translation services like the same day translation, 24 hour translation and one day translation services, our prices are low and budget friendly.

You can connect with our 24*7 customer support for more details on our secure certified document translation services, discount deals, offers, discussing your project, getting estimates on rates and time, and free quotes.

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